Embracing the silence…
the stillness…

What is it about today’s time, generation, that feels we have to be going going going?

Few people seem to be willing to just sit still for even 5 or 10 minutes without having to be “entertained” or doing something.

How many of us feel we must have the next best thing to accomplish “xyz”?

And how many of us chase the next “best” product, supplement, diet, toy, vacation…to achieve our goals of “satisfaction”?

I challenge all of us to truly think…reflect…pray…during the month of September…on…WHAT DOES OUR MIND, BODY AND SOUL TRULY NEED!?!

How can an individual truly be content in the silence?
…to feel PEACE?
…to gather STRENGTH?

How can someone truly approach each day with simplicity?

A simplicity that still allows us to be responsible…
…yet shed away ALL unnecessary gunk, distractions, of over scheduling…
technology overload
therefore sitting down with family or friends for tea, coffee, a bite to eat, or even a nice glass of wine!

And how can we sustain new habits? Whether in our spiritual life…our physical life….healthy lifestyles and choices…our mental life….our ambitions…goals..purpose….?

I’ve been pursuing these traits…these goals of simplicity, stillness, sustainability, with great pursuit these last couple of years.  I have found it challenging at times, yet also very rewarding.

As I prepare to enter into September, I want to share some ways I have learned to simplify my life. 


blessings and hugs…
~K 🙂

Simplified September Update!

It is only eleven days into the month and part of me feels like a HUGE failure!

Then I realized….this whole challenge is about simplifying our life and making sure family time is continually being guarded and nurtured even more.  Even when we think we have simplified things in our life, or we have a pretty good schedule, or etc….there is ALWAYS room for improvement and growth!

Thus….here have been some of my humorous adventures and realizations thus far….

Should have paid closer attention to the dog food bag running out in September…..yeah not going to walk over 3 miles away to carry a 40 lb bag home!

Can’t always predict the weather!

When you need to shop for someone or something else… that is actually not personal but related to projects or services outside of the home….kinda gotta be willing to hop in the car to take care of those needs/supplies!

Finally….sometimes a way to keep things simple and better managing of time to ensure it is about family… is utilizing when you are out… and you are passing by the store you know you have a list ready to go shopping to….well you stop you get the few things you need so you can get home and get back to family time!

Am I done with my challenge?  No way….

Am I going to continue to fine tune it and see where I can continue to grow and learn from this experience?

Heck ya!

With that….I am actually going to take myself to bed and read a good book and enjoy some peaceful quiet time!

Hugs and prayers to all of you out there!
~K 🙂

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