Mother’s Day…continued…

Mother’s Day was filled with great joy for me!



Have a glorious prayer morning…..
An invigorating walk/run with hubby….
A heartfelt encounter with Jesus at Mass….
Lots and lots of texts from family and friends…
A fun family movie time….
Cleaned up my Pinterest boards….
Created some really fun “sushi” rolls…(I promise to share the recipes later this week)….
Called and visited with my mom…
Wrote some great inspiring ideas for this summer, fall, next year…
Studied a bit about a modesty/chastity program I am honored to help our Diocese Family Life office put into place…
Sat out in the beautiful evening fresh air….
Read through my newspaper while watching Elementary with hubby…
Had one more cup of tea as I read a bit right before sleep….

What more could I have asked for from such an amazing day!

This week is destined for greatness I just feel it!

God is beyond awesome!

Don’t get me wrong…I am not ignorant nor am I naive enough to think life is all peachy and no struggles.  Yet I truly believe age brings you wisdom….it should anyways…and it brings you peace….if you start tapping into your inner “Mary” more than your inner “Martha”.

I have learned to truly smile through my tears. 
I have learned to not live in regrets or what ifs.
I have learned to see the AMAZING woman God has created when I look in the mirror…inside and out!

And best of all I have learned to LOVE every challenge….mind body soul…..with great passion.  

How and why!?

The more I reflect on the GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT and pray for them….as well as the fruits of the HOLY SPIRIT….I have found greater and greater love, peace, and mercy for self…but especially for ALL around me!

I have learned to live more and more in GODS WILL THAN MINE…..thus my Mother’s Day might not have been how I set it out to be….but it was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined because it was lived in GOD’S WILL…..and that is GLORIOUS!

blessings and hugs dear readers….family….friends…
~Kelly 🙂 


Facebook…twitter…Pinterest…Google+…all social media….email…computer searching…blogs…electronics….etc….

It is all about BALANCE!

If there is anything I have learned (again…lol…you would think I could figure some of life’s lessons out by now) it is about balance.

I have really enjoyed knowing that FB isn’t an option…it is freeing.  Yet, I have missed being able to just touch bases with a few of my friends during the week. I know this is their mode of conversation and I don’t want to miss out on saying hello.

I also find myself thinking about a recipe I want to share on my Food~Fitness~Faith private group.  Or I read a great article about daughters and want to share it with the Dynamic Daughters private group.

And an interesting thing I realized even though I was being much more productive with house work in the morning without going to FB and not burning up my reading time or lesson planning in the evening….I was transferring some of the time to trying to figure out Google+ for my blog.  I was using email even more.

Balance…that is what any and all of it is about.
NO different than treats, alcohol…exercise…sleep….work…play….etc.

We can’t feast on cake all day.  Just like we can’t drink every night (or shouldn’t).  We can’t work 20 hours a day and think we won’t suffer from it.


Thus what I can take from my FB experiment is this:

1.  I will make sure house hold stuff is completed and checked off in the morning before I hop on to FB or any media or search or even writing for my blog or Examiner and before I wake up my daughter.

2.  I will not do any of it during learning and household hours.

3.  I will make sure if I am taking a break from a task that I time myself and respect the timer when it goes off.

4.  I will ensure my media time is productive…making connections…loving….not just random reading….and scrolling for lost minutes on end!

Balance with boundaries…self-control…and discipline…that is what life is truly all about!

I love how life constantly gives us opportunities to always grow and learn!

Blessings and hugs to all!
~K 🙂

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