Freedom from Evil

Mac Thornberry (  shared tonight about the true evil that took place on September 11…14  years ago.  He talked about how we all probably remember what we were doing.  I do.  I had just completed 7 miles on my tread mill.  I was cooling down to the news before I went to take my shower to get ready for work.  I was on an adrenal high from my run and not fully processing what Dianne Sawyer was saying.  And then I see the second tower being hit…live…and I’m still not fully understanding.  So I wake my hubby ( he had worked a night shift so he was still asleep).    I remember waking him and saying I think he needs to be watching the news cause I need him to explain to me what is happening. It felt like such an out of body experience.  Yet 14 years and one day later we have the awesome opportunity to share and honor the 100 year celebration of our Navy Reserves. 

It was beautiful to me to see all these men and women who not only dedicate their lives to service but juggle it with family obligations and other job obligations. 

I remember my 4 1/2 years of service. It was full time active duty.  Anything else I juggled…. like college courses at night… were optional.  I had one job….being a data processor for the Navy…I didn’t have to worry about juggling another job. Yet these men and women lead a civilian job in addition to service for their country AND many of them raising families!!! That’s honor…that’s dedication…that’s commitment…that’s patriotism …that’s fighting evil!!! 

Each year when there is a holiday that honors our military or celebrates them like this event…I realize what a privilege and an honor it was to have served in the military.  Something that I never really thought much about.  Something  I just took for granted.

I don’t take for granted the men and women who are serving now.   Or any who have served during war time.  I know it is because of them that I have the amazing freedom I have today.  

Tonight (September 12, 2015)…made me truly proud having had served.  It also made me realize I need to not  think my time in the service wasn’t important.  It mattered.  My time was important.  And all these men and women who are helping fight the terrible evil out there and making sacrifices need to be recognized even more. Each of us need to continually and vigilantly make the effort to see them, praise them, thank them, and ask them how can we serve them?!?!

Simplified September Update!

It is only eleven days into the month and part of me feels like a HUGE failure!

Then I realized….this whole challenge is about simplifying our life and making sure family time is continually being guarded and nurtured even more.  Even when we think we have simplified things in our life, or we have a pretty good schedule, or etc….there is ALWAYS room for improvement and growth!

Thus….here have been some of my humorous adventures and realizations thus far….

Should have paid closer attention to the dog food bag running out in September…..yeah not going to walk over 3 miles away to carry a 40 lb bag home!

Can’t always predict the weather!

When you need to shop for someone or something else… that is actually not personal but related to projects or services outside of the home….kinda gotta be willing to hop in the car to take care of those needs/supplies!

Finally….sometimes a way to keep things simple and better managing of time to ensure it is about family… is utilizing when you are out… and you are passing by the store you know you have a list ready to go shopping to….well you stop you get the few things you need so you can get home and get back to family time!

Am I done with my challenge?  No way….

Am I going to continue to fine tune it and see where I can continue to grow and learn from this experience?

Heck ya!

With that….I am actually going to take myself to bed and read a good book and enjoy some peaceful quiet time!

Hugs and prayers to all of you out there!
~K 🙂

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