Feeling Fabulous on Friday

I remember the first piece of clothing I ever altered growing up.  It was a red and white polka dot summer dress.  It had wide straps that crossed in the back with this large bow of the same material.  It wasn’t an A-line, it had gathering for the seem at the waist for the skirt part of the dress.  I loved this dress when I found it on the clearance rack of what ever store I had been perusing.  The problem is it was 2 sizes too big.  But the price was great! It was under five dollars!  I couldn’t pass it up.  My thought was even if I totally mess it up I at least have only spent five dollars and I can always use the material for something.

I have never sewn clothing from a pattern or from scratch.  That requires way more disciple and rule following for my type of artsy mind.  I have always enjoyed seeing something I have and tweaking it.  Or seeing somethings potential.

The last 5 years I fell out of the habit of altering and sewing stuff for myself.  I still love looking for my bargains either at department stores or thrift shops but trying to find something that sparks that perfect joy or that wonderful fit is sometimes not so fun.

As I have become more aware of self-love, self-care, and owning only things that spark joy I have been finding myself leaning toward altering things again. I have realized there are some clothing I really like but I don’t like how the manufacture designed it to be.  If it’s on the clearance rack and I really like it and the only thing holding me back is because it is too big then I am going to evaluate if I am capable of the alteration job I would want to do to make if feel fabulous!?

That is what I did yesterday for a about an hour and I loved every minute of it.  I really love the smooth material of yoga or running pants but it seems like any more you can’t find ones that are made like jogging pants style.  They are all designed to cling and fit tight to your body.  This is just not what I want to wear.

 A while back I found a couple of yoga pants on crazy clearance but they were too big, especially in the waist.  But I really liked how they felt and fit.  I decided to bite the bullet and get them.  For several weeks I kept pinning the waist or rolling them til I could do what I really wanted to do.  The day finally came I was able to sew them and tailor them to my body, my shape, my life!  AND THEY MAKE ME FEEL SO HAPPY….THEY TRULY SPARK JOY!  Not just because of the way they make me feel, but because of the opportunity to also delve back into a craft I once loved dearly and had let fall to the way side.

Thus my message today has many layers…lol…

1.  Only own clothing that makes you feel fabulous.  That reminds you how amazing and beautiful you are RIGHT NOW!

2.  Only own clothing that spark joy to ensure you see nothing but the amazing and beautiful being you are RIGHT NOW!

3.  Rediscover a lost art, talent, craft, hobby, whatever……THAT SPARKS JOY IN YOUR LIFE….and dig in…don’t put it off….start doing it again today!

I think these 3 things are so pivotal with self care and self love…..especially for women!

Our society has brain washed us about sooooo many things but I think the number one is setting us up to compare ourselves to other women all the time.  Whether it is the model in a magazine or on a billboard.  Whether it is the mom who seems to do it all and have it all.   Many of us have fallen for this lie and trap, at-least once in our life,  to think we are not ENOUGH because we don’t have the measurements to fit into a particular brand.

I say you’re not the wrong size, the company got it wrong so you have to just move on to the next brand, company, or dare to create your own size that is catered…tailor made just for you!  Made to put a smile on your face, a skip in your step, and a flutter in your heart when you look in that mirror and say HELLO GORGEOUS YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Have a fabulous Friday….and remember you are amazing….I know I am…..especially in my new “K” Brand of pants :)…..

Blessings and hugs,

PS….today’s book picture is a unique and amazing book about health and wellness.   Here is a man who truly was able to get into a woman’s mind and peel away the layers of what stops so many women from succeeding with health goals.  His book is I believe a fabulous way for women and men to start seeing health and nutrition in the whole body experience and to therefore learn how to truly love yourself and to create a habit of self care.   I had the amazing pleasure to meet him several years ago and he is truly an amazing man!


I have been pondering the last week about my desires for writing…my desires for blogging…my dreams and passions…

I’ve been really reflecting even more about what creates joy for me….what makes me happy….and owning who I AM!!!

I am a woman who loves to read.
I am a woman who loves to learn.
I am a woman who loves to paint.
I am a woman who loves to write.
I am a woman who loves to spend time with my daughter.
I am a woman who loves and adores her husband.
I am a woman who loves to just be.

My health for the last 9 months has had me really reflecting on all the things I love.  It has also had me reflect on all the things that I don’t necessarily love.

I have realized that somehow I have been slowly losing who I am?!  Kind of like Julia Roberts in “Run away Bride”….she didn’t know what kind of eggs she liked.  She always changed with each man, each friend, she was lost with who she was.

As I have been trying to figure out what is going on with my health: fatigue, unexplained weight gain, extreme moods, can’t sleep, can’t move, and sooooo much more….my health issues have actually helped me FIND ME again.

Somehow over the last 5 years of amazing blessings, challenges, discoveries, growths….I started to please too much and not nurture me….this is not good for me and not a good example to my daughter.

I found a fabulous nutrition coach who is going to help me figure out things and be my advocate with doctors and I feel even with family and friends.

Why family and friends? When a person is trying to nurture and care for themselves, family and friends can be the hardest to please or they can be the most critical, especially if you are trying to figure things out in an unconventional way.

Which brings me to…I found an amazing doctor who even after reading over all my stuff that has been going on for the last 9 months or so….he took one look at me and said he strongly believes I have a thyroid issue.  He said sooo much more but the gist is here was a man who believed me…who is willing to fight with and for me to get to the root of my health so I can feel whole and complete again!

I have learned even through all this I AM ENOUGH.   I will not let my frustrations with self or others sway me to not listen to my gut brain, my inner wisdom, my soul!

There are things about aging that are normal…But I love what Dr. Christiane Northrup says….how if you are feeling so icky….if you have aches, pains, etc….it’s not normal…we should feel alive….it is probably our hormones off…and there are many things we CAN do to help it…correct it….and heal it…

Thus as I am learning to heal…grow…and learn through all of this most recent challenge I have discovered I am going to be even truer to myself….

I will blog…write….when I want to…when it feels right….when it brings joy….not because of a sense of obligation….

I will get on facebook…twitter…pinterest….when I want to….when it feels right….when it’s not taking away from me…or family….not because everyone else does it and I feel peer pressured to do it….

I will not feel guilty that I am not doing enough for my daughter…my family….because what we do works for our family….I will not compare…I do believe I AM ENOUGH!!

Some of the wonderful things I have been learning about my health….is that my spiritual fasting has actually been very healthy for me.  I have allowed others around me to influence me in thinking that it wasn’t so good for me….so the last year or so I wasn’t doing any absolutes.  And here I am finding how it has not only been beneficial for me spiritually but also nutritionally.  But again…no more feeling bullied by others opinions and thoughts…I AM AND WILL DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR ME!

Women….the more you love, nurture, and care for you….the more you are able to love, nurture, and care for others!

Day 21: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Congratulations…you have set aside 21 days to learn how to truly love yourself: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!!!

BUT…it doesn’t stop here.

This is just the beginning!

You MUST continue to work…to grow…to learn!

If you are ready to further your love…check out this great 28 day challenge by Molly Galbraith from Girls Gone Strong!

This is a great way to continue your journey of learning how to love yourself fully…to praise your accomplishments…to put life into perspective…and to embrace the whole MIND, BODY, SOUL connection in your life…in everything you do!!!

I remember reading many years ago how it takes 21 days to truly create a change within a person for anything.  Thus, allow the last 21 days to be the beginning of something new…something wonderful…something beautiful!  A new way of seeing yourself!

I remember when I was able to make that true transition and shift about 12 years ago.  It was so freeing and beautiful.   It doesn’t mean that I don’t have moments of “relapses” or down days but I never give into a full blown ugh of self loath or self destructive thinking.

Just as I heard on a fabulous interview of Molly Galbraith recently, loving yourself is a continual journey…a journey worth taking…a journey worth fighting for!

It’s kind of fun seeing how long it can go between moments of self doubt and challenge yourself to go even longer…to become even freer!

Thus…go out tonight…enjoy that chocolate…enjoy that glass of wine…enjoy the moment to celebrate your love with those your love…but most of all celebrate the amazing journey you have just completed of loving yourself better and the greater journey of further loving yourself for a lifetime!!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Many blessings and hugs,
~Kelly 😉

Day 19: To Lean or not To Lean…

As you are getting closer to wrapping up your 21 Day Challenge to LOVING YOURSELF: MIND BODY AND SOUL….here is something to think about….

Being super lean isn’t always healthy!!!
This is so cool…it was from last year…
yet how perfect to reflect on the words…
Do you struggle with wishing you could have six-pack abs?
Do you wish you could have striations on your legs?  Your arms?
Do you want veins popping out on your arms? Rounded shoulders?
For some being this kind of lean comes natural….for others it’s not part of their genetics.  This doesn’t mean a person isn’t healthy or fit or strong or fast….it might just mean that your body doesn’t “show it off” the way some others do.
A better way to determine good health…good strength..is for a person to love the body they are in…to not fight it!
I have read so many testimonies of women who have gotten super lean for competitions, for personal goals, for all sorts of reasons….and they ALL talk about the down side of getting too lean.
Besides the psychological down side there is the physical negatives.  It disrupts a woman’s cycles.  Okay yo may say “yes…no period!”…but when you disrupt this natural rhythm to your body you are messing with nature…your body…and in my opinion disrespecting God’s beautiful plan for our bodies!
It can effect so many things: hair, lubrication, libido, skin, energy, vitality, bone density, strength…etc..
Then there is the psychological…it can create a drug-like effect.  Therefore, when a woman isn’t in that super leaned out mode or cycle or goal…she can have feelings of being “fat”, even feelings of being judged by those around her.
She can have feelings of being “heavy”…and body distortions.
This can all lead to lack of self worth…lack of self-love…and even lead to food disordering.
When a person becomes obsessed with what foods are “good” or “bad”, they forget food is neutral…it has no moral tag.  Food can nourish us…or be gunky… but it is not evil.
Hormonal imbalances create all sorts of distortions within a woman.
So today as you near the end of your 21 Day Challenge really reflect on:
Are you a person who is naturally leaned out?
Are you putting unrealistic expectations on yourself?
Are you truly loving yourself properly to be able to go through physical changes that will or could create up and down emotions?

Day 18: Words


They can nurture.
They can wound.
They can feel warm.
They can be bitter.
They can heal.
They can destroy.

My main love language is words.  I have found over the years I have to be very careful how I hear what others say, especially from those I love dearly.  Their words can hurt me in ways that can effect me even in other areas of my life.

Today’s challenge for you is to reflect on what is your LOVE LANGUAGE?  How does it effect choices you make in your faith…your fitness..your food?

What does your love language say about you?

How can you use your love language to learn to love yourself better?

How does your love language effect you:  MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!?

Day 13: Are you enough?

When did women start feeling like being a wife and mother wasn’t enough?

When did any of us feel like we have to be and do ten different things in order to have value…to have importance…to have life?


I love my vocation…my calling…my life!   And you should to!

Today rather than feeling like you are not ______ (fill in the blank) enough….


What EVER it is you find yourself saying that you are not enough about….STOP….read the reflection I took a picture of….ponder on the words….and know that HE KNOWS YOU’RE ENOUGH JUST AS YOU ARE…HE LOVES YOU JUST AS YOU ARE!

This isn’t a pass on working on ourselves: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL….we always have work to do…but instead it allows us to love ourselves exactly where we are at and to love the process of growing…love the process of change…love the process of learning…love the process of insight…

I smile today…even knowing some of the challenges I have going on…I smile still because I KNOW I am an amazing…strong…beautiful woman…BECAUSE HE MADE ME IN HIS IMAGE!!!

And for me being a wife and mother is beyond a full plate and I am just not interested in having 2 or 3 plates in front of me!  I have given up over eating :)….I like taking my time and savoring the dish I have in front of me and appreciating the wonderful delights I receive from that one plate!

What about you?  What can you do today to change your “not _______ enough” thoughts into AMAZINGLY CONTENT WITH LITTLE AND WITH GROWTH thoughts?

~Kelly 🙂

Day 12: Game Changer

Being over the age of forty now is a game changer!

I truly don’t remember which book I took this
picture from….but it is so true!!!

Life truly does change:

What I say is:

Don’t fight it!
Don’t argue with it!


I’m not above moments of ugh….but here is what almost 41 looks like for me:

I don’t care what others think about me!
I don’t care if I didn’t shave my legs and I am still going to wear a skirt (a long skirt…but a skirt non-the-less).

I don’t care if I have strong muscular legs versus long ballerina legs!

I don’t care if I am only 5 foot 1 inch and will never be able to pull off some straight elegent run-way evening gown.

I don’t care that I love wearing my Mary-Jane crocs with my church dresses versus heels.

I just don’t care what others think!!!!  I only care about the freedom and love I experience from and with God!  I only care that I am listening to what HE tells me I should do in taking care of myself: mind, body, and soul!

I respect my genetic make up!
I respect my strengths!
I respect what I see in the mirror!
I respect the amazing God who created me….and trusted me to take care of me!

I have embraced ALL THAT I AM!!

You should too!!!

Quit comparing!

Be an amazing example to the girls and women around you.
Be the example you wish you would have had!

And by all means:

Journal today about how you have been loving yourself better, and what you still need to work on!

hugs and prayers always,

Day 11: The Root of Love

I am keeping it short and simple today.


Because I want each of you to take a moment today and check out this podcast from MIND BODY MUSINGS episode 26 with guest Erin Brown on Raising Confident Daughters.

I want you to reflect during this half way mark of your 21 Day Challenge of MIND BODY AND SOUL….Do you love yourself enough to raise a confident child?

Reflect on what do you need to still work on so you don’t pass on to someone you love negative thinking?

I made a promise to myself and my daughter when she was born that I would NEVER say anything negative about myself to her, around her, even think it.

I can relate to what Erin Brown shares about in the podcast; it is hard to break a cycle of something when it is passed on.

This is part of my passion for empowering women!  I want us all to know, believe, live the amazing life we have been gifted…in ALL SHAPES, SIZES AND FORM!!!

Your half way there to a better more wonderful you: MIND BODY AND SOUL!

hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

Day 8: Supplimenting Soap Box

Here is my most recent thoughts…reflections…pondering on products that are geared toward weight loss rather health and wellness…

If a company, a person, an entity is truly interested in a persons health they they should strive to go out of business!

This is what I mean…
For example…does law enforcement like seeing criminals, crime, etc?
Wouldn’t a cop love to be out of a job because there is no crime?  I would hope so!!!
With that same thought in mind…wouldn’t a person or an entity selling products for wellness and health want to teach individuals how to get healthy, lose body fat, and have energy with as minimal of their products as possible….if not totally just be a support on nutrition without ever selling a product ever again?!
I think this is my biggest beef with so many products that are our there.  Do they really want people to learn how to nourish their bodies with real, whole food?  Are they willing to sacrifice their numbers to teach others how to empower themselves with changes in their food, lifestyle, stress, hormones….etc?!
There are some out there who are trying to do this…I have several friends who I KNOW teach great things to others and are constantly trying to learn as well…yet there are so many who sadly are not.   But I guess we can liken it to a doctor who is out of shape telling his patients to eat good, exercise and get plenty of sleep…
Why does this bother me?  Why do I even go on this tangent?  I don’t get anything out of this.  Go back to the why…because I care!
I care because I see so many people feeling desperate or unsatisfied with their health.  These emotions create a willingness within them to sacrifice basic needs or charging things on credit cards to receive their “magic solution”.
If a person can just take the time to understand the mind, body and soul of their health….THEY TOO CAN HAVE LASTING RESULTS…LASTING HEALTH….LASTING SATISFACTION…LASTING “WEALTH”…LASTING HAPPINESS!!!
All of this with real food, real knowledge, contentment….real savings!!!
Thus that is my big “beef”, my poke, my frustration at the world of packaged products.  I want all individuals to understand that if we are not meeting our nutritional needs with true, real food, then all that packaged stuff that is suppose to enhance your already real food eating, well its going to be wasted…
I want us to quit “buying” into the “promises” and advertisement!
This all concerns me because I am raising an amazing young lady.  She is old enough now to really notice these kinds of adds, this push for women to look “perfect”….this push for “weight loss” everywhere.  I want her to feel empowered enough to know that whole, real food is the way to feeling healthy, feeling balanced, and looking good naturally with the uniqueness that God designed her to be.
I want to know I have raised a young lady who will not feel the pressure to “look like everyone else”.
Will I have raised her to know and believe she is beautiful…just the way GOD MADE HER!!?
Will I have raised her to listen to her bodies needs through nourishing food, good sleep and following God’s wants and desires not the worlds.
Will I have broken the cycle of insanity thinking that we must all be twiggy to reach health and happiness?
The further insanity of over working?  Over training?  Criticizing oneself?  Eating too fast…too little…processed….supplementing to compensate…
Will I have raised her to know better than all the lies that are out there telling her what will make her feel right by societies standards.
Will I have raised her to trust her instincts, her gut, her God…
To know she doesn’t need any “magic” potion to feel amazing…beautiful…to be strong….to be healthy….
All she needs is:
Real Food…
Fun movement…
…and maybe then maybe some assistance to  support her already healthy lifestyle through herbs, minerals, essential oils…vitamins…things that are natural and not processed….
and lots and lots of SELF REFLECTION WITH GOD!!!

Thus, during your 21 day challenge of detoxing your mind, body, and soul….reflect on what suppliment is truly of help to you and your whole body health pursuits and which may be a crutch?

Day 3: Groove to the Gilmore Girls

This was on a shopping back for a business in Colorado…
….I loved what it said!

I have learned exercising, fitness, movement has cycles and I MUST listen to what my body needs.

I approach raising my daughter in a very similar fashion.  I take note of things she is interested in and use that to my advantage to accomplish a goal or growth opportunity I may want her to experience.

She recently has been interested in using her first morning hour before lessons to watch a bit of tv: Jesse, Once Upon a Time, or Gilmore Girls.

I have wanted her to have a bit more structured or consistance exercise in her every day life.

 I have always enjoyed working out first thing in the morning before she wakes up.  I usually work out while praying my rosary or watching something insirational or educational or both :)…..

Out of all that….ah…..the birth of my outside of the box approach of her recieving what she wants while I recieve what I want….and we get to do it together…bond…and have a built in support system for each other.

I have embraced the shift of my morning and am enjoying having the opportunity to remember to take each opportunity to learn and grow with and from each other.

So…this is what my morning looks like for now…who knows how long this season will last…but for now I love it…and am embracing it….

Upon waking I have been praying my rosary while “walking” throughout the house sweeping, mopping, laundry, dishes….meal prep.   This gives me a great way to warm up my body with nice simple movement, get some household things done, all the while remembering how Mary truly walked away from her will inorder to live and breath ONLY God’s WILL!  What a beautiful and lovely way to start my day.

Then once I wake my dynamic daughter….I set up our living room for our movement/workout session to Gilmore Girls….or Jesse.   It’s perfect.  It allows us to do a HIIT kind of workout.  We rotate between the mini trampoline, stepper, weights, and/or body strength movements.  I set the timer for 2 minutes and we have to rotate between stations every 2 minutes.  We proceed to watch, laugh, move, sweat, and have lots of morning moving fun!

What can we all learn from this?

What do you like doing first thing in the morning?  Can you add even 10 minutes of movement/strength in a HIIT fashion workout that gets you breathing heavy, moving fast, gaining strength and raising your body temp!?

Do you watch the news?   Set a timer for 1 minute jumping jacks, 1 min push ups, 1 min. lunges….repeat 5 times….you’ve accomplished 15 minutes of a simple work out, caught the news and are ready to conquer the world.

Do you have to run around first thing in the moring getting kiddos ready, making lunches, convinced you don’t have time for strength….a working out?!

From room to room, do lunges instead of walking.  Do 10 burpees at each kiddos bed; jumping jacks while you are waiting for your coffe to brew.

When you make movement a normal part of your life, you feel normal, you feel alive, you find yourself not focusing on negative thoughts and not obsessing about unhealthy attitudes toward yourself.

Huge bonus to all of this?  You are setting an excellent example for your children (especially daughters)  how to love yourself and do something for yourself that includes them in your everyday life….your everyday way of nurturing yourself: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!

Todays scripture to focus on is also a prayer….reflect on….



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