Muscle Testing & Modesty

My week has been blessed and full.  So much so that I just wasn’t able to get a post out on Wednesday like I had desired…but this morning I realized why…..because I wouldn’t have been inspired to write THIS post if yesterday wouldn’t have taken place!

I was visiting yesterday with some dear friends, team members, about muscle testing.  How to trust yourself with it….how as we gain confidence in this modality we gain confidence in the answers our body, our energy, gives us.

Now some Christians may be saying right now…wait a minute Kelly that’s not from God…..but I say….how is it not!?

God created us….thus the energy within us is from Him.  When we turn to Him for guidance then why wouldn’t He use any means possible to speak to us….including our energy.  I think where it goes wrong is when (with any modality) we don’t turn our respect and honor to GOD first.  When we try to think we are going to get the answers on our own.  For example when I muscle test my first couple questions are usually “Lord should I take….”   or “Lord do I need…..”  therefore it reminds me my other questions throughout the day are actually turning to HIM to give me guidance and to TRUST my INNER VOICE because that is HIM speaking through me…in me….for me!   Therefore the more confidence I have in myself then the more I have trust in HIM and truly visa versa!

What does this have to do with modesty!?  I muscle tested what I should blog about today….at this moment…and He told me both….modesty and muscle-testing….then it hit me….or should I say the Holy Spirit enlightened me of how and why!

The more we trust God to guide us in our choices of our path….then something as simple as when we get dressed will guide us on a path of Godliness thus modesty.

I just finished a fabulous book I want to share with so many young girls about modesty (I will be sharing more about this book at a later day).  One of the chapters talks about the heart of modesty.  This is the thing….when we seek God to lead us and guide us…..then our heart….our spirit….our energy….will let us know what is Godly and what is not in our dress…in our closet.

I have taken to the practice to ask myself each morning, to muscle test, what I should wear each day.  I just recently cleaned out all my clothing with a dear friend, but I realized I am going to go over it one more time and muscle test each article and ask myself “should I keep this”, “Is this modest enough for me…”  questions like that….and “Lord will this cause a man or woman to sin.”

Muscle testing is a beautiful gift from God….don’t let evil or fear rob you of this gift….this gift that was created by God but hijacked from entities that don’t seek God’s glory.

Modesty is a beautiful gift from God….don’t let this world or laziness rob you of this gift….this gift that was created for you to walk with dignity and honor our true sexuality.

What do you think about muscle-testing?  Have you tried it?  How do you think it can strengthen your modesty or any other faith walk!?  Take a moment to sit with this….pray about this….write about this….

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers….family…friends….

~Kelly 🙂 xox

Open My Eyes Lord!

Last week I spent so much time reflecting on modesty it found me looking too much at what others wear.

I found myself wanting to judge…to think things like…”don’t they understand the message they are sending?”…or….”I know she knows what she’s wearing is drawing attention to her exterior!”…
And then the crappy feelings of….comparing!   
Terrible self condemning thoughts like….”ugh….if only I was 5 inches taller!”….or “why do I have to be so muscular, why can’t I be waif like…”
And then God HIT me on the head and said…”you have more healing to do!  You have come soooo far but you need to dig deeper!!!!!” He also reminded me judgment is not for me but for Him.   I am to share His truth and then love those as His son loved us!!
I love HIM for that! Because HE is right I DO need to dig deeper.   
I KNOW I AM AMAZING so why do I allow the devil to needle me in little ways?!
I am not quite sure but I plan on really reflecting and breaking free from the bondage.   From the family legacy of not being kind enough to myself. 
I am going to really reflect and spend some serious prayer with a sermon I heard the other week on Thursday at a noon mass. 
This simple amazing priest shared how we as a society spend so much time worrying about our physical, outside appearance, that we forget that our body is not what goes to heaven!  
Our body stays here on earth…in the ground! 
We must remember perspective.  We need to remember purpose.   We need to strip away vanity and pride. 
Thus really why should we care if we are heavier than we would like.   Should we be prudent with caring for our physical body..YES! But it should not take focus…it should not become a vanity….because my soul is what is the most important.  My soul is what hopefully will go to heaven.  It is my soul that He  cares about thus I MUST not put more focus on my physical appearance than what is necessary.    And I most definitely must not judge.   BUT I CAN pray for forgiveness of not loving myself properly.  And I can pray for forgiveness for judging.  And I CAN PRAY that those who I might find myself judging to open their eyes to Gods beautiful plan for our human sexuality and how our modesty plays such an important role!   And then I can let it go and walk with love, grace, and mercy!
These are my humble, raw, real thoughts that I wrote in my journal …many blessings my dear readers…friends….family…
~Kelly 🙂

Sharing on Sunday….

This week I have spent sharing about MODESTY.

I am going to keep it short today because my desire is if you haven’t had the chance yet to read this weeks postings you will be able to take the time today…..and if you haven’t had the chance to watch any of the YOUTUBE videos I linked…please do so!

We have the opportunity  to make a change…to create an awareness….to learn and share of what modesty is truly all about.

Let’s learn to be a bit more humble…to experience shame in our clothing….not shame in a condemning sort of way but shame in that when we see too much skin showing we blush….we become embarrassed…..not desensitized to what societies standards are for our sexuality….our dignity…our modesty.

Many hugs and blessings dear readers…family…friends….
~Kelly 🙂

Skin and Summer…

I recently was visiting with my daughter more about our modesty. How with summer here it is hard to not want to wear less because we are hot.  We also visited about the video I posted earlier this week about what boys see….and how they struggle…..and to understand our responsibility as women.  She is so grown up because she TOTALLY GOT IT…..

But…how does a bathing suit fit into all of this because it’s summer and swim wear is about as immodest as we can get.

I loved this 10 minute YOUTUBE.  This young lady gives the history of the bikini and some solutions she has come up with.

BUT FOR ME….I have realized I understand now why I have never enjoyed swimming….why I have never felt comfortable at pools….WE ARE WALKING AROUND NAKED.  It doesn’t matter how modest our suits are I feel exactly like what the gentleman said in the WHAT GUYS THINK ABOUT MODESTY.….I feel a huge responsibility of not causing men to sin.

What do you plan on doing this summer about your suit!? Your skin!? Your sexuality!?

Blessings and hugs dear readers….family…friends….
~Kelly 😉 

Eye Contact

As I was weeding out a few more things yesterday it reminded me about how much I really like it when a man gives me eye contact and I don’t feel his eyes looking me up and down.

What I wear WILL/DOES help that…..WILL/DOES IMPACT his reaction.

Flowing….looser….comfortable clothes not only allows a person to feel comfortable and not feel like a “stuffed sausage” but they allow you to look and feel more feminine….thus walking and treating yourself with more femininity and grace.

It always feels so refreshing to encounter a man at church, in the store, walking through a parking lot and know he has given me eye contact!  

The challenge men have is to stay with the eye contact.  Thus does the eye scan take place before the eye contact or after the eye contact….OR DO THEY MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT WITH NO SCAN!  That takes discipline….AND IT TAKES US WOMEN TO DO OUR PART!

I don’t think women really like the scan….they may say they do….but how can they truly like being looked at as an object….something to be conquered…something to be had.

I personally would rather know a man enjoys my company because of my mind….because of my feminine perspective….my desire to help and serve….AND I MOST DEFINITELY ENJOY RECEIVING A HUG KNOWING THERE IS NO SEXUAL INTENTION OR FEEL UP BEHIND IT. 

Even from my husband!  I enjoy knowing that when my husband hugs me it is because he values ME….OUR RELATIONSHIP….not what he can get from me.

When you get dressed today set a goal of EYE CONTACT….not body scan…..and experience the amazing freedom of TRUE FEMININITY AND POWER!

Many hugs and prayers dear readers…family…friends….
~Kelly 🙂

My Wardrobe

Obviously I am on a theme this week….it didn’t start out that way….BUT since I have shared with you my love of research…..and SINCE studying and researching more about MODESTY right now as I work on putting together a MODESTY PROGRAM for 12-15 year olds…..well MODESTY IS ON THE BRAIN….

I have been evaluating my wardrobe again….

When we study the bible….each time we learn something we are then held to that knowledge.

When we peel an onion there is always another layer….

Thus as I read about modesty…..and figure out how I want to share things with these young ladies….I realize I still have some work to do on my wardrobe….I am not being hard on myself….I’m not saying I have anything overtly immodest….BUT WE CAN ALWAYS MAKE IMPROVEMENTS….in all things….life is about growth and learning!

Therefore today I am going to really look at each piece of clothing and ask myself:


I will ask:


I will ask:


This will be my focus today!?

What about you!?

Hugs and blessings dear readers…family…friends…..
~Kelly 🙂

Warrior Women

Why did I write yesterday’s letter?!

I have been so disheartened to see some amazing young ladies…some I know some I don’t….who are posting pictures of themselves in close to to nothing….short shorts….or bathing suits…..midrifts….etc….

I know many are going to say I am being a prude….or what is wrong with me…why am I judging!?

This is the thing….like I said yesterday….there IS NO JUDGEMENT….it is about wanting women/girls to understand how important it is for us all to truly start making an effort go against the grain of society.

I am not innocent in any of this…..I remember when I was in high school wearing things too tight to make myself feel better about myself…instead it just attracted the wrong attention.

I remember being in the military and not always carrying myself with the respect I should have been.

I am sad to say even 3 years ago when my thyroid condition had switched into HYPERTHYROID which means my thyroid hormones were burning too fast…too hot….thus making me fall below a healthy weight for me.  At first I resisted the temptation of becoming vain…but then I found myself picking dresses that were too clingy.  I wasn’t picking baggy pants like I usually like….I was choosing more “skinny jean” look…..I was willing to walk around with running pants with a long tunic…with the false modesty that I was covering myself because of the tunic.

THANK GOD that phase lasted for a very short period….fortunately my health was starting to crash in other ways that helped me refocus and remember what GOD created me for.

So you see….I am not just talking to women as if I don’t understand the pressures…or vanities….or pride to “show off” any hard work, or just to not care…..





That means avoid situations that set me up to feel like I should cave to what “everyone else is doing”….I must surround myself with like minded friends to not put myself in the situation of feeling like we can’t bond and learn more about our Lord….and finally I MUST lovingly share the truth with others!

What does your closet say about you!?

Many hugs and blessings dear readers….family…friends…
~Kelly 😉

Dear Ladies…Girls…Women…

Today I want to share with you how very precious you are….how beautiful you are JUST AS YOU!  

You don’t need to show off all your great success of losing weight by wearing less. 
You don’t need to take pictures of yourself to post it on Facebook showing even less of yourself to “show” how wonderful whatever helped you shift your lifestyle to making healthier choices.

Here is the thing….I AM NOT JUDGING YOU….I LOVE YOU.…I love you each enough to help you understand….YOU ARE PRECIOUS….I desire for you to not be looked at and undressed in the mind of men and women alike. 

The difference is when men are undressing you in their minds you are becoming an object in their mind…it is truly a scientific thing in their mind that they cannot control.  And the women who are looking you up and down are either comparing themselves,  judging you, and who knows what…the point being is it is not creating the nurturing nature of women being able to bond together and support each other.

So ladies, girls, women….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE love yourself to look in the mirror and ask yourself….truly ask yourself:  WHAT MESSAGE AM I TRYING TO EXPRESS WITH THIS OUTFIT!?

I pray you read yesterdays posting and watch the YouTube video of WHAT GUYS THING ABOUT MODESTY!

Please understand MODESTY is not holding you back….instead it is elevating you up…creating true FREEDOM!!!

Ladies….girls…women I say all this because I LOVE YOU….I want you to know I UNDERSTAND wanting people to see all your hard work….BUT WHO DID YOU GET HEALTHY FOR?!  WHO DID YOU LOSE WEIGHT FOR?!  I pray it was to honor God…to respect your temple….to remember that your health has purpose.

Thus I pray you will LOVE YOURSELF AS GOD DESIRES YOU TO LOVE YOURSELF....with great dignity….great honor….great purpose.

So next time you look in the mirror….look deep in your eyes first….and say….I LOVE YOU…YOU ARE BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFULLY MADE.…the look at your outfit….and ask….what is my purpose in this outfit:  To honor God?  To protect the PURITY OF MEN….to honor my MODESTY….?  OR is my purpose to draw attention to my body!?

Thank you for reading this letter with the an open mind, an open heart, and the knowledge that I TRULY CARE ABOUT YOU.…I LOVE YOU WITH THE LOVE OF OUR AMAZING LORD AND I DO NOT WANT YOU TO BE USED….OR TO FEEL LESS THAN YOU ARE WORTH!!!

My hugs and prayers always dear readers….family…friends…
~Kelly 🙂


This is perfect to share today since yesterday I talked about collections….hobbies….and how one of mine is RESEARCH….LEARNING…..

I have always been passionate about sharing with young girls…women…about the beauty of modesty.  How we need to continually strive to fine tune our wardrobe.  Once our eyes are opened to something we have in our closet WE MUST LET IT GO!!  And the more we become convicted about our apparel….WE MUST GIVE IT TO GOD!!

I have been praying for a very long time on how to bring a message of modesty to young girls in our church, our community.  To help others understand it is about empowering us as women not oppression.  I could go on and on about how it is intertwined in many other subjects of self worth….etc….but I WILL STAY TO POINT :)….

Which is….

I have been doing LOTS OF YOUTUBE video watching on modesty because I have been given the great privilege to be part an amazing team of individuals to bring about a knowledge on TOB (Theology of the Body)…..encompassed in this program that is being developed will be a part on MODESTY…..I AM BEYOND BURSTING WITH EXCITEMENT!!

Thus back to research…youtube….

I have found some really great video clips that will be useful….some that are great for me to watch but not to share….and some that are well just not so great….

BUT one so far has REALLY STOOD OUT.…it speaks to the heart and soul of why we as WOMEN REALLY REALLY REALLY should take our modesty serious.  This clip gets to the heart of what I want young girls to understand.

It is truly amazing…..IT IS FROM A GUYS POINT OF VIEW! 

Check out this YOUTUBE video and let me know what you think!

Have a glorious day!
Many blessings and hugs always dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 😉

Life Matters…..

As I continue to raise my daughter with an awareness of her amazing sexuality…..who she truly is….how GOD designed her….AND WHY!  I have been really reflecting on the pro-life issues and movement and how much it has changed since I was very involved with many organizations years ago.  It is not that I am not still invovled….just on a smaller scale and more in the back ground…..and more on specific occastions and situations not a weekly involvement. 

Then I realized my daily prayer for life issues is no small token.  It is truly an important part of this fight.  My daily conversations with my daughter about life issues, sexuality, morality, chastity, modesty….it is all another way I am helping on the battlefield of life issues.

I use to have lots of great resources concerning LIFE NEWS…..things that are near and dear to me….the defending of the most innocent…vulnerable…those who are truly unable to defend themselves! 


Then recently I was looking up some information and came across this amazing website.  I love how it REALLY gives you lots of great info.  It is shocking to me how much stuff they are able to dig up about pro-life issues (those for and those against….or should I say those who have less of a respect for life)…..

If this is a matter that is important to you….you may find this site worth subscribing to for updates (check it out here).

Thus I leave you with this thought on Thursday:

Are you fostering and nurturing a life attitude in your heart, your home, your life!?  Or are you skirting the topic because it’s uncomfortable?  Are you spreading a ripple of TRUTH AND LIFE…..or lies and darkness!?

hugs and blessings dear readers…friends…family…
~Kelly 🙂

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