Life Matters…..

As I continue to raise my daughter with an awareness of her amazing sexuality…..who she truly is….how GOD designed her….AND WHY!  I have been really reflecting on the pro-life issues and movement and how much it has changed since I was very involved with many organizations years ago.  It is not that I am not still invovled….just on a smaller scale and more in the back ground…..and more on specific occastions and situations not a weekly involvement. 

Then I realized my daily prayer for life issues is no small token.  It is truly an important part of this fight.  My daily conversations with my daughter about life issues, sexuality, morality, chastity, modesty….it is all another way I am helping on the battlefield of life issues.

I use to have lots of great resources concerning LIFE NEWS…..things that are near and dear to me….the defending of the most innocent…vulnerable…those who are truly unable to defend themselves! 


Then recently I was looking up some information and came across this amazing website.  I love how it REALLY gives you lots of great info.  It is shocking to me how much stuff they are able to dig up about pro-life issues (those for and those against….or should I say those who have less of a respect for life)…..

If this is a matter that is important to you….you may find this site worth subscribing to for updates (check it out here).

Thus I leave you with this thought on Thursday:

Are you fostering and nurturing a life attitude in your heart, your home, your life!?  Or are you skirting the topic because it’s uncomfortable?  Are you spreading a ripple of TRUTH AND LIFE…..or lies and darkness!?

hugs and blessings dear readers…friends…family…
~Kelly 🙂

Shame on September edition of Shape Magazine

This month when I received my Shape magazine I was appalled at the cover.   So much so that I didn’t even want to scandalize anyone further by taking a picture of the actual cover with out all my “cover ups” that I strategically placed.   
I was already on the fence with keeping it because of the pictures….I’m not sure how they are related to health and fitness but my subscription was free so hey why not try and see if things had changed.  
Well needless to say they hadn’t.  And if anything in the last 10 years they have gotten worse.  So below is what I wrote to them….

First letter draft to magazine:

I wanted to take a moment to explain why I cancelled my subscription.  I was beyond disappointed in the September Cover picture. I am not sure how this photo builds us up as women.  It further objectifies us rather than remembering we are human beings.  Your magazine is suppose to be about fitness and health. This cover doesn’t advertise fitness and health.  It looks more like soft porn.  And that makes me sad and frustrated.  In a world and culture where women are continually being exploited and abused I would think you would want women to be respected and built up.  I was hesitant to even get your magazine because the models are usually scantily dressed but since it was a free offer with a DVD I had received, I thought I would give it a try.  I am sadly disappointed.  Please consider there are impressionable young girls and ladies reading your magazines.  Do you want to empower them or tear them down?  Do you want build them up or do you want them to further believe the cultures lies that they are an object to be oogled at by men and women?!  And to further create havoc within their self esteem to sit and compare and judge themselves and the models.  Now how is that helping them learn to love themselves and to nurture themselves with healthy nutrition and movement?  I hope your magazine chooses to one day take the more narrow path of true health and wellness for girls and women and not succumb to the culture of eye-candy.
Respectfully and prayerfully,
Kelly Frick
***Well unfortunately the above letter was over their word requirement.  So after many many many edits and cuts this is want I was able to finally submit:

I cancelled my subscription. I was beyond disappointed in the Sept. Cover pic. It further objectifies us. This cover doesn’t advertise fitness & health.  It looks more like soft porn.  In a world and culture where women are continually being exploited & abused I would think you would want women to be respected & built up. There are impressionable young girls & ladies reading your magazine. Do you want to empower them or do you want them to further believe the cultures lies that they are an object to be ogled at by men & women?! Further create havoc within their self esteem. How is that helping them learn to love themselves, to nurture themselves with healthy nutrition & movement?  I hope your magazine chooses to one day take the more narrow path of true health & wellness for girls & women. Not succumb to the culture of eye-candy.
Respectfully and prayerfully,

Kelly Frick
***So women!!! Please be vocal about billboards, advertisements, magazines, anything…that objectifies us.  And please don’t become desensitized to think this is just part of the norm…changing of time….etc…no!!!! It’s further stripping is from our dignity!  Forgetting we are human beings… not doers…we are subjects…not objects….we are beautifully made…not billboards to be displayed!!!
I love us as women too much to stand by silently and think it is ok…please don’t accept this as okay!   
Love yourself as Christ loves you….with dignity….mercy…grace…beauty!

Dynamic Daughters: Parenting on Purpose


Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

This podcast/website is a powerful 15 minutes to gain confidence and encouragement in raising kiddos.

What is even more exciting is that there is a week long, 5 episodes, that are dedicated specifically to raising daughters.

Here is a summary of the 5, 15 minute, segments:

1.  The difference from raising boys.
2.  Modesty
3.  The power of words.
4.  The role of Dads
5.  The gift of Time.

There is truly nothing more I need to say with this posting.  These podcasts will truly speak for themselves.  Strengthen your armor this week by listening to one a day as you are driving to work, going for a walk, or relaxing in a bath!


Many blessings, hugs, and prayers always…
~Kelly 🙂

Dynamic Daughters: Brain Gut

Proverbs 31: 10, 22, 25, 30

“Who shall find a valiant woman?
Far and from the uttermost coasts is the price of her…
She hath made for herself clothing of tapestry: fine linen, and purple is her covering….
Strength and beauty are her clothing, and she shall laugh in the latter day….
Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: the woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.”

I  remember the first time I ever truly felt uncomfortable around a man/boy… I realized we (men and women) are different and view life different.

I was 10 years old.  I was at a friends house.  A bunch of us were getting ready to go swimming in the back yard “pool”.   Many of us had bathing suits that needed assistance and help with ties, straps, etc.  This young lady had an older brother who was a teen, who was more than willing to help all of us girls.  I recall as he was tying my straps in the back getting this “icky” feeling down the spine of my back.  I remember thinking, “it shouldn’t be taking so long to tie a loop”.

Moms:  pay attention to those feelings….don’t dismiss your “gut” feeling when someone looks at you…looks at your daughter….in anyway other than true pureness.  In Asian culture the gut is considered the second brain.

It is so easy to dismiss it as “well it’s the times we live in”….but that’s not good enough for me!

 I refuse to allow “the times” to numb my daughter from right and wrong…

I refuse to not armor her to understand when you get the prickly, gut feeling, go with it….even if it means going against the grain.

I refuse to not teach her to understand we as women do have a responsibility to understand men and women think differently and it IS our responsibility as women to be sensitive to not cause the occasion of sinful thoughts into a man/boy.  BUT on the same note we DO NOT ALLOW a man/boy rob us of our dignity and our innocence.  

This is why I loved reading Dressing with Dignity!  It gave me me so much to read and understand about:

* The forces behind the 20th century revolution in women’s fashion
* Amazing statements from Popes.
* How to choose modest, yet fun attire.
* How to talk to your teen about the beauty of our femininity.
* How to inspire men to step up and be that knight in shining armor.

***If you want to learn more about gut brain and Dressing with Dignity…make sure and click the links above….

And if you want to read more on what I wrote about this book from a previous post check out:



hugs, prayers, and lots of blessings,
~Kelly 😉

Day 2: What is the Picture of Health?

As I was listening and watching a webinar about the psychology of food, it struck me with sadness in the statistic that over 90% of women have at least one negative thought about their body each day.

This is not including those women with serious eating disorders.  This is your average person struggling to have a healthy outlook of self.


Here are my thoughts….

The media.

The deteriation of modesty.

The deteriation of faith/morality.

The deteriation of human dignity.

The deteriation of right and wrong.

What is a woman…a girl…to do when they are bombarded with billboards and ads telling them all the time what they “should” look like?!

IGNORE IT!!!  I am soooooo serious.  No, it is not easy but you must find a motto, a bible verse, a saying that is YOURS…that brings you back to your center everytime a whisper of a negative thought pops into your head!

Tell that thought to GO AWAY!!!  Then lean on God…..remember the verse you picked and say it, pray it, write it….instill it….breath it!!!

Have you written in your journal today?

What verse are you going to focus on to give you strength?

Final thought….

The best way to armor yourself from negative thoughts is the moment you wake in the morning….say THANK YOU GOD FOR LOVING ME….THANK YOU GOD FOR GIVING ME AN AMAZING LIFE….THANK YOU GOD FOR ME!!!

Then commit your first hour of your day to your Faith, your fitness, and your relationship to food….and how you are going to have fun that day!

Femininity on Friday (part 2)

I came across a very interesting study about how men look at women when they are wearing pants versus a skirt.  It was startling and slightly disturbing to me.

Does this mean I am going to give up my pants?  Probably not entirely.  But I do know I have been enjoying wearing skirts, dresses, smock/tunic long shirts with pants or leggings much more.

Thus, it has me continuing this pursuit of learning how we as women can make a change, to recapture our Femininity on Friday, and everyday of the week! 🙂

When I was reading Dressing with Dignity, a reference was made to this study of how when a man views a woman in pants, because of how their brains are wired, they follow straight lines.  Therefore, when women wear pants mens eyes follow the leg up to the crotch or buttocks.  Why is this a big deal?  Because, again since their minds are wired different than ours, they have a harder time controlling their thoughts and keeping them pure.

We, as women, are responsible for the near occasion of sin when we don’t guard and cover our most intimate parts better.

Just like our “privates” are meant meant to be personal, private, between you, God, and your spouse….there are other parts of our body that still don’t need to be “showed off” or accentuated in a such a way that it causes others to think about those private intimate spots.

It is hard to not want to look cute, attractive, and “sexy” (I really don’t like that last word!)  Especially, when a person has worked really hard to lose a bunch of weight or has reached some serious physical goals.  After all who doesn’t want to show off all their hard work of having a ripped six pack in a bikini.  Or defined shoulder caps from hard work of push ups and pull ups.  But, when we feel the need to “show off” who are we trying to glorify?

Aren’t we a temple of the Holy Spirit?  Thus shouldn’t we want to only impress God?  Some may say:  What’s the point in losing weight or setting physical goals if I’m not going to show it off?

The point…

When we set goals , when we are passionate about something, that is the vehicle God is using to achieve His goals through us.  He may see our love for a sport.  He, then, gives us the opportunity to become disciplined, set schedules, to do things to accomplish these goals.  All along the way we are learning and developing set skills for other tasks He may want us to do in the future.

HE SEES THE SIX PACK!  He knows how hard you worked to get them.  He knows it required discipline, sacrifice, diligence, perseverance, etc…to reach your set goal.

HE IS going to reward you! As well as challenge you in other areas of your life to utilize these new set skills, disciplines you learned along the way to obtain a personal goal.

Back to our bikini….or leggings….or spandex…

Who’s attention are we trying to catch?

What is our purpose for wearing something?

Do we really have the right to get mad if a man looks us up and down in a lustful way at the grocery store if we are weary just leggings, tank tops, and flip flops?

Can we kneel in prayer without wondering if the skirt is covering enough of our backside to not get caught on the pew bench and really cause a scene?

Do we really feel good about ourselves if we are walking around half naked and self conscience?

Are we self conscience that others are looking at us in a not so holy manner?

Are we conscience that our undergarments may be showing, showing through, creating lines, etc?

Are we conscientious enough to be aware that other women may not be thinking loving, sisterly thoughts toward us?

What about ourselves?  are we becoming self-conscious enough to not want to be compared to or to compare ourselves to the women around us?!

Society has done a terrible injustice for us women.  AND WE HAVE NOT HELPED IN THIS INJUSTICE.

We must fight to get our femininity back.

Forget about societies influence for just a moment, I wonder sometimes about our own internal struggles.

How many of us women have life experiences that have contributed to our lack of self love, self awareness, lack of knowledge of our true femininity?

How many of us were:
….not taught dignity of dress…
…witnessed other women in our life use their sexuallity as a bartering chip…
…experienced the extreme prudish attitude toward our true sexuality….
…were sexually abused….molested, raped, sexually scared in one way or another…

Therefore, breaking down our lack of self worth to lead us to think we are not worthy.  Does this contribute to the attitude we don’t deserve respect because we are not respectable?

These can and do contribute to our choices in fashion and our attire choices.


Add societies definition of normal and no wonder why we feel bombarded, overwhelmed and want to throw up our hands in defeat.



No matter the circumstances that have lead us to make the choices we have with our attire, we can change it today.

God will smile and cheer us on for our efforts and hard work!

Our souls will grow and expand.

In return:  your self worth and self love will grow!

Then you can look in the mirror or down at your 6 pack abs with a glimmer and a twinkle in your eye; saying to yourself, “I have a secret only God knows” (and if married, your spouse) and that is just fun!

Stay faithful to our Amazing Lord in all things…even fashion!

Blessings and prayers as always to each and everyone of you as we continue to pursue this amazing life to live full, whole lives: mind, body and soul!

~K 🙂

Friday’s Forgiveness: Broken…Mirrors…Shattered…Image…

My miscarriage three years ago…

Was the beginning of God doing  amazing work on me as a woman.  He was peeling the next level of my onion to grow deeper and more in love with Him.

It hasn’t been easy. The road has been rough. I have learned much and have gained great amazing strength and even greater joy and love for it…that I can’t help but say…

I am able to see how the last three years He has worked in my life.  Having me heal through other past pains.  the biggest thing He taught me from this is to forgive.  Not just others and  situations, but… MYSELF.

I’ve talked and shared how we need to love ourselves but sometimes the reason we’re not loving ourselves is it because we haven’t forgiven ourselves for something.  There are times the forgiveness is legit but sometimes it is us being too hard on ourselves or holding ourselves to a standard or unrealistic expectation.  And sometimes it is because we have many things and messages telling us we are not worthy or not measuring up. These messages are all jumbled up in our minds and souls.

FORGIVENESS…it is beautiful.  FREEING….and painful!  It means I have to admit I am not perfect.

forgiveness to me means realizing it is not my fault I have experienced dark circumstances in my life.
forgiveness means it is not my fault I had a miscarriage.
forgiveness means it is not my fault I have had infertility issues and hormonal problems for over 20 years.
forgiveness means it is not my fault all my health and infertility issues lead me to my hysterectomy 2 years ago.
forgiveness means my lack of fertility or inability to bear any more children does not mean I am any less of a woman.
Forgiveness means I can realize I am still feminine.

Forgiveness means realizing if Christ sacrificed on the cross for me and my sins who am I to be so arrogant to not forgive myself.

Thus I reflect, repent, release.

It is interesting because I recently realized last summers obsession with running and challenging myself physically was probably related to my still mourning the loss of my fertility.  The feeling I am less of a woman because of the hysterectomy.

Thus by breaking down my body and pushing it to extremes was some sort of unconscious punishment and or avoidance of my feelings.

But now….and reflecting on this beautiful GOOD FRIDAY…

 I say:  GOODBYE to any and all unforgiveness!
And HELLO to my Redeemer and all the experiences and the growth I gain.

Why is all of this important!?

I firmly believe our feelings, femininity, fashion, and faith are all intertwined and the more we as women are able to acknowledge and grow in our faith….the more we are able to respect our femininity; which leads us to be aware of fashion/modesty.  Thus respecting and loving ourselves even more.

Forgiving ourselves allows us to remember we are a child of God.
we are valuable!
we are NOT an object to be oogled over.

Again I ask…
Why is all this important?  Even relevant or related?

Because the more we are willing to always grow…learn…love….the greater example we can be to our daughters….the women in our lives…the women who see us from afar!

I love the 2 most recent interviews I’ve listened to on some podcasts.  The host on one was giving great advice and mentioned how he shares what he does not just for the listeners to learn but for himself.  Because life is continual learning.  That just because we may know something doesn’t mean we don’t still fall victim to some of what we may struggle with from time to time.

And in another interview this woman gives some great advice about loving oneself for who we are right now.  And how she even still struggles with it from time to time especially when she puts stresses on herself.

Thus that sums up my glorious journey  (most recently anyways!)

When I lost Sam 3 years ago something got broken inside of me.
I didn’t give up on God.
I didn’t stop loving Him.
I didn’t blame Him.
Instead I transfered all that to myself.

The previous year I had learned new amazing things about my health and was feeling my best through whole food eating.  And years before that I had learned to love myself no matter what!   My mental state of mind was in excellent shape! Thus when my physical health became even better it was just icing on the cake to me.

Then I lose Sam.  I felt like the last 18 years of spiritual, mental, and physical growth in confidence, in love was shattered.
I blamed myself.
I felt unlovable.
And my self-worth felt shot.
I wanted to say the heck with all this hard work of having a healthy love of self: mind, body, and soul.

Instead, I found the last 3 years made me grow even more in love with God.

Year one was about my faith.  Truly finding joy in all circumstances.  Faith to grow with others and share my life in an open book way; a way I have never really been comfortable to do in the past.

Year two was about hope.  My hope to do right by God as the decision was made to have the hysterectomy.  Hope to not feel like a failure.  Hope to heal.

Year three was about LOVE.
Rediscovering a true and even deeper love of self through and for God. A deeper love for life. A deeper love for my God.

Love so full…
so encompassing…
so passionate…
so surrounding…
that it is intoxicating…
It is complete…
 it is…
 love: agape.

Ah….GOOD FRIDAY….today when I hear the Dela Rosa….when I walk up the aisle to kiss the cross, I will FEEL….I will know this is the kind of love Jesus was asking of from Peter when he questioned him three times.  This is a full kind of love…a full, encompassing kind of love!

I not only feel his forgiveness, I believe it, I live it!

I pray you, too, can walk to the cross with head held high, full of forgiveness and love for self.



My love and prayers for each and everyone of you….known, unknown!

You are ALL beautiful, amazing creatures made in the likeness and image of HIM!

~K 🙂

Fashion on Friday

I finished reading this fabulous book that has truly convicted me about fashion…attire…clothing for women…for girls…for even men and boys!

This is my conclusion:  I thought I knew and understood DRESSING WITH DIGNITY but this book convicted me to take it up a notch.

I discovered some amazing things about how the fashion industry has been influenced over the years.  I learned the true evil that is underlined with intent to strip us women from our dignity….our true femininity.  You may find my use of evil as strong but when I read things like:

“Religion does not fear the daggers point; but it can vanish under corruption.  Let us not grow tired of corruption; we may use a pretext, such as sport, hygiene, health resorts. It is necessary to corrupt, that our boys and girls practice nudism in dress.  To avoid too much reaction, one would have to progress in a methodical manner:  first undress up to the elbow; then up to the knees; then arms and legs completely uncovered; later, the upper part of the chest, the shoulders, etc. etc.”

This was taken from a Freemason publication!  I’m not lying! Colleen Hammond has it quoted and referenced in her book. 
When I read this in DRESSING WITH DIGNITY, by Colleen Hammond, it had me really thinking and reflecting on everything.  How so many things are entwined, related, connected….
Things we may not even think about….
And it further convicted me to continue to battle for my dynamic daughters virtue….her morality….
I will continue to build her armor.  I will continue to help and guide her toward Godly choices, even if it may feel like she is swimming against the stream.
God calls us to live in this world but to not be of this world.
I have so much I have been writing down about this topic recently that I look forward to sharing even more with you all over the next couple of months.

So as I head into holy week I will live this thought I posted on Facebook from a private group I am apart of called Fitness~Food~Faith:

“Unsettle ME!”
I love this simple prayer from day one of the Made to Crave devotional! 
This prayer is about more than food! It is about asking God to help you make changes in any and all areas of your life that need tweaking!
You know what is even greater?! 
The Joyce Meyer devotional: TRUSTING GOD….today’s specific bible reflection is:

Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong, courageous, and firm,
Fear not nor be in terror before them,
for it is the Lord, you God who goes with you;
HE WILL NOT FAIL YOU OR FORSAKE YOU!!! (ok I took liberty with the bold  )
….but isn’t that perfect….when we are asking God to help us make changes…to help us be strong or bold….to do something that may be uncomfortable or even foreign to us…..HE is not saying we have to do it alone….HE IS SAYING TRUST HIM! HE IS THERE WITH US!
Let’s enter into Holy Week with boldness….with conviction….with change!
…change of heart,
…change of mind,
….change of spirit!


Please share with me your thoughts!  I love to hear other points of views, insights, encouragement.

We are all in this big world together….as a tribe…as a family…and we need to help each other grow in our faith…whether it is growth in:
five minutes…


Okay so I enjoy using words that start with F….I can’t help it….FrickWrites is full of fun play on words!

Have a glorious day!

Blessings always,
~K 🙂

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