Only 7 Days left! {Transitions}

Time is ticking.

In one week my family embarks on the next chapter in our life!

We go south to Georgetown, Texas!

Yet my mind is whirling with all that I have done and all I still need to do.  I don’t have enough hours in each day to see friends, pack, follow-up appointments with clients/customers, and sooo much more!

What keeps me from pushing too hard?  From losing focus?  From not living in the moment?

Many things…but the biggest is the gift of having HASHIMOTOS!

Some may find it a daunting autoimmune disease but I do not (most of the time).  I have found it to be a gift especially in times like this.  It reminds me to connect to the situation.

I MUST be mindful of each choice.  I CANNOT try to “muscle” through a day of juggling too many things, and too little sleep, like I once did before Hashimoto’s.  That is where the blessing is.  I don’t have the “luxury” of being abusive to my health.  And I MUST remember each day I AM MIND, BODY, SOUL, SPIRIT……and they all work in harmony for optimal health!

So today my focus is meeting for a follow up appointment with a new oiler.   I will take my daughter to have her braces taken off.  Then I will have my adoration hour with Jesus for the last time at my Amarillo parish, St. Thomas the Apostle.  And nothing else!  In between these three appointments I will stay focused on living and breathing with Cheer, Peace, and Serenity!  How?

I continually bind my will into HIS WILL!

I will spend moments sitting and sipping tea while I read or listen to an audiobook.

I will go for a nice relaxing walk with my hubby at the end of the day.

I will not try to squeeze in extra packing today.

I will not try to make any more oiler coaching appointments.

I will not make promises to others that I know is not possible for this day.




Do you try to push through things so hard to forget to connect to what your mind body soul spirit really need in the moment!?

Sit with this….pray about this….journal about it…..and share/connect with me about it!

Many blessings and hugs my dear followers….friends….family….

~Kelly 🙂

Body (Armor) Honor…

Today I have the great opportunity to share on a Facebook Group about the essential oil Grapefruit.  This FB group is a private group for oilers to receive continual help/support about using essential oils and so much more.  This particular group comprises of many up-lines in this fabulous doTerra family.  This group is meant to share and learn from many leaders.

One of the leaders created an opportunity for a different oil to be featured for 16 days in March.  The 16 oils were already selected.  And us leaders were asked to volunteer if so desired to do a FB Live about that oil on a specific day.  When I saw Grapefruit was one of the oils….I KNEW I HAD TO PICK IT!


Grapefruit is the essential oil that supports my dysmorphia!  I have shared many times here with you all about my healing and understanding of body dysmorphia; how it is multifaceted with triggers and causes.  But since one of the aspects has to do with brain chemistry it is something that I must armor myself about each and every day!

I armor myself with affirmations.  I armor myself with looking directly in the mirror and saying I LOVE YOU….YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  I armor myself with nourishing food that won’t cause hormonal fluctuation.  I armor myself with prayer and renouncing ALL negative thoughts that are not from God that try to seep into my brain.

And I armor myself with GRAPEFRUIT essential oil!

Even if you don’t have dysmorphia do you find yourself ever:

  • hating your body
  • obsessing about food
  • excessive dieting
  • eating issues/disorders
  • anxiety over appearance

Do you desire to:

  • respect your body
  • meet your physical needs
  • have body acceptance
  • have a healthy relationship with food

Then maybe just maybe Grapefruit Essential Oil is the oil that could provide some support with your prayers for HONORING YOUR BODY!

Have you used Grapefruit Essential Oil?  Do you struggle with loving your body?

Sit with this…..pray about this….journal about it!  And connect with me by sharing below!

Many blessings and hugs my dear followers….friends….family…

~Kelly 🙂

Whole Body Health…

We have become disconnected in what TRUE HEALTH is all about!  In a way I believe conventional doctors have been duped and brainwashed in thinking they know all the answers….and/or the problem is just one area (physical)….and if it is your knee hurting then it is related to the knee….if your lab work on your thyroid says your “normal” well then you are normal….and it’s all in your head.

WE ARE DISCONNECTED in understanding WHOLE BODY HEALTH is how we are connected MIND BODY SOUL!

This is why I am passionate about the Facebook group WHOLE BODY HEALTH!  I probably post to this group about as much as I write here…if not more!  God created us with an amazingly complex system…yet it is also simple.  Simple in if we would JUST stay connected to HIM and in-tuned to what HE is telling us through our body we would always be at ease.

So what link is missing with your health!?  Mind!? Body?! Soul!?  Take a moment today to reflect…pray….journal about it!

Many blessings dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

Mid-Year Reflections…

Today I look around me and SEE and FEEL all the beauty around me and I find peace in knowing I don’t HAVE to do ANYTHING that is NOT TRUE TO MY INNER WISDOM….my INNER SPIRIT…my INNER BEING!

When I truly am in-tuned to my WHOLE HEALTH: MIND, BODY, SOUL….I am then in-tuned with what THE HOLY SPIRIT….is whispering to me.

I can have freedom from my own pressures and personal goals…..I can have freedom in saying to self: hmm I said I was going to do xyz….but it just doesn’t feel right any more….my inner being keeps feeling “abc” instead of the excitement and peace that comes even in the middle of  challenges.

Thus today as I look at my wonderful family and all we have accomplished and done this year so far….and all we desire to do and pursue for the rest of the year…..I smile with great joy, excitement, and freedom of knowing I don’t have to do ANYTHING that doesn’t create joy or ripples of life giving love.


Today…..sit with what brings you TRUE joy…..TRUE peace…TRUE INNER BEING!  Reflect, pray, write about it!

Hugs and blessings my dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 😉

Shepards Feed your Flock

I’ve been having this idea that what if all pastors and priests took on the same challenge that pastor Rick Warren made upon himself which was to realize that we must take care of the WHOLE body when we are living for Christ.  We can’t just feed the soul…we must tend to our physical health so we can be the disciples Christ asks of us.  After all that is how the DANIEL PLAN was born by Pastor Rick Warren.

So I’ve been thinking what if many of us went to our pastors our priests and encouraged them to bring in the DANIEL PLAN for their parish to help their flock see and experience the wholeness of health: mind body and soul. What if they offered even occasional workshops by health coaches or functional doctors showing them the connection of eating how God designed us. 
What if these professionals, advocates, or someone willing to cheer for them to talk with the pastor or priest to explain how this is a fabulous way to build up His Kingdom!
What if it was as simple as a solicitation letter sent out to all parishes stating these individuals would be more than willing to help provide a 2 hour informational session on how to care for your health with God as your focus.   Or a 4 week series to get on the road of health.  Or even to help the parish committees to see how swapping the donuts with fruits veggies and ham is a much better choice for the Sunday fellowship and it doesn’t have to cost much more. 
I am fortunate enough to be part of a group of LIKED MINDED individuals.  This amazing group actually comprises of professionals who have dedicated their lives in careers/fields that are about helping others with WHOLE health….I think most of them see it more as a calling…a gift….to help others rather than a career choice or path.

I was inspired to write a letter for our area to do exactly what I said above.  Tomorrow I will share with you the letter…..maybe it will inspire you to share it with your pastor.  Or workplace….or even family…friends…..etc.

Do with the letter whatever you wish to do with it!  Change it!!  Use it as a spring board to create change in ALL ASPECTS OF HEALTH: MIND, BODY, SOUL, AND SPIRIT!!!!!

Blessings and hugs dear readers….family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

A Singing Canary on Sunday

I am a canary…
…a beautiful, vibrant, sensitive, full of life canary!

I loved it last year when my health coach gave me that analogy.  It resonated within me.  I could be saying “why me?” when it comes to my thyroid health, my adrenal health, my brain health, my gut health, my immune health.

 I could become overwhelmed with it…..
but instead I SING!!!


I KNOW…..I (like my health coach like many others out there)…..we are here to help with the “warning signs”……we are that CANARY IN THE COAL MINE!

 Not my weakness

What if I didn’t have these challenges, obstacles?

Would I be as proactive in sharing all I do about health and nutrition to anyone who is willing to listen to the “siren” going off?

Would I be as passionate about learning as much as I can about MIND BODY SOUL health?

Would I be as compassionate toward those who do struggle with health issues as I do….and worse?

My “singing” is a blessing!  Not only for me but for those around me!  A blessing for anyone who is willing to listen….want to listen.

Now when someone asks me how I am feeling or doing I can honestly say I am fabulous….because I don’t let my health get in the way of living…of loving…of thriving!!

Now when someone tries to say “oh I know I am tired too”….I can smile and not get frustrated that they don’t truly understand the bone exhausting fatigue that can hit and truly put me out of commission for a bit.

Now when a person tries to say “oh sweetie it’s just part of aging….we all forget a bit!” I can love them for not truly understanding that I could very well at that moment not be remembering their name…instead I smile and love them!

Now I am able to relate my health journey to someone who has been diagnosed with say diabetes late in life.  It may take adjustments to learn how to live and thrive with a diagnoses but IT IS POSSIBLE TO LIVE AN AMAZING FULL LIFE.  

A diabetic who has learned how to thrive with their disease knows that just because they are doing really good today doesn’t mean they can become sloppy with their health needs.  Just as I have finally learned this last year that I will ALWAYS have to be more protective about my sleep, my food, my stress and many other things….but it is all what makes me SPECIAL

..what makes up who I AM….and WHAT MAKES ME A SUPERHERO!!!

Today go out and SING…..
enjoy your amazing struggles…..
your amazing challenges….
your amazing superpower!

What’s your superpower?!  Share below so we can all learn and love together!!!

Hugs and prayers,

BOOK OF THE DAY:  This is a great simple book to truly understand ESSENTIAL OILS for beginners!  I love it because it has an oil per page and it doesn’t get too sciency.  Now don’t get me wrong…..I love my more detailed geeky ones…..and I especially love the ones that are to specific brands….but this one is great because it is unbiased and keeps it simple!

MOVEMENT OF THE DAY:  I did my morning stretch stuff, push-ups, kickbacks, etc…..BUT I was just not feeling it when I pulled out all my gear to get on the mini-trampoline. I know part of it is because I am still a bit sore from a workout earlier in the week and I really don’t do well with soreness right now.  I am sure it has to do with my immune system and how my body just is achy longer than it should be.   Hind-sight I should have still gotten on like I said last week but I didn’t.  But you know what that is OK!!!   Every body needs a break from time to time.   And especially my body….lol.   I plan on enjoying a fabulous walk later and feel the joy of God’s beautiful sun on my face…..and all His amazing creations around me!

I will probably once I get done here do about 10 minutes of yoga stretches to clear my mind and feel the peace and energy of some of the moves to remind myself I AM AMAZING!  I AM STRONG!  I AM BEAUTIFUL!  I CAN TAKE A REST DAY….LOL!

Day 21: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Congratulations…you have set aside 21 days to learn how to truly love yourself: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!!!

BUT…it doesn’t stop here.

This is just the beginning!

You MUST continue to work…to grow…to learn!

If you are ready to further your love…check out this great 28 day challenge by Molly Galbraith from Girls Gone Strong!

This is a great way to continue your journey of learning how to love yourself fully…to praise your accomplishments…to put life into perspective…and to embrace the whole MIND, BODY, SOUL connection in your life…in everything you do!!!

I remember reading many years ago how it takes 21 days to truly create a change within a person for anything.  Thus, allow the last 21 days to be the beginning of something new…something wonderful…something beautiful!  A new way of seeing yourself!

I remember when I was able to make that true transition and shift about 12 years ago.  It was so freeing and beautiful.   It doesn’t mean that I don’t have moments of “relapses” or down days but I never give into a full blown ugh of self loath or self destructive thinking.

Just as I heard on a fabulous interview of Molly Galbraith recently, loving yourself is a continual journey…a journey worth taking…a journey worth fighting for!

It’s kind of fun seeing how long it can go between moments of self doubt and challenge yourself to go even longer…to become even freer!

Thus…go out tonight…enjoy that chocolate…enjoy that glass of wine…enjoy the moment to celebrate your love with those your love…but most of all celebrate the amazing journey you have just completed of loving yourself better and the greater journey of further loving yourself for a lifetime!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Many blessings and hugs,
~Kelly 😉

Day 18: Words


They can nurture.
They can wound.
They can feel warm.
They can be bitter.
They can heal.
They can destroy.

My main love language is words.  I have found over the years I have to be very careful how I hear what others say, especially from those I love dearly.  Their words can hurt me in ways that can effect me even in other areas of my life.

Today’s challenge for you is to reflect on what is your LOVE LANGUAGE?  How does it effect choices you make in your faith…your fitness..your food?

What does your love language say about you?

How can you use your love language to learn to love yourself better?

How does your love language effect you:  MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!?

Day 15: Keep it Simple on Sunday!

I am going to keep it short and sweet for today because it is SUNDAY!!!

I want you to reflect and think about how has your MIND BODY SOUL challenge been going?

Have you had the chance to really reflect and pray about how you feel about yourself when you eat, exercise, are busy, through work, motherhood, wife….even when you are at church?!

How do all of these aspects of your life impact how you care for yourself…love yourself…all of you!?

I mentioned a few days ago about 40 being a game changer….but it is really more than that.  It is about me also being at a great place in my life.

I will one of these days actually write which books
I take pictures of….
Then I can share it with all of you…
And give credit to the wonderful authors who inspired me!





Now it is your turn…write ALL the wonderful things about yourself without buts….without anything but LOVE for self!!!

Day 11: The Root of Love

I am keeping it short and simple today.


Because I want each of you to take a moment today and check out this podcast from MIND BODY MUSINGS episode 26 with guest Erin Brown on Raising Confident Daughters.

I want you to reflect during this half way mark of your 21 Day Challenge of MIND BODY AND SOUL….Do you love yourself enough to raise a confident child?

Reflect on what do you need to still work on so you don’t pass on to someone you love negative thinking?

I made a promise to myself and my daughter when she was born that I would NEVER say anything negative about myself to her, around her, even think it.

I can relate to what Erin Brown shares about in the podcast; it is hard to break a cycle of something when it is passed on.

This is part of my passion for empowering women!  I want us all to know, believe, live the amazing life we have been gifted…in ALL SHAPES, SIZES AND FORM!!!

Your half way there to a better more wonderful you: MIND BODY AND SOUL!

hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

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