Today is about simplicity!

Look out your window, all around you.
What do you see?

I see a sandbox that provides hours or creativity for my daughter.

I see my punching bag…that I really need to incorporate into some of my workouts!

I see a bench I love to sit on, read a book, sit my tea or a glass of wine!

I see trees that shade my yard, that provide amazing life to my yard!

I see a hammock that I often see my hubby napping on!

AND….I see GOD!  All around each of those items.…I see how God provides us opportunities all the time to have fun with our family; to experience our faith as a family.


Thus, this week I truly keep it short and sweet because I am going to have fun with my family as we live out our faith in all that we do!

How do you keep your family life simple?  
How do you keep your faith all around your family and your fun?
How do you ensure they are all encompassing and simple?

Blessings and hugs always,
~K 🙂

September Sunday!

I am beyond excited today!!!

It was extremely hard for me to contain myself to not get up and just start writing/blogging but I practiced some good discipline….lol….after all if I am spending all my time blogging well that sort of defeats my “fasting” from Facebook, right!?

Well today is September 1st!  Thus the beginning of my new chapter…my new challenge…in life.   I had a dear friend last week express how she loves how I am continually challenging myself.  I laughed cause I am sure many people think I am just bonkers.  But I can’t help it…it is my nature :)!

So anyone who is new to reading this…I have chosen to “unplug” from many modern conveniences during the month of September.  The point of it is to challenge myself in re-evaluating time management, as well as true necessities in life.

I have many stores that are within a mile of where I live that allows me to truly get everything and anything I could possibly need to manage a month of responsibilities and then more.  I can grocery shop, household needs, clothing, reading, spiritual….you name it I truly have it within arms distance.

Therefore, I cannot drive for any shopping this month.   I decided to add the element of only getting onto Facebook but once a week on Sunday for approximately an hour ( a little in the morning….and any follow ups in the evening).

What’s my point….my purpose?  My purpose is to slow down again….to remember there is a time, a place, a season for things.

I thought it was fitting for me since I just recently made some pretty big changes in my life that I will be sharing with you all over the next month.

I wanted to really start my new chapter with a renewed sense of time and needs.

Needs:  about 3 years ago I did this whole purging of stuff from our home and in the process it was a wonderful cleaning of the mind.  But just as prayer is a practice and discipline you must do each day to not get rusty, it is easy to find yourself starting to slip into old habits of holding on to stuff you really don’t need and/or buying stuff you really don’t need.

Thus, the purpose behind only walking is to examine while I am shopping I have to realize I have only a backpack….and how heavy do I really want to fill it….what in my basket is a true need and what is a want!

Time:  We have become spoiled and taken it for granted that we can just jump into our cars and zip from this place to that place.  And sometimes we get so caught up with going going going that we forget just how long it may take to do something or get somewhere….thus over budgeting our time.  We all suffer from this.  We add stress to our bodies, our minds, our souls.  We take time from our kiddos….our friends.   We become impatient with other people around us….less loving….less compassionate because by golly we have places to go, people to see, things to do!!!!

Thus, by walking it reminds a person: how bad do I really need to go to the store….how much time do I spend in the car zipping from store to store….and possibly not managing my time as well as I thought I was.

Both of these tie into the added element of Facebook.   We all know FB can be a huge time sucker and it really isn’t a need….we can survive without it!

Do not get me wrong….I love being able to connect with dear friends, family on FB.  I also enjoying reading about other like minded people with some of the things I follow on FB.  But we can become obsessive and even egotistical when we spend too much time in anything that is that sort of setup of open dialogue.  We can obsessively check who read a post.  We can egotistically think we are the only ones who can offer certain thoughts, or wisdom, or information.  It is always good to give ourselves a check and balance.

I am not sharing something that is foreign to anyone.  I am just willing to be out here, a vulnerable, open book for all to see and read!   NONE of us are perfect….and anyone reading this who may find themselves saying I don’t ever get obsessive or egotistical about my FB posting (or anything in life) is lying to themselves because we are all vulnerable to it.  And we all need to check ourselves from time to time!

Okay well…..I think that is enough for now….I have the sweetest little girl who is ready for me to play with her!  And that is one date I do not plan on being late for :)….

Blessings and prayers to each and everyone of you!

Marvelous Monday

I am excited to get my September challenge up and going!   So much so that I felt it strongly in my heart to go ahead and atleast unplug from Facebook starting today.  I don’t want the mental distraction as I prepare myself mentally and spiritually for this exciting month coming up in less than 6 days!

Josephine and I did a pre-challenge grocery walk on Saturday to get a few supplies from Natural Grocers as well as going to the Family Christian store to use a coupon we had for a few books for her.  It was relaxing and nice to know we could only purchase what could fit in my backpack and really focus on what was a need versus a want.

Anyone coming to this page randomly, who I haven’t emailed or mentioned on facebook with, my family is going to embark on a simplify and unplug challenge for the month of September.   We have many great stores within a mile or less of us that can provide all grocery, household, or any other supplies, shopping needs.   Therefore any shopping that needs to be done during September has to be walked to.  Therefore allowing us to really think about time management, monetary management, and the “weight” of what we need versus want when we fill up our baskets at the stores.

During the month of September I will be giving my blog here a facelift.  I want to add some of my favorite resources: blogs, websites, etc….that help me grow in my faith…whether it is about Family….Food…..Fitness…Fun…..Faith…..

Spread the word that you can check me out daily, weekly…whenever with this blog.  Leave comments….discussion….email me through here if you want…..I love hearing others thoughts and insight on any and all topics!

Have a glorious and blessed day!


My doctor says I could have IBS….really!?!   He proceeds to tell me all the things I should avoid, how I should destress: don’t watch the news, limit time with complainers, exercise, quiet reflective time, don’t eat this or that, don’t drink this or that.  UGH!!!

Again I say:  REALLY!?!

What I want to know is how can I not want to be informed in what is going on in the world?  How can I possibly be of help and service to those around me if I don’t let them vent?  I realize he is asking me to create balance hence the exercise and meditative aspect.  Now the exercise part is easy.  I realize I have fallen short on my quiet reflective time.  This use to be very structured and ritualistic.  I have somehow allowed it to be put on the back burner.

Reflective time doesn’t mean plugging into the TV or other social medias to “unplug”.  That is really not unplugging that is avoiding.  True unplugging is giving yourself the opportunity for 20-30 minutes to breath, reflect, pray, and be.  Be prayerful.  Be with God.  Be in His presence.  Be open to hearing His voice.

On the list of foods and drink that I’m suppose to avoid, I already do many of them.  Then I came to coffee and alcohol.  And once again I say: REALLY!?!

I live for my coffee!!!  I breath my coffee!!!

And what is Italian food without a glass of wine?  Isn’t it nice to wind your day down with a relaxing drink of some sort?

Here I realize that just because I “sacrifice” many other foods of desire doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be open to more sacrificing.  That the only true desire I should have is to be filled with Jesus…with God…with the Holy Spirit.

Thus, is my sacrifice truly a sacrifice or more of a celebration of life.  A celebration of what God does for me in my life.  A celebration of knowing He will take care of me.  A celebration of relinquishing control and giving fulling unto Him.

I find it interesting that this all ties in quite nicely from my previous post.  It could be easy for a person to want to throw in the towel and say I surrender or want to hide from the world.  God doesn’t put us here to just hide.  He wants us and needs us to get out in the market place to spread His word to do His work.

I see this, I know this, I just need to be reminded from time to time.  I need to breath and remember for thing there is a season.  He has truly given me a season of blossoming in the market place and I just need to take it one day at a time.  To take caution, to reflect, to remember first my vocation and my calling….but to be okay and realize that the calling aspect can and will change as He sees the need.

So if it is IBS then bring it on!  I’m up for the challenge cause I’m not the driver in this car…I’m just the tool trying so very hard to be all HE needs me to be….sharp, precise, and efficient!!!!

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