Dynamic Daughters: Only Joy!

 I have been reading a fabulous book this last weekend (actually listening to it..lol) and it has had me reflect just as during lent what are the things that are most important to me…what gives me great joy???

Writing does!
This blog does!
Teaching my daughter does!
Being a wife to my wonderful husband does!
Keeping things simple does!
Sharing and connecting to others does!

But Facebook not so much….I have found over the last couple of weeks that I look forward when I write but I don’t when I go to FB….but I realized it was because I don’t want it on my phone….I want to be able to really walk away from social media and technology when I am with my family.  When I am living life.  For me if all the different apps are on my phone accessible I feel like I am being irresponsible with not checking or utilizing all my mind thinks I should be doing.

A really fun movie:  MOMS NIGHT OUT….Like the mom in this movie,I find myself getting too intense and overwhelmed with things.  And therefore, I am not showing and being that example to my daughter that I desire to be….which is to only do things that create joy in my life!

Thus, I have decided since Facebook doesn’t bring me joy like it does so many, I am not going to feel guilty that I don’t want to go to it all the time.  I am not going to feel guilty if I don’t check it but on the weekends…or that I only post something that I want to share but don’t scroll down to see everyone else’s happenings!

After all JOY and peace in life is much more important to me, and I hope all of you, than being “connected” in all the different social medias!

Have a glorious evening….glorious week!
Many blessings and hugs,
~Kelly 🙂

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