Love Letters

…to self!

Have you ever noticed how we are quick to make mental lists of ALL the things we perceive wrong with ourselves?!  What if instead we made a list of all the things we DO love…as well as WHY to love the body part or health condition you may find most frustrating?!  Or a part of yourself that has not been shown love…that you criticize and compare.
I have learned over the years to truly honor, respect, and love deeply all aspects of myself….even and especially the parts that I use to compare or judge or cringe at.  I have learned to love myself fully.  I have learned to love myself so well that I now hardly remember the parts that have always been honored and the parts that use to be disrespected. 
What if you took a moment during this last week of October, the last week of the awareness month, and wrote yourself a self care letter.  A love letter!
Let me help you get ideas with my own love letter :-)…..
Dear self…dear Kelly!
I love how my hair has wispy curls around my temples. 
I love how my eyelashes are so long they scrape my glasses. 
I love how my shoulders are strong enough to help a friend sand a dresser by holding a sanding machine for four hours straight.  
I love how my hips are firm, full of amazing strongly built muscle to hold me upright and ensure I can bend down to pick up my newspaper each morning. 
I love how when I am sitting cross-legged I can look down to see the flesh formed around my knees and appreciate the muscle that took a great deal of work to build up to support my knees, to be strong, so I can run, jump, and lift with ease.   
I love the flatness of my feet.   It allows me to walk around barefoot most of my day with no pains or aches. 
I love being vertically challenged.  At 5 feet 1 inch I can play hide and seek with my daughter and still crawl into places she doesn’t expect me to hide.  
I love how a hat frames my face just the right way.  
I love how feminine a long skirt and simple shirt makes me feel.  
I love how my thyroid reminds me to speak up in matters of importance…especially about self care!
I love how my adrenals communicate to me, my need for sleep and slower days.  
I love how my insulin reminds me to think before I eat.  
I love how my  body desires to be strong and healthy; to glorify God not self!  It communicates to me  how I need to move each day and in what way is most healing for a mind body soul experience, not about aesthetics.   
I love how the veins on my arms make it easy to donate blood.  
I love how the fluid in my legs remind me to sit down and relax or better yet go take a bath!!!
I love how the random wiry hairs on my face remind me to keep my hormones balanced.  
I love the roundness of my face.  How it is able to express th amazing joy I feel for my amazing life.  
Finally…self…I love you for you!
Always in my prayers…many blessings…
PS…now I dare you to write your own love letter list.   I dare you to not smile as you find yourself appreciating and respecting the amazing you rather then comparing and condemning.   I dare you to love you.  I dare you to love the life you’re living!!!!

Mary, Self-Care, and October!!!

I feel called…driven…a woman on a mission to help ALL women….young and old to LOVE LOVE LOVE themselves!

 This is the thing…we have been sold a lie from society…from the media…that we are “less than” if we aren’t a specific size…if we don’t have certain measurements….if we don’t obtain a certain status in our carriers….if we aren’t going going going….

BUT…this is destroying the self-worth of our young girls…our women…

Then if you add in any sort of complication….health (mind, body and or soul)…well…this just makes it even more difficult for a woman to see the warrior they are!

We get mixed messages even within our Christian communities….such as if we are taking care of self well then we are being selfish….and if we are being selfish well we aren’t putting GOD first.

Here is my take on this….

Self love…self care….when done with God first and in mind….is always healthy…always beneficial.  Think about it….

If you are waking up in the morning taking a moment to praise God…give HIM your day….then you are loving yourself.  How?  You are saying “Lord I love the life you gave me enough to give you my very first minutes of the day!”

Then when you take a moment either in the morning or later in the day to exercise…move…strengthen your body….you are saying I love myself enough to take care of this body God has gifted me with….THUS I am honoring God by keeping it healthy and strong.

When you let your spouse…friends…coworkers you are going to go to a coffee shop to read or going to a spa for some pampering…you are saying I KNOW I need to step away from the hustle and bustle of life so I can keep balance and perspective with my life….and honoring God’s command to “rest”….He wants us to work hard…yes…but HE also needs us to rest….

It is in the rest that we restore, revive, renew our love for self….OUR LOVE FOR THE LORD….

Therefore….if we find ourselves not loving ourselves…comparing…criticizing…counting numbers on the scale or on our plate…..we are truly saying we are not loving GOD!


Well GOD made us….he doesn’t make junk!!!  God IS LOVE!!!  God cares about us!!!

When we look in the mirror we should see only the face of GOD not the carnival mirror effect of our society.

I have always found it interesting that the month of October is jammed packed with lots of “awareness’s”….breast cancer…heart care….domestic violence….etc….but even more interesting to me is the personal aspect of my faith….

As a Catholic we honor Mary….the mother of Christ….in October!

I don’t think it is coincidence that all these awareness’s are in the same month as honoring the blessed mother!

Here is a woman who did not succumb to vanity, society, selfish desires….BUT I do believe she took care of herself.  I do believe she understood the power of self-care!

This month I hope to share all the different ways we as women can continue to grow in our self care…our self love…our amazing power of being wonderful warrior women.

Our amazing power of being WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMEN that is CHRIST centered!

vanity based…
world centered….
unbalanced views….
society based…


A love of self…a care of self…that when you look in the mirror you don’t focus on the curves….the physical…but instead you are able to look DEEP into your soul and say….


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