Connecting with Jesus

Adoration is an amazing gift, privilege, and honestly it is oxygen for me.  I think of when Jesus said to his apostles “could you not stay awake one hour?”  That’s adoration.  There is a chapel set aside for Jesus to be exposed for us to come sit with him.  Pour out our hearts, souls, joys, fears, sorrows.

I cherish my weekly date with Jesus.   It’s interesting because the parish I attend is the only one left in Amarillo that has 24/7 adoration chapel.  but we too are starting to have gaps of needing people to cover these hours.

I grew up with adoration so its something I am very familiar with, but I know there are generations before and after me who didn’t grow up with this type of prayer and worship time.   I am so grateful St. Thomas has adoration.  yet I am concerned if more parishioners don’t realize what a gift we have then we will lose it.  Some people feel they can’t dedicate an hour a week.  Some feel they can’t do the late hours that might be open.

But why not?

How many hours a week do we twaddle away with TV, entertainment busy work, or even feeling frazzled because we don’t have enough hours in our day.

Every week I bring my schedule to Jesus in adoration and I tell him to show me what needs to be weeded out.  I ask him to show me where I’m not focusing on Him, my family, the essentials of life.

He never lets me down. I love my hour with him.  I have cried, laughed, closed my eyes, and rested my head.  I have sat on the floor, knelt in the pew, and have been 100% me with him.  I can’t count all the different oils I have used during my adoration hours to enlighten and connect my experience in such an amazing way.  But probably my 2 favorite oils to use during adoration is Peace and Frankincense.  Because that is why I go….to gather peace.  I need that hour to sit still and feel peace and comfort in his love, his embrace, his wisdom.

It would be so sad if because of a lack of understanding about adoration and/or busyness that our chapel too would have to close.  So my most recent prayers is that fellow parishioners “open their eyes Lord….help them to see your face….

Have you ever experienced a holy hour with the Lord in front of the blessed sacrament?  If so what was it like?  If not, do you want to change that?  Sit with that…..pray about it….write about it….share below about it!

Many blessings and hugs dear followers….family…friends…

~Kelly 😉


This last week I found myself struggling….I was thinking I was suppose to control some stuff.  Then I found myself feeling fearful of if I made one decision I would disappoint….if I made another I would be “miserable”…..

I was not at peace!   WHY!?

Because I was not seeing the full picture.  I wasn’t “seeing” the evil that was trying to distract me with something good to prevent me from the BEST God had for me.

How did I find my PEACE?  I was sitting with Jesus in adoration….I went to my bag and applied PEACE essential oil.…and I PRAYED….  I asked begged God to open my eyes to what I was not seeing….

And that is when amazing PEACE overcame me….I KNEW WHAT I WAS TO DO!!!

We must be willing to abandon our self to the WILL of GOD!  That is where we find peace.  Sometimes we may wrestle with it…..but when we are honest with ourselves we will realize that there is so much more PEACE with living in HIS will then forcing our will.

So the question for you is: do you sometimes find yourself trying to CONTROL so many things, you become so attached to the situation, which it then creates fear?!

Sit with this…pray about it….write about it…..share with me below about it!

Many blessings and hugs my dear followers….friends….family…..

~Kelly 🙂


How many times do we start a conversation with how good something is BUT it could be better.

We say things like…

 “The event was good BUT it was missing xyz.”

“Good job darling EXCEPT it is missing xyz.”

I love the gift IF ONLY IT HAD  xyz.”

My house would be better if it had xyz.”

We start out thinking we are being positive or constructive YET we many times say a BUT, YET, EXCEPT, IF ONLY…..and so many more conjunctions that negate what we just said.  Or take a positive thought down to a negative.  Or at the very least expressing that things could be better rather finding peace, joy, contentment in the JUST IS! 

Thus I give each and everyone of us a challenge for a day…two…a week (but let’s start with a day!)….to say each sentence without a BUT!

How much will your attitude toward life change!?
Do you think your JOY will become more heartfelt….more full….more peaceful!

The buts, yets, ifs, excepts…..hold us back from our full joy potential!!!

Many hugs and blessings my dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

Solitude on Sunday

I love sitting in my kitchen in the morning looking out my windows into my backyard.  My kitchen is my hub….my center….my peaceful place.  I especially like it early in the morning because it is quiet.  It is still.  There is no clutter yet, no noise yet, no activity yet.  I am able to sit here, pray, reflect, and write and be in the presence of my amazing Lord.  I am able to see Him all around me, in every living thing out my window, to even the family pictures up on my wall.  I am able to sit and be with Him, breath and WAIT to HEAR what He has to share with me for today.  Whether it is what to share with all of you or how I should discuss a topic with my hubby or even how to approach my chores for the week.  I love it.

I think that is why I get restless when anyone else gets up too early or starts making noise (tv, etc) around me early in the morning.  I think it is also why I feel compelled to get up earlier than everyone else.

Because I KNOW if I don’t spend my first moments with God in this place, this position, I will NOT be able to be who HE designed me to be: 
loving, caring, giving, kind, courageous, generous, patient, merciful.

You might be wondering why I don’t just pick another room for peace and quiet when others are up…I could….I have….but there is something about this exact spot I am sitting right now that allows me to see, hear, feel HIS presence in such a way that I can’t explain…..

I have had to learn how to balance my early mornings over the years. I remember one year my dear hubby wanted to get up at the same time I did so we could alternate going to the gym when we had a membership.  That was hard but I realized I was able to adjust and just rethink my morning routine. God provided for me the right window of time for me to be with HIM still in the morning.

Over the years I have learned to become flexible with the seasons of life and with my hubbies schedule.  I may still react not as great as I would like initially to a change but I am able to rebound and take it to Him quicker.  He always provides an answer.

This last year my adrenal fatigue has been good and bad.  I have had to really learn to be flexible and adjust to how I spend my first waking moments with God. Again He has helped me make it work.

This last week has been a beautiful example.  After visiting with my nutrition coach a few weeks ago and realizing I was still not giving myself sufficient sleep to heal, I decided I would not set an alarm anymore.  I would be diligent in getting to bed between 8:30-9:30 and sleep for at-least 9 hours.

I was trying not to freak and wonder “When am I going to get my time with God!?!”  But before I could even freak….I took it straight to HIM and He truly took care of it.  Since I have been respectful of my bodies needs and getting to sleep when I should each night He has ensured I get up rested and ready to do His work, to be with Him.  You see when you put Him first, especially for your day….He provides with abundance….overflowing.

Some mornings I don’t have as much lingering time as I would like but every morning I do receive exactly as much time as He needs me to have so I can HEAR all HE has to put upon my heart for the day…..and that is all I need!

Do you find yourself scrounging for time in your day? 
Feeling overwhelmed for time? 
Do you take time for God?  
Take it to HIM first each day and you will be amazed how much more you get done each day……trust me!  Or don’t believe me just try it yourself and you will see :)!!!!


PS….The book for today (pictured above) is one I purchased on my nook YEARS ago….I love love love it!  Because even when I have my least amount of time in the morning I can rely on it to give me exactly what I need.  And the funny thing is I may not be consistent with using it every morning, but when I happen to be between other devotionals or I am out and about or traveling… is there and it has ALWAYS BEEN EXACTLY THE MESSAGE I NEEDED AT THAT MOMENT!!!




Once upon a time a young lady lived in a land full of beautiful hills and amazing peace.  
She was in love; or so she believed.  She and this boy came from such different back grounds, different lifestyles, and different beliefs.  Yet, this did not stop her from loving him.  Wanting to please him, and be there for him.
She was heartbroken when he had to leave the peaceful land for a noisier place.  She vowed to visit him soon.  She kept to her promise.  She ventured to the noisy, darker land to see her love.  That is when things went very wrong.  Her love, during that visit, was abused.  Her trust was broken.  Her innocence was stolen.  She came home to the beauty of her land: confused, hurt, and deeply scarred.  Her land didn’t seem beautiful anymore.
She began to doubt simple truths in life.  She began to doubt even herself.  Her ability to understand dark from light, good from bad, right from wrong.  After all, she pondered, if she could allow such darkness to take over, surely she mustn’t be all that bright of a light.
You see, when darkness took place that fateful day, it wasn’t the obvious, insidious kind of evil we all know to stay away from.  IT was the kind that lures us.  The kind that slowly boils and you never realize it has taken hold of you until at the moment you see it and you are so confused.  
She knew and knows this young man was not evil; he did not intend evil, but he allowed his wants to overtake him and evil to influence his mind, to take what was not his.  To steal a gift that wasn’t his to take.  
Over the years the young woman has reflected and realized maybe, just maybe, (at least in her case, her situation) she wasn’t so clear.  Maybe just maybe her no wasn’t loud enough, wasn’t out loud, wasn’t strong, wasn’t there.  What if….
BUT…NONE OF THAT MATTERS….that is the true gift she has learned.  It truly doesn’t matter.  She may not be clear of the events of that day but it will not be her prison.  It will not be her darkness.  The past is the past and she will not let darkness cloud her love for life.  She knows in her heart, that boy, a man now, never intended to hurt her so deeply, to rip her spirit.  He was motivated by a selfish, fleshly want, and allowed himself to not be led by the Holy Spirit.  And she was motivated by pleasing and fear of rejection.
This young lady took years to unravel the web of darkness; to shed light on this darkness; to feel worthy of being loved.  In the midst of her unraveling and healing a rogue knight came into her life.  He was rough around the edges but she saw a glimmer of internal light he wasn’t even aware of.
He helped her melt away the confusion, the pain, the fear, the hurt, the darkness.  Yet, each year she still felt a cloud engulfing her during a particular time, a particular month, a particular day.
Then one year, on that dark memory of a day, she discovered an amethyst.  Some may find this an ordinary gem, but she knew this gem would shine brighter than any she had ever seen.  God presented this beautiful amazing gift to her to replace the dark cloud of those memories.  He wanted to erase that dark day, those feelings…with light, with a reminder that HE loves her!  That she is beautiful.  From evil and darkness, God CAN conquer!  Purity can arise, can outshine and replace the dark.
That is exactly what this beautiful amethyst did.  Each year that passed by, this precious gem grew, got brighter; the darkness became smaller and less important.
One Year, the amethyst turned colors to a glorious Ruby.  That Ruby lasted about 5 years. It was a deep, passionate reminder how Christ shed His blood for us because he LOVES US.  She IS worthy of love.  She IS amazing.
Then, one year that ruby turned into the most brilliant deep sapphire.  It radiated, glowed, sparkled and shone with such brilliance, there was no room for darkness to reside any more.
It created a space in the woman’s heart to realize she not only forgave that boy of past, but there was room for him in her heart to love him, to pray for him.  She prayed he was having as beautiful and blessed of a life as she was.  She truly loved him.  Loved him for, also, being a child of God.
That sapphire continues to shine even brighter each year.  That sapphire is a reminder of Mary’s purity, a reminder of Joseph’s silent strength, of Jesus’ pure sacrifice and undying love.  And a glorious reminder of God’s forever mercy and grace.
This story is truly a story of FAITH HOPE AND LOVE.
LOVE….I do love my life!!!
I adore my knight!  He surrounds me with security, trust, and peace!
My sapphire is the most amazing gem.  I can’t help but feel my breath get caught in my throat every time I look at her.
How and why God felt me worthy to be trusted with such a precious gift, I do not know, I do not question.  
I love, laugh, and live with abundance of joy and light!
I know that shame lives in darkness.  Satan wants us to live in shame, fear, regret, guilt.
We must choose to step away from the darkness into the light.  Because that light is so glorious, so warm, so inviting.  
THE LIGHT wants us to feel nothing but:


The Power of Peace

I feel  passionate about how amazing life is…and wonder why we, simple, silly humans try to complicate it!
I was reflecting earlier today as I was thinking about how excited I get for friends who have accomplished amazing goals.  It doesn’t matter whether they are career, health, spiritual….any goal…any achievement is worth celebrating!
It then further had me pondering on how some may view a failure as a goal not accomplished, not finished, or not pursued.  I view it different.
Some great examples for me in my life are:
I pursued becoming a fertility practitioner over 10 years ago.  I studied through Creighton, became certified, and even had clients.  I did that for about 2 years.  I know with my whole heart and soul the reason God led me on that path was so I could better understand my own broken fertility.  So I could learn how to better take care of my fertility, to have a greater respect and appreciation for my fertility.  Thus, for me it was not time wasted.  It was time well invested.  
I worked for our state child protective services for the shortest 6 months.  I really thought it was a career path I wanted to take.  After all I had waited years to work even remotely in my field of study.  I could have stayed with it.  I could have been willing to sacrifice many other dreams, wants, desires.  Instead I realized:  no, I am not going to stay with this because for me it would mean sacrificing raising a family.  A family that I realized, because of that job, was more important than any career could ever mean to me. 
 I realized I desired to be a stay at home wife and mother more.  I learned through working with all those families in that short period of time how very important it is to be there for your family, your children.  They need us to make sacrifices.
In the most recent few years, I even thought I would pursue sales of a really great supplement that is multi-faceted.  I am not a sales person.  Have never felt compelled to be one.  And it takes quite a bit for me to be won over to want to sell something. I felt drawn and impressed with this product.  In the end, I realized God led me on that path to actually have me grow further in my knowledge about my health as I pursue and live my paleo life!
 I learned and realized I have a different role.  And I love my role.  I can help those who do sell. I am great at research….continual learning and growing about health.  Thus, being able to share with my friends who either do sell or who just want to live healthier lives, I can be a resource to help them grow in their knowledge of health with or without supplements, with or without certain foods. Sharing the benefits of all, some or nothing.   As well as help others know when and if they should take certain things.  
He taught me how to really look at everything I put into my body.  Because after all I am a temple that HE has trusted me to take care of.
I walked away from 2 years of campus ministry because I knew God was telling me it was time to pull away, again, from ministry; that, I had fulfilled His purpose for my being there for 2 years.  If I stayed it would be for me not HIM!
There have been so many similar examples through out the years.  Times that I started something….feeling beyond passionate about it.  Convinced in my heart that I should pursue something, then feeling a tap on my shoulder from above pulling me back.  Reminding me HE is in charge.  Reminding me that just because HE had me pursue something, or learn something, doesn’t mean it was for the direction I thought I was suppose to take it but rather to follow HIS lead!
Peace….true beautiful peace.   That is what I have learned through all these pursuits that may be viewed as a “failure” or “incomplete” or “unaccomplished” or “flaky”…
Instead I feel great accomplishments….
I see growth…
I obtained wisdom….
I grew in knowledge…
I live in the beautiful power of PEACE!
Peace that HE has a plan for every and all pursuits and goals.  We just have to trust that what we may view as a set back or failure…..could very well be a WIN in HIS court! 🙂
Blessings to all of you!
~K 🙂

Paleo: Protein, Power, Peace

I have been wanting to post about some of my favorite sites I go to to continually learn and grow through this amazing lifestyle I have embarked upon for over 3 years now.

It started out as a spiritual journey….that has turned into the most amazing life changing experience for my mind, my body and my soul!

But with this posting I promise to not get drawn out….I will just give all of you my favorite spots I go to for resources: recipes, Q&A, support, etc.  And I will give a summary of why I go to that particular site!

I have two main sites I go to:  and


Understanding the science of food….how it hurts or heals us.
Sugar Detox recipes
Game planning for a sugar detox
excellent podcasts


Fitness tips
great support as you read about her journey
mental support
family support

Now I am going to just list all the sites I read and then put them into categories :)….

Elana’s Pantry

Excellent source for recipes!!!

Mark’s Daily Apple

Excellent source for fitness and the science behind the food.

Food Babe:

Understanding the science about the chemicals in our foods.

Paleo Hacks:

Support forum with other Paleo’s

Whole 9:

I first learned about this site because of their book “It Starts with Food”

It is truly about getting back to basics…REAL FOOD!  Challenging yourself for 30 days to eat nothing but real food….
As far as categories are concerned these are how I look for something in each of these categories.  Listed in the order of how I go to them :)….

Elana’s Pantry
EVERYDAY PALEO   ***ironically….I think Sarah Fragosa has amazing recipes…but I have all 3 of her cook books so I go to my hard copies more than the blog site…:)…


Food Babe
Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark’s Daily Apple
Paleo Hacks
Whole 9

Elana’s Pantry

Paleo Hacks

***I am going to finally mention one I haven’t really had the chance to delve into the site as much as I would like to yet….but I really enjoyed hearing her interview on Paleo Hacks podcast….Primal Kitchen.

And it was with that podcast and interview that I learned about Eat to Perform.

I don’t know much about those last two yet….but I look forward to reading and learning more!

Finally MOVEMENT… favorite spot to just watch/read/hear about quick ways to keep my body mobile and intune with how it is suppose to function and work is:  Aligned and Well.  Katy gives great sound science on how our bodies need to be respected.


If I absolutely had to choose….

It would go back to the beginning of this post….BALANCED BITES and EVERYDAY PALEO.

And if you still pushed me…

I guess EVERYDAY PALEO would win because it is geared around family….they are both parents they understand the ins and outs of parenthood.

BUT….BALANCED BITES reminds me to be real…and it gives me a feeling of Gilmore Girls…lol….


Those are my top spots for now….

I am continually learning….thus….

The list is continually growing…

I will add as I come across more or as I think of ones I may have forgotten!

Until then….

Many blessings to all of you…

Have a blessed week full of “P” POWER! :)….

~K 🙂

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