Body Armor…part 2…

I’ve been reflecting a lot about my Monday’s posting about Grapefruit Essential Oil and loving our body.  

Since I have committed to taking Jui Juitsu classes it has meant lots of self care and even more internal, spiritual and emotional growth.

In the past when I did something physical with people, groups, etc… I would find myself comparing my body to others and even to myself.  It would be a mental mantra of: I’m not strong enough, not thin enough, not fast enough, not this, not that.  I would become obsessed with having to be “perfect” physically in order to accomplish the goal at hand.  I also have limited myself in the past of doing something because my mind didn’t feel I was physically “perfect” enough….yet…..

I would go through the mantra of “if only….then…..”…..and it was always about my body.

I now know that it was related very much to my body dysmorphia.

When I decided to commit to Jui-Juitsu classes, not just the videos I’ve been doing for over 6 months, but to actually “roll” with others…..I was excited… still am.   Yet, as the day came upon me to take the class I found myself fearing I would get too sore for my auto-immunity….concerned it would not be what was right for my body….I was giving it some resistance.  So I took it to prayer.

Why Lord am I resisting this change in my life?  A change that I prayed about before and YOU expressed it was right me.  It was time.  It would not hurt me physically anymore than if I didn’t have an autoimmunity issue?  So why am I making excuses to not go?

And God’s response was clear, beautiful, and healing:  Physicality!  Body shame, body judgement, body tension, body disconnect!

I realized through prayer this was my next level of healing from my past that MUST take place!  This next level of healing was through this VERY PHYSICAL art.  It would help me overcome the body shame that had rooted deep within me since the age of 8.  This would give me the opportunity to dig deep to be present and expressive in my body.  And to FINALLY have contentment and balance in my very own skin.

You see with any disorder, disease, dysfunction…..the key is to find the CONNECT… remove the “dis”… leave you with ORDER, EASE, FUNCTION…..HEALING!!!

I found myself gravitating toward Pachouli Essential Oil this last month and I now know why!  It’s the oil of Physicality.  It supports individuals in becoming fully present in their physical body.  It addresses all the negative emotions I listed above and it brings about all the positive support of CONNECTING OUR BODY AND SPIRIT!!!  WOW!!!  This oil was MADE FOR ME!!!

How about you!?

How can you release yourself from shame, judgement, tension, all things related to obsessing about your physical body!?  Sit with this….pray about this…..write about this…..connect and share below with your thoughts, comments, insight!!

Blessings and hugs dear followers….friends….family….

~Kelly  😉

Day 5: Food for Energy

During this 21 day challenge as you are learning how to find our MIND, BODY, SOUL connection of your FAITH, FOOD, FITNESS think about how you connect with your food.

Eat to the point of energy not fullness…not sluggishness…not for punishment.

Eat in celebration of nurturing your body properly.

CPDR:  Cephalic phase digestive response….this is when you truly connect and are in the moment of eating.  Thus eating when truly hungry…being present in your eating experience.  Not running around while eating….not eating to the tv….not eating at the computer…not even eating while reading!  By becoming aware when you eat your able to not only become present to celebrate your experience but you are able to recognize the signal of fullness, satisfaction but you are able to create a more efficient metabolism.

ENS: Enteric Nervous System.  This is the interconnection of your brain to your digestion.   This is when we listen to our gut brain; when our nutritional and metobolic needs are being met.

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