Love Letters

…to self!

Have you ever noticed how we are quick to make mental lists of ALL the things we perceive wrong with ourselves?!  What if instead we made a list of all the things we DO love…as well as WHY to love the body part or health condition you may find most frustrating?!  Or a part of yourself that has not been shown love…that you criticize and compare.
I have learned over the years to truly honor, respect, and love deeply all aspects of myself….even and especially the parts that I use to compare or judge or cringe at.  I have learned to love myself fully.  I have learned to love myself so well that I now hardly remember the parts that have always been honored and the parts that use to be disrespected. 
What if you took a moment during this last week of October, the last week of the awareness month, and wrote yourself a self care letter.  A love letter!
Let me help you get ideas with my own love letter :-)…..
Dear self…dear Kelly!
I love how my hair has wispy curls around my temples. 
I love how my eyelashes are so long they scrape my glasses. 
I love how my shoulders are strong enough to help a friend sand a dresser by holding a sanding machine for four hours straight.  
I love how my hips are firm, full of amazing strongly built muscle to hold me upright and ensure I can bend down to pick up my newspaper each morning. 
I love how when I am sitting cross-legged I can look down to see the flesh formed around my knees and appreciate the muscle that took a great deal of work to build up to support my knees, to be strong, so I can run, jump, and lift with ease.   
I love the flatness of my feet.   It allows me to walk around barefoot most of my day with no pains or aches. 
I love being vertically challenged.  At 5 feet 1 inch I can play hide and seek with my daughter and still crawl into places she doesn’t expect me to hide.  
I love how a hat frames my face just the right way.  
I love how feminine a long skirt and simple shirt makes me feel.  
I love how my thyroid reminds me to speak up in matters of importance…especially about self care!
I love how my adrenals communicate to me, my need for sleep and slower days.  
I love how my insulin reminds me to think before I eat.  
I love how my  body desires to be strong and healthy; to glorify God not self!  It communicates to me  how I need to move each day and in what way is most healing for a mind body soul experience, not about aesthetics.   
I love how the veins on my arms make it easy to donate blood.  
I love how the fluid in my legs remind me to sit down and relax or better yet go take a bath!!!
I love how the random wiry hairs on my face remind me to keep my hormones balanced.  
I love the roundness of my face.  How it is able to express th amazing joy I feel for my amazing life.  
Finally…self…I love you for you!
Always in my prayers…many blessings…
PS…now I dare you to write your own love letter list.   I dare you to not smile as you find yourself appreciating and respecting the amazing you rather then comparing and condemning.   I dare you to love you.  I dare you to love the life you’re living!!!!

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