Warrior Woman: Mary Magdalene inspired retreat idea!

Today is the feast day for Saint Mary Magdalene.  I chose her years ago for my confirmation name.  I remember when our family priest teased me for choosing her.  Yet, over the years I see more and more what an amazingly strong woman she was….and how very important she was to Christ.  After all besides Jesus’s mother, Mary….Mary Magdalene was trusted to be among all the disciples.  I have read and heard all sorts of conspiracies of her importance to Christ….blah blah blah….I personally don’t entertain perverted thoughts when it comes to this amazing woman.  Kind of like St. Clare and St. Francis.

Instead…today I want to share some thoughts I have been pondering on for quite some time.  A thought that a dear friend of mine who had stirred up these thoughts, these dreams, this crazy goal or desire for all women.  And I thank St. Mary Magdalene for it!  I will explain that part more after I share my idea :)…..

Over the last 5 years I have pondered on how there are:

…retreats for spiritual growth… 
…workshops to learn about nutrition….
…bible studies for weight loss…
…retreats for healing…
…seminars for fitness….
…bible studies for growing as a mom, wife, woman….
…classes to take to learn about fertility care….
….and so much more!!!

While I think it is important to have these things separate in some situations….I also think that we forget that we as WOMEN…are like a bowl of spaghetti (zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash that is :)….)…..everything in our life overlaps and entwines….it hardly ever is separate!  


What if there was a day or even a weekend retreat for women who would like to learn more about their health in a full MIND, BODY, SOUL experience?

What if the whole faith connection is not just about giving a woman bible verses to learn how to crave God more than the chocolate?

What if there were real experts about nutrition, fitness, fertility care, healing…..and so much more….all available to speak to women about how they can truly care for themselves: MIND, BODY SOUL!?

What if the day or weekend retreat started not just with great prayer and a speaker but some nourishing food choices?

What if after the amazing snack or meal…or even during the eating we had a nutrition coach visit with us how when we are caring for our body with great nutrition then we are loving ourselves as God loves us!  We are caring for ourselves as He needs us to!  What if this person could explain how important it is for us to actually EAT REAL FOOD!!

What if in the afternoon we have an actual personal trainer lead us into some fun movements during a rosary or devotional….showing us how it is possible and important to even go to God during our physical care!?  And what if this amazing person can explain to us that chronic cardio is not healthy for our bodies…that we as women need to quit punishing our bodies with hours and hours of treadmills and classes.

What if we had a functional doctor sharing with us how our hormones can effect our energy and so many aspects of our life if they are out of whack?!

What if  an expert on healing can help us understand how sometimes our physical pains, nutritional choices, and spiritual struggles can be rooted in our past….things that we may not even be aware of!?

What if another expert can help us understand our bodies….the way God intended for us to understand it…care for it….heal it….protect it….!?


WHAT IF….we learned how to care for ourselves…to empower ourselves with great knowledge (mind)….empower ourselves with food and fitness (body)….empower ourselves with Gods word (soul)….with other women….all for one amazing experience that truly meets us as women and how we are designed to overlap so many topics, areas, passions….


So how does Mary Magdalene come into the picture of all of this for me?

I see a woman who didn’t let her past pull her down.  I think she continued to work on healing by going to Christ for everything.  I think she probably cared for her body because she had the best teacher of all right there guiding her and protecting her.

These are my thoughts.  I am just one person who could never organize an event like this by myself.  And honestly right now in my life with all I am learning about my health needs and healing right now….I can’t take on something like this…..but isn’t that what the whole saying “it takes a village” for!?

What if a team of women who were just as passionate about empowering women took something like this on….created a name for this MIND BODY SOUL themed approach to empower women to become the WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMEN they were meant to be!?

 Hey here is a thought:


There you go….a title…a theme….a rough draft….

Now it needs a team….
a leader…
a pusher….
and lots and lots of Prayer!!!

hugs and prayers always!!!
Kelly 😉


Over the course of almost 20 years of marriage I have really enjoyed experimenting with food!  I have not been afraid to do weird things, concoctions, for the sake of “let’s try it!”

Not all have been huge hits.  Heck my dad was pretty convinced I would kill my husband in our first year of marriage of malnourishment.

I will be the first to admit not all my concoctions are great.  Some are down right weird, and need to be chucked or something.   But the stubborn side of me won’t give up on trying to create tasty treats for my family.  And the thrifty side in me won’t just throw something away just because it didn’t turn out exactly the way I would like it to be.  The handy thing is lots of recipes that are flops do have the potential of becoming something else if we can just think outside of the box!  At the very least…compost!

In my pursuit to nourish my wonderful Frick family in the way I have been learning over the last 4 years: whole, real, hunter-gatherer kind of eating… it has been fun, frustrating, interesting, challenging….and JOYOUS!

Do I get my feelings hurt when they don’t like something: yes!  But, I imagine all great chefs have critics and they didn’t just make the great souffle in one time.  It took experimentation, trial and error, persistence, and a thick skin!  Joseph didn’t let being thrown into the pit keep him down!

Persistence….I have lots of.  I actually don’t have much of a choice.  You see, especially when it comes to baking, I have never been good at following the instructions, directions.  Hence why quite a bit of my stuff has flopped.  But as I have learned more and more about herbs, seasonings, spices, real food, flavors….foods of cultures….and SUPER FOOD benefits…..I am actually understanding and loving the science behind why, for example, with baking, things need to be a particular way!

Once I was able to grasp the true science, chemical reaction and why, behind baking, then I was able to truly start tweaking and experimenting.  And have many more hits versus misses!

My largest challenge of recent is wanting my wonderful family to receive all the great benefits of some of the superfoods and nutrient dense things that I know they won’t just eat like I eat.

I have found and tweaked recipes to ensure they get more coconut oil, by making them “fudge bites”.   Using bone broth when I cook up their eggs.  Actually any recipe that asks for water, instead I use bone broth; baked goods I use coconut water or milk instead of plain water.

Food should be something we celebrate with as a family not fight about!  It should be something that nourishes us: mind, body, and soul!  And that I truly believe.

Thus the pursuit and birth of TASTY TUESDAYS!

I desire to share with anyone who is interested….a few recipes, food thoughts, nutritional tidbits a couple times a month on Tuesdays!  Heck I might even be able to build myself up to doing it every week :)!

I will leave you with my first treat that was a huge hit in my home.  Some may not agree with my ingredient choices.  But again I have to compromise and creating something that will create love and harmony in the home rather than friction and division!



I have been wanting to have a day designated for some of the crazy things I come up with for food for quite sometime!

I have had some really great successes and some really great flops!  But I don’t give up because I love creating stuff everywhere.  Especially in the kitchen.

I see food as a great gateway to many things:

Great Health and Nutrition
Fellowship with Friends
Family Festivities
Faith Growth


What better way to start something new but at the beginning of a month!

Therefore, I am hoping that every Tuesday I will post a recipe I have created and/or adapted/modified from someone else.

I will share with you the inspiration behind the recipe as well as tons of links to some of the foods/ingredients about how that particular item has great benefits for your health and nutrition! (or the opposite why I substitute something because of what it can do to our health).

Which brings me to, I guess, I need to do that whole disclaimer thing that I see so many other bloggers have to post about……I AM NOT A MEDICAL PERSON, I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST,  I HAVE NO CERTIFICATIONS…..PLEASE KNOW THAT THIS INFORMATION IS MY OPINION AND MY LIFE THAT I AM SHARING!!!  Soooooo, consult a profession for any health and medical advice…..blah blah blah…..   I find it sad that we even have to do this.  But I guess it is the world we live in today!

Sneak peak of the recipes I am going to share over the next couple of weeks:


I hope everyone enjoys some of my crazy concoctions as well as my short and sweet Tuesday postings.  ***I know some of you believe I can’t keep it short but I promise I am going to work really hard at keeping Tuesday’s short just for you :)!!!

Hugs and blessings always!
~K 🙂

Warrior Women on Wednesday!

This will be brief….but I am WAY excited that Wellness Mama has started a Podcast!

I love reading her blog.  She gives such great information on how to live a whole foods, natural life for EVERYTHING!!!   

Not just food…but cleaning…..health care….being a mama…beauty…..and soooo much more!

I just had to share my excitement with everyone.   After all as we become more intuned with our true femininity as women we realize we are Warriors as true WOMEN!   And that is what I love about this woman….she is a woman….a mom….a wife….and seems to be so proud of it!!!!   And strives to do everything (at least from what I read) to be true to who she is as a woman, a wife, a mother!

Have a glorious night!
Blessings always,

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