Loving Warrior on Wednesday

I love being strong.  I love knowing I can lift a 50 pound bag of dog food and it not be a big deal.  I love knowing I can help my husband move our furniture out of our living room so he can install our new flooring.

I love all of that because it means I get to truly do for others!  For me being strong and physical isn’t about the cool ripped muscles I have developed.  I don’t love my muscles so I can show them off.   I love being strong because I am a person who likes to help out physically.  When we are at the church and there is a need for chairs and tables to be set up or taken down…..I love the opportunity to help.  I see a person at the store struggling with something….I know I can help.

We all have the warrior within us.  We just have to find him or her!  Some of us our warrior may be just like mine, but another person’s warrior might be honesty.   That is my daughter.  She is bluntly honest.  I realized at a very early age I needed to help her learn how and when honesty is appropriate and that it needs to be spoken with agape love.  Maybe your warrior is great with numbers so you are able to help others manage a budget.

Not only find your warrior….love your warrior with in…..but don’t question or doubt your warrior.

I was reflecting the other day on the difference of Peter and John…..two of Christ’s Apostles.   Peter was strong and forceful but he seemed to always need to reassure Christ of his love for him.  John on the other hand KNEW who he was in and for Christ.  He knew he was loved.  He didn’t let his insecurities and or humanity mucky up that love…that knowledge.  He said “he was the one the Lord loved.”   Now that can seem kind of self centered BUT IT’S NOT….because it freed him to be the WARRIOR for Christ he was made to be!  This doesn’t make Peter any less important….it just makes living life refreshing….unencumbered!

My daughter is John!  She is an amazing example of living her faith with no doubts of God’s LOVE….therefore it frees herself up to LOVE others just as they are….even if she doesn’t like them!

Have you found your WARRIOR within?  How do you LOVE others being the WARRIOR you were designed to be?  Share below!  Let’s create a nation….a world….of WARRIOR WOMEN….and MEN :)!!!

Hugs and prayers always,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  This book goes perfect with today’s topic.  There is an adult version of MADE TO CRAVE…..but this is the “for young women” version that was co-authored.  I have been reading this book off and on with my daughter over this last year.  What I absolutely love about this book is how it talks about anything that may distract us from God’s love.  The main author in the adult version focuses mostly on her struggle and craving of food…..but in this version it helps young ladies see how many things can distract us from CRAVING GOD…..it also helps young ladies understand the pitfalls of pre-teen and teen years and how to avoid many catastrophes and spiritual wounds when we keep our focus on GOD….and remember like John…we ARE THE BELOVED ONES!!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  Did you ever wish you could be a ballerina!?  Well Barre exercises are fun, strengthening, and gives you a moment to feel just like that ballerina in SWAN LAKE!  It’s a lot tougher than you think and an amazing workout.  I have this video with short 10 minute workouts that help me feel elegant and amazing…..even if it is for only 10 minutes….lol!

Dynamic Daughters: The Princess and the Three Knights



I have pondered many times when my dynamic daughter is of the age to “date” what type of boy would I want her to date?  What is even my definition of dating?  What is even the purpose of dating?  Do I want her to date?  What are my expectations?  And how will my husband be able to survive the “dating” years…lol!

I look back at my years of dating.  And I now understand with great respect the impact that dating can have on our soul.  I can reflect on if I had to do it all over….I don’t think I would have wanted to date exclusively with anyone.  I don’t even know if I would have wanted to have kissed anyone before my wonderful hubby.  I am not saying that is the course of action everyone should take…I am just saying after all I have learned about God’s beautiful design for us with our sexuality…I don’t think I would want to risk even one kiss to someone else!

But that is the beauty of hind-sight, growth, wisdom….it doesn’t excuse us from mistakes, from paths that we should have steered away from…instead it allows us to reflect, seek God for forgiveness, and truly learn from them….thus giving us the opportunity to choose the simpler yet narrower path!

It brings me back to when my daughter is at that “magical” age of “dating”….

I really would rather her not want to date….
BUT….I am hoping that all the tools I have been teaching her about her sexuality…God’s beautiful design for us….and open communication….she will come to the conclusion at a younger age than I did….
….THAT DATING EXCLUSIVELY IS TOO INTIMATE…unless a person is really seeking to find their soul mate…..they really shouldn’t play with fire! Again this is my opinion…my path….my beliefs!   I just know how beautiful and amazing love is when we seek it with God’s plan rather than our physical desires.

So….if and when my daughter chooses to date I pray she is able to see the wisdom of this beautiful story about THE PRINCESS AND THE THREE KNIGHTS by Karen Kingsbury.

Three knights have to prove to the king they are worthy of the princesses hand in marriage.

They are given several tests, challenges, obstacles.

What I love about this story book is how it teaches little girls that our “knight” isn’t always the boldest, the strongest, the handsomest….but our true knight is the most VIRTUOUS…CHIVALROUS!

When a man puts our needs ahead of his wants, desires….THAT IS A MAN!!!

It is NEVER too late nor is your little girl ever too old to read this story and have the message strongly ring in her heart what the bible verse above teaches about TRUE LOVE!!!


Hugs, prayers, blessings…
~Kelly 🙂

Dynamic Daughters: "Soul Surfer"


Check out this link in ALL scriptures relating in not fearing!

My favorite one I lean on a regular basis is:

Psalm 56:3

In the movie “Soul Surfer”…I remember the conversation the parents had in the car after they got home form the hospital…

The dad ponders…what now?  The mom reminds him, just like when they brought home their first baby, they knew nothing, so they took it one day at a time, and they learned together.

I think the largest challenge with raising a daughter, a child, is to not give into fear.  Don’t fear the unknown.  Instead embrace it.  Feed your mind with as much great material but when your daughter throws you a curve ball don’t run from it.  Face it had on…even ponder if it’s something that needs work on within your own self; and be honest with her always!  Don’t’ avoid the tough questions.  If you show her you’re human and vulnerable, she will come to you even more.


Hugs, prayers, blessings…
~Kelly 🙂

New Beginnings…A Journey for the Mind Body and Soul of Daughters!

Easter Season is full of beautiful new beginnings…our amazing Lord has risen!

I hope you enjoy this journey on Raising Dynamic Daughters into Wonderful Warrior Women.

We are going to create a new ripple of resurrecting what our true femininity is all about for our daughters.  We are going to resurrect the beauty and design God had/has in store for us as women and for our daughters!!!

I am no expert…I am just a mom of a daughter…desiring to make a change for her, for you, for all women and girls. Everything I will be sharing for the next 50 days is stuff I have learned…read…felt inspired by to raise a daughter with love and confidence!

What you will have to look forward to:

1. A scripture to feed our spirit, our soul, to nurture our faith hope and love of raising daughters….to empower ourselves as women. 

2.  I will share with you something I have read, watched, or listened to that has helped me with this journey…sometimes with a personal reflection entwined.

3.  How we can nurture our daughters through: healthy choices about food, exercise, world influences…anything that can be related to our physical body.

Each day will have at least one of the above. With the design and intent to nurture:

Scripture for our soul.
Learning for our mind.
Practices/recipes for our body.

I know the saying is: MIND, BODY, SOUL….but my thoughts are when we focus 1st on the soul through God’s word it creates a desire to obtain the knowledge to feed the mind, which then instills the discipline to care for my body, to do God’s work which all brings us back to our soul…making us stronger to be the warrior woman for our amazing God.  That gives me FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE.

Many blessings, hugs, and prayers…
~Kelly 🙂

PS….I hope to post something inspiriting, informative, and/or helpful each day…but keep in mind….just as I need to remind myself as well….my first and foremost responsibility is to God..then hubby…then child…then education…then blog :)…..AND LIFE HAPPENS SOMETIMES :)….

PPS….any recipes I post between now and Pentecost will be creations that my Dynamic Daughter really likes….so there won’t be a great deal of my salad creations (yet) but some really fun ways of “sneaking” some powerful foods into your daughters diet to help her keep ‘balanced’ with her developing body and mind!

Day 12: Game Changer

Being over the age of forty now is a game changer!

I truly don’t remember which book I took this
picture from….but it is so true!!!

Life truly does change:

What I say is:

Don’t fight it!
Don’t argue with it!


I’m not above moments of ugh….but here is what almost 41 looks like for me:

I don’t care what others think about me!
I don’t care if I didn’t shave my legs and I am still going to wear a skirt (a long skirt…but a skirt non-the-less).

I don’t care if I have strong muscular legs versus long ballerina legs!

I don’t care if I am only 5 foot 1 inch and will never be able to pull off some straight elegent run-way evening gown.

I don’t care that I love wearing my Mary-Jane crocs with my church dresses versus heels.

I just don’t care what others think!!!!  I only care about the freedom and love I experience from and with God!  I only care that I am listening to what HE tells me I should do in taking care of myself: mind, body, and soul!

I respect my genetic make up!
I respect my strengths!
I respect what I see in the mirror!
I respect the amazing God who created me….and trusted me to take care of me!

I have embraced ALL THAT I AM!!

You should too!!!

Quit comparing!

Be an amazing example to the girls and women around you.
Be the example you wish you would have had!

And by all means:

Journal today about how you have been loving yourself better, and what you still need to work on!

hugs and prayers always,

Day 11: The Root of Love

I am keeping it short and simple today.


Because I want each of you to take a moment today and check out this podcast from MIND BODY MUSINGS episode 26 with guest Erin Brown on Raising Confident Daughters.

I want you to reflect during this half way mark of your 21 Day Challenge of MIND BODY AND SOUL….Do you love yourself enough to raise a confident child?

Reflect on what do you need to still work on so you don’t pass on to someone you love negative thinking?

I made a promise to myself and my daughter when she was born that I would NEVER say anything negative about myself to her, around her, even think it.

I can relate to what Erin Brown shares about in the podcast; it is hard to break a cycle of something when it is passed on.

This is part of my passion for empowering women!  I want us all to know, believe, live the amazing life we have been gifted…in ALL SHAPES, SIZES AND FORM!!!

Your half way there to a better more wonderful you: MIND BODY AND SOUL!

hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

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