Carrot Cake

Ok so maybe it’s not really a carrot cake that you sink your teeth into.  And it doesn’t have nuts.  And it doesn’t have raisins. 🙂

But it is super healthy and it sure did taste like I was enjoying a carrot cake on an autoimmune protocol diet!
Many of my friends have seen me use carrot peels for many different things over the last few years.  I just hate the thought of wasting a perfectly good part of the veggie.  I actually have tried to just scrub my carrots  and chop them that way but…I don’t know…they just don’t taste the same not being peeled.  And I didn’t want all these great peels to just go to compost.  Especially since sweet hubby and I go back and forth on composting.  That is a conversation for another day for sure!!! Lol…
So back to carrot peels…
I have created fun fried carrot peels..roasted…etc…with lots of different seasoning ideas.  I have used them in soups…chopped them up finer and used them for slaws.   I have cooked them up and pureed them for muffins….or created an apple like sauces. 
But my most recent realization came about due to laziness! I didn’t feel like cooking them up and getting anything dirty.  I was contemplating what I wanted to do with them as I was about to make a green shake and that’s when I thought…”hmmm…a carrot cake shake!”

Oh it was absolutely wonderful!  I blended together:
 about a handful of peels (if not more)
 hand full of spinach (but you can leave the green out if so be)….
tbsp of cinnamon (I really like cinnamon)…..
1 tsp ginger…..
1 tsp vanilla….
1/3 cup of full fat coconut milk…..
1/2 cup water…..
I think about 5-8 drops of stevia, it really just depends on how sweet you want it….
a scoop of collagen protein….
blend and YUM!!!

What a refreshing satisfying treat on a hot summer afternoon!

Have a fabulously delightful day!

Many hugs and blessings dear readers…family….friends…
~Kelly 🙂

2016: Simple Spirituality Goal

New Years Resolutions!

It seems like the number one (#1) resolution most people make is to LOSE WEIGHT!!

So here is a thought I have for everyone….

What if you make your NEW YEARS RESOLUTION about your SPIRITUALITY!?

What if we for 21 days reflect on a need, a prayer, a desire, a challenge, a change you want to make in your/our/my life!?

I know for me I have lots of things….lots of desires…lots of goals…lots of growth I would like to take to God to start my new year…..

I wrote many years ago about the power of fasting and the types of fasting.  I know from first hand experience how when you abandon your desires, your will, to God and pray for selfless petitions, pray for others, pray for God’s intervention….HE does amazing things!

So here is a thought…

Are you living up to who God made you to be?

What are some goals you really need to offer up to Him?

Where would you like to see your lifestyle grow this year?

When are you going to make the time to listen to HIS will?

How do you want God to work in your life for 2016?

7 years ago I experienced an amazing spiritual fast.  As I was petitioning prayers for my husband I experienced health benefits I never even anticipated or foresaw.

Over the course of 7 years I have learned more things about my health…my mind, body, soul connection.

I want to start my new year with the same simple spiritual goals I did 7 years ago!

What did I do 7 years ago?!


It was as simple as that.

Thus it doesn’t matter if you are Paleo, vegan, Mediterranean, whatever…..pick a journal…notebook…..something to write your desires, goals, prayers for 2016.  Make a detailed “contract” with God and stick to it for 21 days!

Did you know it takes 21 days to change a habit or make a habit….thus good or bad!?

Did you know it takes 40 days to “eradicate” an “infestation”?!

I plan on for 21 days…starting January 1st….to post on Facebook a bible scripture and a book title that has helped me with this journey of Health and Wellness that is about the WHOLE mind, body, soul experience.

I will also write here, on the blog, in more detail my daily journal-ling as promised in an upcoming post about my blogging goals for 2016.

Are you going to join me in this opportunity to connect with your Spirituality with simplicity through shakes, soup, and salad?!

S to the 5th power:  Simple Spirituality with Shakes, soup, and salad!

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