Day 14: Unexpected Changes

We all have moments where we set a goal and life decides to give us a curve ball.  

What do you do?

Use this bible verse today to reflect on curve balls you may have.
And instead of getting frustrated…lean on Him.

Do you stomp and have a tantrum?
Do you throw up your hands and say “fine”?
Do you push through even if it isn’t wise?



I started out this year with setting a goal to train for a Spartan Race.  This week was the week I was going to start putting into place my build up.  Then I went to the doctor to just have him take make sure I didn’t have strep…that it was just upper respiratory gunk.

Instead I received all sorts of other instructions of what I need to do for my health for the time being. One of them was the realization that training for a Spartan unfortunately is not the healthiest plan for me right now.

Part of me wanted to rebel…to say “I’m going to train anyways”…part of me wanted to defy the doctors recommendations and say “ah…it’s not that bad”….but…

It is not about what I want….it is not about my desires…it is not about MY WILL…

It is about ensuring I can one day do a spartan when I am healthier….it is about being able to pursue other desires and dreams right now and putting that one on hold….and it is about abandoning my will AND TRULY LIVING IN HIS WILL!

I must remember God is in charge and and His wants…desires…dreams for me are greater!!!

Are you experiencing a Challenge within this 21 day Challenge that has had to make you pause and realize when you started this pursuit…or even another goal….that your challenge has taken a bit of a detour….a different route!?

Maybe…just maybe…when you pause take a moment…reflect…journal about it….you will find that God has some big plans for you…for your MIND BODY AND SOUL challenge!

Reflect…pray…and see how this challenge is drawing you nearer to Him in your pursuit of true self love of MIND BODY AND SOUL!

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