Thinking on Thursday

I love the month of May for many reasons:

Things should be blooming….
Mothers day….
A month to honor Mary…
Even my brothers birthday….
Anticipation for my dynamic Warriors birthday…

It is a great great month!

But my favorite of all of them is MARY!

I love having the opportunity to really reflect on Mary…the mother of GOD!

As I continue to grow in my faith, each year I find something new to reflect upon and draw from Mary.  A strength I have as well as a weakness that needs strengthening.

This year I think my month of May with Mary is to continue to grow in my knowledge of being a wonderous woman and wife.  And instead of just examining my weaknesses, the areas I need to grow in, I will journal about my amazing strengths and how can I continue to get even stronger in them.

I think we all, especially women, get too caught up with being hard on ourselves and not seeing how beautiful and amazing we are!  Thus, this year for the month of May in my journal each morning I am going to write down something that is amazing about myself, something that I know is a strength and makes me uniquely me!  Then at the end of the day I will write down something I did amazing that I know helped me grow in my love for my Lord.  My love for my husband.  My love for my family.  My love for myself!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my true femininity, my being a wonderful woman, wife….faithful follower of Christ….than to look to Mary….the most perfect woman and reflect on how I can be more like her but also celebrate the ways I have improved from the year before.  After all we ALL have work to do but we all have come a long way.  Each year, each month, each day we have the opportunity to grow, learn, and celebrate with strength!

Thus, I start my Marian Celebration to being a woman, a wife, by saying today….man I am strong!  I love feeling strong!  I love waking up in the morning before everyone else to say GOOD MORNING LORD!  I love being able to pray my rosary as I swish my floors, start a load of laundry, and prepare my handsome hubby’s meals.

I love being able to greet him in the morning and make sure he gets out the door with a smile, knowing that I took the time to engage with him in that brief moment in the morning, because NONE of us know when their loved ones time is to not be seen again.  Therefore, I never want to take it for granted that I didn’t give him eye contact and say: I LOVE YOU!!! 🙂

I love knowing I get to then strengthen my physical body with movement and faith learning at the same time!

 I love the workout I accomplished yesterday.  During part of my workout I did lunges for 5 minutes straight.  I love knowing I have powerful legs that will get me through each day always.  I can carry, push, pull, lift….etc…just about anything I set my mind to because I am not afraid of a little bit of hard work!

I love knowing all I know about nutrition and what is nourishing for my body, and what is not.  Thus being able to know how everything I put into my body effects me, allowing me to make healthy choices, informed choices without having gunky thoughts about it!

Today is a glorious day!

What are you going to do during the month of Mary that celebrates and strengthens your love and devotion to Mary?!

Share with me your thoughts.  I would love to learn from you too!!!

hugs and prayers as always!
~K 🙂

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