Moms Night Out

Last night I re-watched MOMS NIGHT OUT with the family.   I love love love this movie.  It resonates so deeply within!

I love when the character Bones tells the main mom “Don’t you mean are you enough for you?!”….and he reminds her she is.   
Do you ever just feel so tired and worn out that you allow yourself to question everything?!
Today I’m just not being very good at being social…lol!   I feel bad because I have my wonderful loving parents visiting and they are very social.  Me, I’m their introverted daughter who has been around people pretty non-stop since Thanksgiving.   Add to it my adrenal and thyroid health has taken a hit this week. 
And unfortunately we had a dinner out that had a bunch of added sugar that is wreaking havoc on my system.    I can’t always know what restaurant is going to having something that is clean or not.  It made me feel awful especially since one of my resolutions is no sugars.   I know this wasn’t intentional but it still messes with the body non-the-less.  
 BUT…I know this too shall pass!  Why? How? Because I turn to the serenity prayer and I remember all the amazing joy I DO have within  me!
So with that I am going to actually call it a night so I can get the much needed rest my mind body and soul need and I KNOW it will make all the difference!
I am smiling as I think about what joy I receive from just writing.  And watching my sweet family enjoying watching the movie IN AND OUT.    I love this movie too because it reminds us that sadness isn’t always bad…it can help us have greater meaning to our other emotions.   It is tempting to stay up!  But I know I must get the much needed sleep.
Thus….good night…sweet dreams…and many blessings to you all!!
Kelly 🙂   

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