Refreshing thoughts on Thursday!

Sarah Fragoso is probably my hero in the paleo world….with the balanced bites ladies coming in on a very close runner up!  That’s for the powerful paleo gals!  
As for the guys….well…Sarah’s podcast partner and friend, Jason Seib is probably my hero with Mark Sisson right after him!
It speaks to the heart of what these two stand for with the Paleo lifestyle.  And it speaks to what I try to not only live but to express to so many!
I don’t think they can talk enough about people (especially women) being metabolically broken.  My thoughts are that when a person is metabolically broken they are also mentally and possibly spiritually broken.
After all how do we get to be metabolically broken?  We get there because we are feeling desperate.  A person isn’t liking what they see in the mirror and how they feel.  They get desperate and go to extremes.  
My thoughts on getting desperate is great if a person chooses to kick themselves in the butt and really hit their nutrition hardcore, thus in return having them lose a bunch of weight real fast….but then stick with it!
Have that quick start be the turning point to make real life changing choices for the longevity, for the journey of life. 
Thirst to be more!
Be thankful for ALL that God is.   
Thankful He is always present!
Thirst to know Him better. 
Thirst to serve Him better.  

As you are thankful and thirsty for Him you are able to learn some amazing ways to be thrifty! 
Teresa had to have thirsted for our Lord! She had to have thanked him for all He is!
Thrifty tip for the day:
Use coconut oil for your face and hand cream.  You’ll save sooooo much and actually reap health benefits.   Plus the added bonus of not having to wash the lotion off when you cook!
I would imagine if I designated just one jar for my hand and face lotion it would last me the entire year for $10!!!!
I use to spend $35 on face cream every 3 months and $10 on body lotion every 2-3 months. 
Go forward today thirsting for God…
Thanking Him….
And honoring Him by being thrifty!
Hugs and prayers,
K 🙂


At last….here are my themes starting for SIMPLE SEPTEMBER:

This will be all about how to move our bodies.  How to stay motivated.  How to have fun being physical.

I will continue to post recipes I create or food that has become a favorite for me or in our home.  I am going to start sharing pros and cons about a food from time to time, mostly directing anyone who is interested to some of my favorite links that can explain things even better.

This is going to be all about us women!  How to feel empowered, strong, amazing, feminine.  How we must love ourselves…nurture ourselves…respect ourselves…in order to be the wonderful women we are and spread that good ripple to the young girls for generations to come.

I have wanted to do this posting for so long.  I have wanted to share all the quirky and crazy things I do to cut costs.  The ways I have cut out LATTE factors so that we as a family can truly enjoy the simple life.  So we as a family can be thankful for what we have.  So we as a family can enjoy the things that matter the most to us rather than collecting stuff.

Fridays will truly be about what is near and dear to me.  My faith, my family, and how we have fun with it all…

On Saturdays I will sum up either my postings for the week…the month…or I may give a list of what I read that week that resounded and impacted me…or something I listened to …..or a review, a summary, of a book or movie…or something!

Which brings me to my favorite day of the week…SUNDAY!!!

Our parish priest shares such profound messages in his homily each week.  There are some weeks I want to shout his message at the mountain top. This blog is my mountain top!  My desire is to share the Gospel…to share what I took home from his message, from mass…or even how am I going to be respectful of the day of rest.

Therefore, even though I may not post each day atleast a person can anticipate a theme…a knowledge that if Crazy Kelly posts on a Wednesday it’s going to be about Women.  Or…”I wonder how Kelly cut costs with her groceries”…then all a person has to do is search: thrifty or Thursday…and so on…

By the end of each month there may be 2 or 3 posts in each week, who knows…I never know where the spirit may lead me or should I say my pencil….

All I do know is I love sharing…
I love writing…
I love life…
I love being quirky…

So here is my quirkiness in word form…themes!

Enjoy making your September…

and so much more….like…


I hope you enjoy this new theme thought as much as I enjoy putting it together.

I would love to hear back from any of you (all five of you!) your thoughts of my theme days…
Throw me your 2 cents now…next week…at the end of the month….whenever….

As always…
blessings and hugs…
~K 🙂

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