Dear Once Upon a Time…

I am beyond disappointed that you have chosen to succumb to, what I read recently in a article of, “keeping up with the times”.  In the past you were actually supported and given good reviews in some Christian resources. You were considered one of the more family friendly shows.   I have enjoyed the great discussions about good versus evil because of your show with my daughter.

There have been some things I don’t like about your show but for the most part you have a show I felt was going against the grain and actually encouraging values with a back door way of moral and integrity lessons.

But now you have put me in the moral dilemma of having to choose between whether to continue to watch and use it as a platform of discussion of what is wrong with what you are trying to pass as “normal” or I make the decision of saying no to watching your show.  Saying no to your willingness to cave to RELATIVISM.

This is going to disappoint my daughter I am sure, but I can’t watch something that I know in my heart is going to give full frontal exposure to this topic now that you have opened this door.  Thus your willingness to blur the lines of what true love is, Christ-centered love, has left me realizing that the narrow road Christ talks about is not easy but one that must be traveled in order to make a difference…in order to reach my ultimate goal: heaven. 

The LGBT are real human beings who have feelings and emotions.  When I see human beings I don’t see color, race, orientation, I see each of us as sinners striving to live the best life we can to seek Christ.  Thus I can get bashed about this letter but Christ is clear, the BIBLE is clear, how and what we are designed for…..thus our great human challenge is to NOT give in to sin….to avoid our sinfulness to the best of our ability.

I don’t feel you are going to handle this topic in a family friendly way….thus I am sad to say my family will no longer be watching your show.  There are many petitions and groups out there imploring you to please take into consideration that your audience is primarily Christian families….yet you have chosen to still be “apart of this world” rather than live in this world.

I will pray that you have not scandalized impressionable innocent families because of your actions.  I will also pray you decide to come back to what the premise of  the show: Fairy Tales of good versus evil not about what is “politically correct”.

Many blessings and prayers always,

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