Essential Oils….

I have truly tried all brands of EO over the last 5 plus years.

I love them….I believe in them….they have amazing health benefits that are all about the WHOLE health….Mind Body and Soul!

Many of my friends and family know I am not a person who gets on board things very easily….but when something resonates with me and continues to resonate with me….then there is something to it….for me!

Thus I have fallen in love with this brand so much….and truly have experienced a difference in it that I have finally decided to share more about it… have classes….one on one….etc.

I am excited to start this new chapter in my life!

Want to learn more about Essential Oils?!

There are some really great resources:  Dr. Axe….Dr. Z…..Wellness Mama…..and more.

Here is the one I have fallen in love with! 

What do you know about Essential Oils!?  Have you tried them?  Do they resonate with you!?  Take a moment today to pray….sit….and write about any MIND BODY SOUL connections you’ve had with EO?!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers…….friends…
~Kelly 🙂

Love Your Legs…

Growing up I heard….

“…my German Chubby knees…”

To this day I have no idea what my mom said before or after that statement BUT what DID imprint in my mind and heart has her dislike…discomfort…of her knees, her legs.  Because of it, for years, I was never satisfied with my legs.  It didn’t even matter when I had lost so much muscle tone with my thyroid burning me up, my legs were truly twigs with no tone, but I sure did have thigh gap.



I couldn’t figure out why?

Then it dawned on me:
My NATURE is confident and KNOWS to LOVE myself.
I KNOW I am more than this physical body.
Instead, I realized, my NATURE was dueling with my NURTURING.

I was still healing from too many sorrowful losses in too short of time….my spirit….my soul….couldn’t handle it.  but it was an awesome opportunity to heal because it helped me realized  even though I thought I was okay in my own skin I still had healing to do.  This healing opportunity has allowed me to sit here today looking at my legs…and TRULY LOVE THEM!!!!

I am able to look at them and not think:
I wish you were leaner.
I wish you were longer.
I wish you were lighter.

I am able to feel their strength….their power in just being MY LEGS!!!

I am able to see legs….not size….I am able to see beauty….not flaws….I am able to see past the physical and tap into all the amazing spiritual things they carry me to….I am able to see all the amazing mind opportunities they carry me through…..and….


What physical part of your body do you need to fall IN LOVE with so you can move past the PHYSICAL…and be connected to the MIND AND SPIRIT…..of that PHYSICAL PART!?

Take a moment to reflect….pray….and journal about it today!

Many hugs and blessings always my dear readers….family…..friends….
~Kelly 🙂

Mind Body Soul of Fasting…

I had the privilege and experience a couple nights ago to share with a group of amazing individuals about fasting.  The history, types, gifts, and my personal journey relating to fasting.

It was exciting and invigorating…..AND therapeutic.  It allowed me the opportunity to reflect later in the quiet of my home over the next day and during my journal time how MUCH FASTING HAS IMPACTED MY LIFE.

I shared with this group how when we are fasting (whether an absolute, normal, partial….liquids only….Daniel….etc) there is ALWAYS going to be a mind, body, soul connection.  When we do things for our spiritual health….our physical and mental health will reap benefits…..and when we do things for physical or mental health… will impact our spiritual health….the question is will it be helpful to our spirit…to our mind….or will our physical pursuits create more havoc!?

Thus this pondering….this reflective post discussion….allowed me to see all the amazing moments of mind, body, soul connection with my fasting over the course of the last 6-7 years.  It has allowed me to realize how much fasting has helped me heal through sooooo many things….but especially my dysmorphia….how I TRULY LOVE MYSELF EXACTLY HOW I AM!

Here is how I see it….

My first fast was a Daniel fast for over 40 days.  I entered that fast with a very serious spiritual purpose.  In the course of that fast not only did God open and close doors for my husband and for me….but HE revealed some things about my health that were important.  I ended up losing over 30 pounds.  I maintained that weight for quite a bit of time….it was healthy.  So imagine me where I am at today carrying 30 more pounds….it wasn’t healthy for my frame.  But what I didn’t know at the time was I was probably already dealing with thyroid issues and didn’t know it. Because I had put on that 30 pounds over the course of a year and it wasn’t easily explained because I hadn’t done anything different in my eating, exercise, life routine.

Over the course of the next 2 years my fasting for others also helped me heal from a miscarriage and from having to choose to have a hysterectomy for serious health reasons….as well as losing my grandmother.   Fasting sustained my faith in some of the darkest days of my life.

After my hysterectomy my weight dropped even more….20 more pounds. Family and friends started to associate my weight loss with my fasting. God then asked me to actually fast from fasting.  Thus for 1 year I took a break from fasting.  It broke my heart that God asked me to stop.  But I knew He had purpose and I trusted Him. 

What it revealed during that year was that my weight stayed the same.  It wasn’t my fasting.  And it revealed other things about my health that weren’t explainable.  I kept trusting.  Then over a course of 2 months I put on over 10 unexplained pounds.  That’s when the health storm hit.  I started seeing my functional doc and discovered all I did and have about my thyroid. 

The amazing beautiful thing was during the first appointment he talked about the amazing health benefits to fasting and if I would be open to fasting.  I started to laugh because I knew it was God saying ok it’s time to fast again.  My husband was a witness and was able to truly understand the amazing mind body soul connection to fasting.

Hindsight that period of time when I had dropped down below 100 pounds was my thyroid going into overdrive (hyperthyroid)….it was not my fasting….and it was not something sustainable. 

It comes back to the beginning statement of how my fasting has truly healed me with my dysmorphia and sooo much more.

Since my body….my physical body…..has changed radically over the course of over 7 years…..I have been able to reflect, pray and fast on the importance of mind body soul health.  I have been able to strengthen my love of self.  I have been able to heal from past wounds and hurts that created the dysmorphic mind in me at a young age.  I have been able to heal and see GOD’S HAND in ALL walks of my life.

I am able to FINALLY see the beautiful body I have been trusted to care for is more than just a body……that I AM NOT DEFINED BY THIS BODY…my SOUL is extremely important….and my mind must continually remember that I CANNOT SEPARATE THE SOUL AND THE BODY……God created us BODY AND SOUL…..BUT the TWO MUST be at peace and harmony with each other….only then will we truly thrive in our TOTAL HEALTH….and only then are we TRULY in COMMUNION with GOD!!

Do you have a disconnect in your mind, body, soul health!?  What aspect do you need to really work on to make sure you are in communion with God!?  Take a moment today to reflect….pray….write about it!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers…….friends….
~Kelly 🙂


I’m going to keep it short today lots of little things I want to finish before my evening fun and adventures…..but….

I must share about a  book I’ve been reading recently:  THE BODY ECOLOGY by Donna Gates!  Fabulous read.

I KNOW it is the the key to the next level of my health and healing my thyroid.  

I absolutely love how Donna Gates discusses not only the science of why and what she suggests to do to improve your physical health….but she also discusses how we are all unique and how we are a complex system worth respecting our individual needs…..basically without her saying it she is saying we are connected MIND BODY AND SOUL…..and we need to respect that. AMEN!!!

It’s interesting because a great deal of what she is talking about in the book I was and have been doing…..but I just needed to fine tune it and tweak the combining and order of some foods….nutrition.  When I look back at some of my food journals and see when my health was doing it’s best over the last year I was inadvertently following her principles of body ecology.

 I am extremely excited to start hard core pursuing the body ecology principles and taking my health to the next level of thriving: MIND BODY AND SOUL!!!

God is so good!!!!

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers…friends….family….
~Kelly 😉

Day 20: Struggle

This last Sunday, our Parish priest had yet again, another, amazing sermon!

It works perfect with the summing up of your 21 day Challenge of loving yourself: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!

He talked about how when we have struggles we sometimes ask the question WHY.  But what if we asked: WHAT NOW?  It changes how you view the struggle.

Struggle makes you…
 wiser, holier, stronger!

Struggle transforms you!

When we struggle we have a choice to be bitter or to be transformed from the struggle.

I choose to be transformed…to have been taught something…to be stronger…better because of it!
I have actually learned to love and look forward to my challenges…struggles…
Don’t get me wrong…I don’t relish in it…I am not always rosy about it…BUT I have soooo learned that God has a plan…He is soooo amazing that I look forward to what I am going to learn from it…what growth I will have reached….and what wisdom I will have gained!

If you think about it…struggle gives your appreciation…moments to pause…hind-sight.

If you have had any struggles…challenges…obstacles during this 21 days….don’t be discouraged.

Instead view it as an opportunity to learn something about yourself…to grow about yourself…to love yourself even greater!

blessings and hugs,
~Kelly 🙂

Day 17: Meditation

This pic may be about Psalm 26:11
but I was thinking how verse 7 and 8
are perfect for today’s challenge!

Here is a RARE THING…Kelly is being really short and sweet…lol..

Did you know meditation can have a role in not only your faith walk…your soul…but also your FAT LOSS GOALS!

I know crazy right!?

Today I want you to check out the Gabriel Method of learning how to truly meditate for the WHOLE MIND BODY SOUL CONNECTION….

Hugs and blessings,
~Kelly 🙂

Day 14: Unexpected Changes

We all have moments where we set a goal and life decides to give us a curve ball.  

What do you do?

Use this bible verse today to reflect on curve balls you may have.
And instead of getting frustrated…lean on Him.

Do you stomp and have a tantrum?
Do you throw up your hands and say “fine”?
Do you push through even if it isn’t wise?



I started out this year with setting a goal to train for a Spartan Race.  This week was the week I was going to start putting into place my build up.  Then I went to the doctor to just have him take make sure I didn’t have strep…that it was just upper respiratory gunk.

Instead I received all sorts of other instructions of what I need to do for my health for the time being. One of them was the realization that training for a Spartan unfortunately is not the healthiest plan for me right now.

Part of me wanted to rebel…to say “I’m going to train anyways”…part of me wanted to defy the doctors recommendations and say “ah…it’s not that bad”….but…

It is not about what I want….it is not about my desires…it is not about MY WILL…

It is about ensuring I can one day do a spartan when I am healthier….it is about being able to pursue other desires and dreams right now and putting that one on hold….and it is about abandoning my will AND TRULY LIVING IN HIS WILL!

I must remember God is in charge and and His wants…desires…dreams for me are greater!!!

Are you experiencing a Challenge within this 21 day Challenge that has had to make you pause and realize when you started this pursuit…or even another goal….that your challenge has taken a bit of a detour….a different route!?

Maybe…just maybe…when you pause take a moment…reflect…journal about it….you will find that God has some big plans for you…for your MIND BODY AND SOUL challenge!

Reflect…pray…and see how this challenge is drawing you nearer to Him in your pursuit of true self love of MIND BODY AND SOUL!

Day 10: Pedestal of Pressure!

I feel for the individuals who are in the profession…business…careers of health and wellness; whether it is as a doctor, a personal trainer, a nutritionists, those selling products/services in a store or an at-home business.

The pressure each of these must feel to have that “perfect” look according to the worlds visual standards; it must be overwhelming for some.   After all we are bombarded each day with billboards, ads, movies, and stores to name just a few, of what we “should” look like.  Therefore putting the pressure on these individuals to “look” the part because after all if you look thin then you must be healthy.  After all if you have amazing muscles you must have a great gut.

And what about the pressure those must feel when they don’t “look” the part?  Is that doctor taken serious?  Do we not take into account that the personal trainer is wanting to just relax for awhile and not look competition ready?  What if the nutritionist is dealing with hormonal issues?

There is more important things to think about with our health than just “looking” healthy!  Our health is deeper!!!

There are many women I follow about fitness, nutrition, health….they all advocate how having a healthy attitude…healthy gut…healthy mind…healthy strength….healthy movement….healthy love of self is so much more important than the ascetics.

I am sure they feel like a broken record….I know I do sometimes…..but I am passionate and committed to convince all individuals….especially women and young maturing girls to be HEALTHY in their MIND, BODY AND SOUL!  To not focus on: pride, vanity, and ascetics…..and that should include all those who are in these professions.  After all if they are walking the walk of true health then their presence alone will attract others to them to have a true, real, whole life, wellness attitude and approach to living a full and rewarding life!

And we as patients, consumers, clients, followers…need to not have the bar set so high or expect so much from these individuals that we put them on a pedestal of pressure!

What can you do today to take the pressure off of them…off of yourself to be “perfect”?

What scripture can you lean on that will redirect that focus?

Here are my top 10 women/sites I go to for motivation:

Joyce Meyer
Girls Gone Strong
Real Life At Home
Diane Sanfilippo
Sarah Fragosa
Dr. Sara Gottfried
Liz Wolf
JJ Virgin
Katie – Wellness Mama
Mind Body Green

***I purposely didn’t add their links so you have to do a little bit of leg work yourself to find what fits you best for motivation.  Plus some of the list names have several avenues of following them, therefore rather than limiting you to my pick…you pick!

Day 9: Being a Minimalist

Today, I want you to think about being a minimalist with your supplementing.


When we forget what that word means…we forget to stay connected to what our body truly needs…what our mind truly needs…what our soul truly needs…

Heck…be a minimalist about so many things:


The only thing you should not be a minimalist about is your Faith…your Soul…but you know with that take the minimalist attitude in that: Don’t complicate it!  Don’t try to get fancy. Keep is simple and child-like…BUT with room for growth and learning!

Thus my challenge for you today with your supplements is:

Do you pick snack bars over taking the time to make sure you have a can of tuna or sardines, or beef jerky handy?

Do you take 10 different pills that could truly be reduced to 2 or 3 by cleaning up your choices?

Do you tap into stimulants rather than giving yourself sleep and down time?

Where can you cut excess that makes life simpler, freer, fuller, and save you some time, money, and energy!

Day 7: Food Experiment!

Today is the third day I am going to talk specifically about food.  Then I am going to move onto how supplimenting can help or hinder our MIND, BODY, SOUL experience of our health!

I challenge each of you to forget about what you have been taught to think of as “breakfast”, “lunch”, and “dinner”.

If you feel like having soup for your first meal…then do it!

If you feel like having a creamy protein shake for dinner…then go for it.

If almond butter slathered between ham wrapped with cabbage is what you want for a snack…why not?

As long as you are thinking WHOLE FOOD…not processed….THEN DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF  to the labels of meals!

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