A Saint in Training!

As I was sitting in my pew on Sunday waiting for mass to began, I was smiling to myself!  Smiling because I knew I was not alone!

November 1st, we celebrated All saints day…it is about celebrating the saints who have come before us..honoring them…remembering them…but it’s more than that.  It is about reflection on their lives.  About finding hope and joy that we too are saints, are capable of the greatness they accomplished.  After all, they too were only human.  They too had flaws, obstacles, sins, struggles, burdens, vices….yet they battled these to do the greater good.  Maybe even because of their flaws and struggles they gave themselves even more to God.  They fraught for what was right…for virtue…for God.

We tend to think of the famous saints:  Anthony, Michael, Joan…the list goes on but we fail to realize there are many many more saints.  There are the unnamed, unknown saints, that went about their every day life, every day struggles, yet would strive to bring joy and hope or peace to even one person that came in contact with them .  This is what we should all be striving for:  SAINTHOOD.

 It is not pompous..its not prideful… it is not pretentious…to say my goal is sainthood.  This is how I see it…I want to raise a Godly daughter…I have ambitions, goals, for her to be a saint..sins and all. Thus to raise a saint I must model being a saint.  Again, remember saints weren’t, aren’t perfect…they were, are real…and through their realness God is able to do His amazing work.  What sets them apart is being open to Gods will:  ALWAYS!!!

The other day, I was sharing  with my husband how I feel  blessed with my thyroid condition.  ALL OF IT!!  This is not to say I don’t have days I struggle….especially when it messes with my cognitive health…and my mental-vanity health….especially with my dis-morphia; because low energy days or days where I  am feeling physically yucky can be a doozy for my dismorphic-mental health.  BUT I see it as a way to continue to unwrap the beautiful onion that I am.  I am being given the opportunity to continue to peel away the next layer of health and wellness to arrive closer to the bud, the heart…to see, the bloom….MY SOUL… who I am .  And that is why I feel SO BLESSED!!!

I told my hubby because of this thyroid condition and all the  physical challenges that have come with it I have had my eyes deeply opened to what is TRUE HEALTH…and with that I am already healed!  My physical body may still be struggling, my mental health may still have work….but my spiritual health is stronger than it has ever been.

If my journey to sainthood, for my daughter’s journey, is to endure physical and mental trials to strengthen my souls health then it’s a no brain-er for me.  I will gladly take it all!!!

The Picture of God: How I love and care for myself!

I have soooo many thoughts…soooo many ways I want to share with all WOMEN about how AMAZING each and everyone of you are!!!

I have thoughts I want to share about all the ways we can love ourselves.
Thoughts on how to love ourselves through illness, disease, or any physical complications.
I want to share how struggles can make you you amazing and strong.
How we don’t have to compete, compare, or complain.

How to love ourselves NO MATTER WHAT!

This month I am going to share all the ways I have learned to LOVE EVERYTHING about myself…and how I love myself each and everyday!

Loving myself hasn’t always been easy….hence why I want to start  with the hardest one…lol….body image….

I read recently about how we should “eat our frogs” first thing in the day.  Meaning do the tough stuff first therefore feeling quite accomplished the rest of the day.

Here I go….eating my frogs…lol….

My journey to loving my body has been beautiful.  It has molded me. It has made me amazingly strong and beautiful!

Through nurture I became susceptible at a young age to dismorphia….I LOVE how this doesn’t stop me from pulling the mental curtain aside and seeing GOD every time I smile or glance at the mirror!

My body has been through being objectified….reminding me God sees my true beauty….my soul!

By body has been betrayed by someone I trusted…..strengthening my trust and love to God.

My body has changed many forms, sizes….I HAVE LOVED each size!  I have learned something amazing about my faith….and so many virtues through each size….each shape….how can I not LOVE each size!!!

My body fought and struggled to have my one and only child….my body GAVE LIFE!!!

My body can’t carry any other children…BUT IT CONTINUES TO GIVE LIFE TO SO MANY!!!

My body has been extra curvy, straight, firm, soft, slightly curvy, strong….AND I LOVE SEEING A WONDERFUL WARRIOR WOMAN….in each shape…

My body is fighting for it’s immune system….I LOVE the electricity my body puts out reminding me it’s alive!

My body’s hormone system, thyroid, has been asking for extra TLC recently…..I LOVE that I get to do exactly that!

I LOVE knowing this physical body is a shell holding ME….for SO MUCH GOD has in store for me.

I LOVE how GOD strengthens me….teaches me….holds me…LOVES me….IN THIS BODY….ALL STAGES OF IT…AND SO MUCH MORE….

What I love most about this body!?  Is truly, deeply, spiritually knowing I AM MORE than this physical body!!!


Mind Body and Soul of 10 pounds!

Snack break:

cut zucchini in rounds about 1/3 inch thick, spoon some pizza sauce, sprinkle with an aged, organic, grass fed cheese, season with salt, garlic, onion powder, basil, oregano…broil in oven at 425 for about 10 minutes or until brown bubbles :)….
Okay on to the “meat” of the post:
I felt challenged this summer when Jason Seib suggested that if I was one of his clients he would put 10-20 pounds of muscle on me.  I personally was at a good place with loving myself, loving life, and not taking it personal when a person thinks I am too….anything….
I really wasn’t at a place of wanting to invest a bunch of money and time into weights or gym membership or even geeking in the science of making it happen without becoming obsessed to ensure I truly put on only muscle and not any excess fat.  I basically didn’t want to become a  gym rat.  Been there, done that, didn’t want to go back to it!
But…I did know soooo much more about nutrition than in the past….I did understand the concept of shorter/harder workouts for bigger, better, lasting results.  I also understand the science of “building muscle” doesn’t mean bulky.  IT means getting, stronger, leaner, more powerful.  BUT….it can be painful.  I really don’t like getting sore.
Thus I didn’t set out to do this challenge, but I figured I was back up to having healthy, healed joints.  My bone density back up from the previous summer.  The more the challenge spun in my head the more I found myself wanting to see if it was possible with body weight, a few kettlebells, and a few hand dumbbells.  Before I knew it, I was committing myself to kettlebell workouts, Metabolic workouts, lots of pull ups, lots of deep squats, lots of multi-muscle routines.
Result…I did it!  I put on 10 solid pounds of muscle with no sacrifice of gaining body fat.  I learned what the term skinny fat really means.  A person can have body fat that doesn’t show on the outside but can have lots of fat and gunk surrounding the organs and internal stuff….that’s not good.   The fat we may see on a healthy person, that is on the outer layer or mixed with our muscles is much healthier.
There is a dark side to building muscle.   Actually it is all in the perspective and the desired goal and look a person may have….as a woman seeing the body fat in a different way can gunk up the mind about what looks “healthy”……(more on this in a future posting!)  This has not been an issue for me for quite some time.  I have truly internalized how we are all uniquely made. Our bodies are complex creations that the visual result is a combination of genes, nutrition, hard work….and LOVE!!!!   The whole buzz term recently of looking good naked for me isn’t about the ascetics as much as it is about the heart!  When I walk by a mirror naked do I cringe or do I see the amazing being God created me to be….to be naked without shame!
What I really found as the only draw back is that carrying ten extra pounds for running is harder.  Let me explain….I am only five foot, one inch….thus even five extra pounds can feel heavier when running…now add ten pounds and it can feel like mud during some of my runs.  I am discerning if I want to try to “burn” off some of the muscle?  Is running really that important to me?  After all I get a great rush and feel really strong with my sprints….it is just the longer distance runs that are not as fun right now cause I can definitely feel it in my joints.
I have found I need to figure out how to strike a balance between the best of both worlds…being able to move boulders and run like a gazelle….so maybe the balance is be like a cheetah?!  
I will reflect on this and think about what next physical challenge I want to give myself for 2015….I think being a cheetah would be pretty cool!!  
BUT….most important for me is as I am passionate about taking care of my physical health…..I MUST also take care of my mental and spiritual health….because it is a dance with the three…it is a melding of the three when we take that out of context and don’t see the value of all three and how we are made then that is when we become imbalanced…when we become obsessed…when we don’t find love and happiness in our everyday challenges and goals.
What type of animal would you compare yourself to physically and why?  I would love to hear about it.  Leave a comment below.
Hugs and prayers always,
~Kelly 🙂

September 13, 2014 Women’s Conference Sum Up!

I waited a bit longer than I had intended to share with everyone this amazing day of reflection, prayer, and personal growth that I experienced a month ago.  

(Read previous post here to learn about the lead up to this Women’s Conference I attended in September!)

My one huge thing for all women who didn’t get to go:  YOU MUST GO NEXT YEAR!

Now I am a huge Joyce Meyer fan.  I would love to go to one of her conferences one of these years….but let me tell you the speaker: ROSE SWEET, was top notch! Check out her website here! 

She provided a beautiful, hip, loving environment that blows all those old thoughts that a CATHOLIC conference is stuffy, too serious, or too outdated.  

I remember going to a learning session once years and years ago to learn some things about my faith.  The speaker was well intended, she had fantastic material and message to share but the stuff she used wasn’t catchy, wasn’t with the times, and she didn’t really engage her group.  Maybe I was naive, a newbie, and a little bit out of my league….but it just was dull for me.

BUT…this was nothing like that…..

This was empowering…

This was amazing….


The first part of the day was learning about the 4 levels of happiness.  That basically we MUST strive to be in level four:  an amazing beautiful relationship with GOD!  

To understand just how much to TRULY LOVES US NO MATTER WHAT!!!  It is at this level that we will find true, full happiness.
Levels one, two, and three (things, self, others) are intended to point us to God, level 4!!!  Thus, we must reorder our lives and put GOD at the top of our pyramid, instead of any of the other levels.

How do we achieve this?



Be quiet…listen to HIM!

Get away from everyone to BE with HIM.

Read HIS words….GROW in HIS word.

When you fall in love with God, you get to KNOW HIM on a level that is hard to explain and others may not understand.


Yet when you TRULY love HIM you are able to know HIM and SERVE HIM without feeling ME, ME, ME; without feeling like you must impress others, or worry about stuff, or all the other reasons that may hold you back from truly LOVING AND RECEIVING GOD AS YOUR FIRST MAN!!!!

The second half of the day was about the 7 stages of Romance.
Big take home: these stages lead us to THE TRUE ROMANCE WITH GOD.
Our goal is to know God so intimately that we become so full with HIM that we don’t desire other imitations.

Be willing to say to HIM: TAKE ME LORD!  

My summary doesn’t possibly give that day full justice….but I hope it gives many of you something to think about.  I pray you all mark your calendars for next fall to NOT miss this amazing conference.

St. Teresa challenged herself to continually learn, grow, and move in her faith….this is exactly what this conference with do for you!!!

Blessings and love always,
~K 🙂

FEELING IT on Friday!

    I was reflecting on my posting of loving ourselves RIGHT NOW!   It had me thinking about how many times do we put something on and we don’t like what we see?  Or we don’t like how we feel?
My solution:  GET RID OF IT!
    Why should we keep things in our closet that doesn’t  absolutely encourage us to love ourselves.
In the past I would keep something in my closet that I would say:
“Well maybe if I had this to go with it….”
    Or I would put on a pair of jeans that I just wasn’t feeling it that particular day!  Which is absolutely ridiculous because another pair in my closet would feel just wonderful….
    Which got me to thinking:  why keep anything in my closet that doesn’t just encourage me to love the beautiful woman GOD has made me to be?  Why not focus on what lends to my mind, my spirit of feeling fantastic!
    Therefore, I have learned over the years,  I only keep in my closet things that give me JOY….clothing that will speak to who I really am!   
Clothing that says:
1.  I will respect this temple.
2.  I will walk with my head high because I am beautiful.
3.  I will not be ashamed of this outfit.
*** I will not waste my time with clothing in my closet that does not speak to me!  
I will not wear something that doesn’t shout:  I LOVE LIFE!  
How is this related to my faith….my femininity?
It means I am being authentic! 
I am honoring God!
And I am being that walking example to my beautiful warrior, that God is guiding me to mold, in my dynamic daughter!
Take home challenge:  Go to your closet right now.  Pull out 10 items that you always shake your head at or think negative things about yourself when you put it on or think about!  PULL THEM NOW! Bag them up.  Tie that bag with a knot!  Stick it into your trunk!  And take it to the consignment shop, donation spot, a friend…somewhere….anywhere….but do not keep them in your house a moment longer!
Be beautiful…
Be bold…
Would love to hear or see what you pulled from your closet.  Leave a comment below or email me a line!
Many blessings always,
~K 🙂

Fashion on Friday

I finished reading this fabulous book that has truly convicted me about fashion…attire…clothing for women…for girls…for even men and boys!

This is my conclusion:  I thought I knew and understood DRESSING WITH DIGNITY but this book convicted me to take it up a notch.

I discovered some amazing things about how the fashion industry has been influenced over the years.  I learned the true evil that is underlined with intent to strip us women from our dignity….our true femininity.  You may find my use of evil as strong but when I read things like:

“Religion does not fear the daggers point; but it can vanish under corruption.  Let us not grow tired of corruption; we may use a pretext, such as sport, hygiene, health resorts. It is necessary to corrupt, that our boys and girls practice nudism in dress.  To avoid too much reaction, one would have to progress in a methodical manner:  first undress up to the elbow; then up to the knees; then arms and legs completely uncovered; later, the upper part of the chest, the shoulders, etc. etc.”

This was taken from a Freemason publication!  I’m not lying! Colleen Hammond has it quoted and referenced in her book. 
When I read this in DRESSING WITH DIGNITY, by Colleen Hammond, it had me really thinking and reflecting on everything.  How so many things are entwined, related, connected….
Things we may not even think about….
And it further convicted me to continue to battle for my dynamic daughters virtue….her morality….
I will continue to build her armor.  I will continue to help and guide her toward Godly choices, even if it may feel like she is swimming against the stream.
God calls us to live in this world but to not be of this world.
I have so much I have been writing down about this topic recently that I look forward to sharing even more with you all over the next couple of months.

So as I head into holy week I will live this thought I posted on Facebook from a private group I am apart of called Fitness~Food~Faith:

“Unsettle ME!”
I love this simple prayer from day one of the Made to Crave devotional! 
This prayer is about more than food! It is about asking God to help you make changes in any and all areas of your life that need tweaking!
You know what is even greater?! 
The Joyce Meyer devotional: TRUSTING GOD….today’s specific bible reflection is:

Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong, courageous, and firm,
Fear not nor be in terror before them,
for it is the Lord, you God who goes with you;
HE WILL NOT FAIL YOU OR FORSAKE YOU!!! (ok I took liberty with the bold  )
….but isn’t that perfect….when we are asking God to help us make changes…to help us be strong or bold….to do something that may be uncomfortable or even foreign to us…..HE is not saying we have to do it alone….HE IS SAYING TRUST HIM! HE IS THERE WITH US!
Let’s enter into Holy Week with boldness….with conviction….with change!
…change of heart,
…change of mind,
….change of spirit!


Please share with me your thoughts!  I love to hear other points of views, insights, encouragement.

We are all in this big world together….as a tribe…as a family…and we need to help each other grow in our faith…whether it is growth in:
five minutes…


Okay so I enjoy using words that start with F….I can’t help it….FrickWrites is full of fun play on words!

Have a glorious day!

Blessings always,
~K 🙂

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