Football, Faith, Love on Friday

Sunday is the Superbowl.

SUNDAY (For my Diocese)…

This has been probably a difficult dilemma for many avid football fans….heck even for those of us who just watch it for the commercials and the gathering and fellowship time.

I’ve been reflecting on this….A LOT!

I know two amazing women who are FANATICS about their FOOTBALL!



Because they KNOW it is AGAPE LOVE.

LOVE for their faith.
LOVE for the message.
LOVE for the better choice.

Compare it to marriage:  if a spouse has the choice to watch a TV show or go for a walk with his or her beloved which is the better choice?  Neither are bad…..BUT going for the walk is probably a sacrifice YET it will produce abundant fruit!

In keeping with the theme of AGAPE love for this month…..which do you think would be the better choice?  The sacrifice that HONORS not only those who continually put themselves on the front line of fighting for LIFE but HONORS OUR AMAZING LORD!

For me it was a no brainer BUT I am not the biggest football fan BUT I don’t like crowds and I do get fatigued in the evenings (due to my adrenal and thyroid condition) so my SACRIFICE may seem a “suck it up” to some people but it is my own….my battle with my health…..and therefore my pleasure to SACRIFICE for a GREATER GOOD!!!

Here I end with a challenge…..what in your area is going on currently that you could make a SACRIFICE that is for the greater good?  What about in your family!?  Your workplace?  Your career?!   Which SACRIFICE will draw you nearer to Christ!? Please share below!!!

AND if you live in the Amarillo area:  
Are you willing to SACRIFICE A FOOTBALL GAME….

Have a glorious FAITH FILLED FRIDAY!!!

Hugs and prayers always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  I have been thoroughly enjoying this amazing book by Pope Francis, “The Church of Mercy”.  Talk about going out and evangelizing and choosing to do things for AGAPE LOVE.  An amazing read.  I don’t care if you are Catholic or not…..I think it is a must read for ALL!

MOVEMENT FOR THE DAY:  It is First Friday.  Our area has their First Friday Art Walk in the evening.  What a wonderful way to move your body and celebrate all the varieties of art.  I am sure wherever you live there is something that is going on this day that will allow you to walk around and appreciate what there is to see.  Exercise your body and your mind today!


It’s not just about the woman carrying a baby in her womb, trying to decide whether to keep her baby….

It’s not just about the woman in crisis, young, single, older, married…

It’s not just about one denomination of faith fighting for a voice….

Life: it’s about….

The woman and the man realizing that when life is within them there is a responsibility, there is a gift, there is a grace…

It’s about taking that fear, that concern, that worry, and trusting our Lord to walk with us and to remind us to hold our heads high even when we have fallen.

It is about many voices united together no matter color, creed, and walk of life. Each church is a part of an amazing body. What better way to become one voice than through prayer and fasting for life…love…liberty…

I think about how there is always a war, fighting all around us; between countries, cultures, religions.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to defeat this culture of death, culture of war, culture of fighting within?

Ah…but, we can!!!!

By uniting and fighting together with one voice for the one true body. 

We have the opportunity as the many parts of this one body to unite even stronger for 40 days at 40 different churches in our area; to stand up and pray together for…life…love…liberty!

September 24-November 2 is the annual 40 DAYS.  Let us not only unite in our prayers, voices, and love, but let us unite as one Church. One Church that has many parts that all leads us back to the same Savior.  

The One who breathes life within us.
The One who loveswith no end.
The One who teaches liberty is true freedom.

Is your church willing to stand up for life…love…liberty?

Contact  Respect Life Ministries: Amarillo  for further information on how to join this amazing battle.  Join in to be one voice….with our swords, our armor, and our love for Christ.  United for 40 days 40 churches can pray and fast for life…love..and libertyand fulfill our destiny by being the many parts of the one body!

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