Life Matters…..

As I continue to raise my daughter with an awareness of her amazing sexuality…..who she truly is….how GOD designed her….AND WHY!  I have been really reflecting on the pro-life issues and movement and how much it has changed since I was very involved with many organizations years ago.  It is not that I am not still invovled….just on a smaller scale and more in the back ground…..and more on specific occastions and situations not a weekly involvement. 

Then I realized my daily prayer for life issues is no small token.  It is truly an important part of this fight.  My daily conversations with my daughter about life issues, sexuality, morality, chastity, modesty….it is all another way I am helping on the battlefield of life issues.

I use to have lots of great resources concerning LIFE NEWS…..things that are near and dear to me….the defending of the most innocent…vulnerable…those who are truly unable to defend themselves! 


Then recently I was looking up some information and came across this amazing website.  I love how it REALLY gives you lots of great info.  It is shocking to me how much stuff they are able to dig up about pro-life issues (those for and those against….or should I say those who have less of a respect for life)…..

If this is a matter that is important to you….you may find this site worth subscribing to for updates (check it out here).

Thus I leave you with this thought on Thursday:

Are you fostering and nurturing a life attitude in your heart, your home, your life!?  Or are you skirting the topic because it’s uncomfortable?  Are you spreading a ripple of TRUTH AND LIFE…..or lies and darkness!?

hugs and blessings dear readers…friends…family…
~Kelly 🙂

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