Money Matters on Monday

Monday’s are a day I reconcile spending from the weekend, review what shopping needs to take place for the week, any projected costs for the rest of the month…..upcoming months…and so on.

I have mentioned before how I truly don’t care for money.  I have no interest in working for money.  I believe a great deal of our countries financial peril is because of corruption and greed and the love of money.

I LOVE THE BARTER SYSTEM!!!  I love the idea of helping someone out and we exchange favors services, goods.  Here is a good example….a few years back I had a friend who needed my help watching her child once or twice a week.  Instead of paying me, which I didn’t want pay, she decided to always buy twice as much with the co-op that came every 2 weeks and she “payed” me with fresh produce.  I loved it.  It was a perfect agreement.  I had a “service” she needed, she had a “goods” I needed.  It worked lovely.  It was mutually agreed upon therefore no one felt slighted.

I grew up actually with probably half of my fathers business transactions taking place that way.  Now some may say that is foolish, but I believe it creates community.  It creates respect and understanding of each others gifts and talents and services available.  Thus not taking each other for granted.

So follow me here for a moment I am going to seem like I am going in a different direction but really I am not :)…..

I have been spinning in my head for awhile about doing different little gatherings to share about raising daughters.  Helping teach our daughters about self love, nutrition, care of mind body soul, and so much more.  I want it to be a service, a ministry, a sharing…..

There have been podcasts I have listened to in the past swim in my head, conversations I have had with friends of past and even present swim in my head.  Conversations and topics like a person will value and implement what they receive when they have something “invested”.  In order for talents and works to spread past a certain degree there comes a time when a person must realize it is okay to receive pay for services in order for them to reach even more people.

Thus this morning I woke up thinking of the bible scripture Matthew 25:14-30…..the man who buried his talents.  I have always thought of myself as the one who was given some and was willing to invest and prosper with my “talents”, my money.  I was the child who at 10 years old would get birthday money and would take it straight to the bank and purchase a savings bond.

Yet here of recent I haven’t wanted to value my “talents” enough to say hmm maybe I should be willing to ask for a “love offering”  or even think of a way to develop my talents into something that would truly create in “interest” in the “bank”.

I see that bible scripture as a two fold meaning.   We can interpret the conversation to be about money or about our gifts.  And it has merit and pause in both subjects.  After all shouldn’t we all be pursuing careers, jobs, vocations, in an area we have a talent, a gift?   Therefore we should not feel uncomfortable for being “rewarded”, payed, “gifted”, compensated for our gifts, talents, services… long as it is a mutual respect and properly weighed exchange.  Basically those giving and those receiving it is a fair and just “trade”.

Thus today as I go over the numbers of our budget and as I continue to think about sharing different gifts with others…..I will reflect if I am truly being like the first or second man in the bible story or is there a possibility I am being like the third.  And if there is anyway I am being like the third….I must reflect why?  Pride? Fear? Vanity?  What vice could be holding me back to not shine the way God desires me to shine and share the abundance of His kingdom!!!

How do you view money in your life?
How do you share your gifts and talents?
How are you prospering for the KINGDOM OF GOD!!!???

Have a gloriously blessed day!

PS…today’s picture is of a cookbook that I find near and dear!  I love Wellness Mama!  Here is a warrior woman who set out to change the health history for her children.  She didn’t want them to become one the statistics of children being prone to disease and illness.   Her cookbook is beyond easy to follow and amazing recipes and her blog is one of the most amazing ones to follow.  Here is a wonderful example of a woman using her gifts and talents to improve the health of her family as well as those around her.  And by figuring out how to make a business of it while raising and nurturing her family she is not only able to provide for her family but also get her message out in an even broader sense than she probably ever dreamed of.  She is truly a modern day hero in my eyes!!

Monday’s Money Matters….

I was recently visiting with a friend about blogging for money.  I loved hearing all her excitement….all her research….all her passion.  I was truly excited for her.  And for a very brief moment I found myself thinking how to turn my blogging into an opportunity to make a bit of money.

But I realized…

I don’t care about money…..

This statement may sound weird to probably 99% people who live and breath….but I truly don’t care about money.

Now this doesn’t mean I don’t see its value.
This doesn’t mean I don’t try to be responsible and budget diligently for our family.
It doesn’t mean I don’t make sure and save and make plans for our future or for emergencies or vacations.

What it does mean for me is….I don’t feel the need to make money.

 Some may say well it is easy for me to say that because I have a husband who brings in the money.  But really it wouldn’t matter if I was married or not.  And being married with a child, me bringing in an income would probably make our life a heck of a lot easier.

Yet….I know my life is my service to God….my family….my friends….those I come in contact with.

I have had jobs in the past… some short term…some a bit longer….but the “job” I have always felt the most rewarded from is being wife, mother, servant, giver….

I have had friends who have wanted me to pursue different things….or have suggested I take some of my gifts and talents and turn it into an income.  I get thoughts stirring for a moment….but then I realize I just really don’t have any interest in making money.  I probably would love the years of past old world ways of trade and barter…doing something for someone for something…..

Maybe the big reason is I see the tremendous value of being wife, mother, teacher to/for my family.  And one day when my daughter is out of the house….maybe I will feel the drive or the desire to pursue an “empty-nest” career,..job…

One thing I do know is I truly believe we MUST live the life that gives us joy, fulfillment, love, laughter, and requires service, sacrifice, and selflessness….regardless of pay…


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