2016: Continued Evolving Health Goals

As I reflect on my not so great days of:

brain fog
A type/form of depression associated with health concerns. 
Vanities of ever changing body. 
Working out different to still help get the engine revved but not inflame the body. 
Frustrations of all side effects a person encounters with a thyroid condition. 
I thank God for this adventure!
Here is why:
I thank Him for reminding me to not take my immune system for granted.  Our immune system wants to protect me.  My body continually reminds me to do my part!
I thank Him for this amazing butterfly gland (my thyroid!) that is communicating to me how to balance my hormones on a deeper level that is not just about my nutritional needs but my mental and spiritual needs! Teaching me to use my voice in the things that are truly important!
I thank God for my brain fog.  It reminds me to always be humble!
I thank Him for the dark, gloomy feeling days.  It reminds me to be compassionate toward those who experience true, deep dispair and anguish that grips them.  
I thank God for reminding me that my body is not about vanity, the aesthetics.   It is truly about Whole Health!!!!  I look in the mirror and I am overcome by the love and beauty I see deep down.  I see my amazing heart and soul not my flesh and blood. 
I thank Him for slowing me down.  Reminding me I can’t smell the roses when I’m running but I sure can when I go for walks and hikes!

Thus for 2016….my health goals are to continue to LOVE this journey.  To not obsess about the dos’ and don’ts.  To not obsess about research.  To lot allow it to distract me from LIVING my LIFE….JUST AS IT IS!…AND TO LOVE MY LIFE JUST AS IT IS!!!

Here is to even more great days and learning into 2016!

Energy! Peace! Health!

 We all have to do what is right for our own bodies!

I have been reading bits and pieces from another great Paleo book:  Your Personal Paleo Code!

I love it!

I love being Paleo!

I love living Paleo!

I love life!

BUT…..I do understand and respect that Paleo is not for everyone.  I would love to convince everyone to go down this road and they won’t regret it.  Yet, human nature has it where there are some who just will argue…some who are not committed…some who think it is limiting…..some who just don’t get it.  That’s okay.

I am not here to force anyone….heck I can’t force anyone….but I can hopefully help others learn more about their health: mind, body, and soul…..to make good choices that are right for them!

That is why I love supporting those who strive to live a healthier life.

There are arguments in the paleo community whether a person should use any supplements or not.

There are some who say we can get all we need from our foods….and others who say we need just a few…..and others who argue that today’s food just isn’t giving us what all we need so we must supplement some vitamins and minerals.

ALL OF THESE ARGUMENTS ARE CORRECT!  Depending on your lifestyle….your busy-ness, your willingness to make certain food choices, etc.

For example, for me, I try to not supplement for the most part, but I do know I need the vitamin B’s for energy a bit more from time to time.

If I am out and about, or traveling, and if I am not going to have access to a good quality grass fed beef, I will make a protein shake;  if I am in the middle of an intense spiritual fast I will take a whole foods multi-vitamin….and during winter I need a bit more antioxidant super fruits to ensure I keep my immune system up and running as I am running about……

Therefore, if a person is going to use stuff to help them with their health, and making healthy choices outside of their food sources, we really want to make sure it is quality.

I look at it as I am not going to willingly buy a hormone injected meat, or a soy laden dressing, or gunky oils to inflame my system…..

The same is with our vitamins, supplements, protein…..

I have always been willing to pay more for quality and know that it is GOOD IN GOOD OUT!
I want to live the longest, healthiest, fullest life that GOD has in store for me!


With that HUGE intro….I want to share with everyone, and anyone who will read, and listen…..

I have a wonderful friend who approaches life the same way I do….wanting to help others live their fullest and healthiest life possible!

She is having this great event coming up in February…. (check out this link!!!)

So the question is:
Do you need help just trying to eat more whole food?
Do you want more energy?  Quality B vitamins?
Do you want a great way to baby step into a Paleo/Primal lifestyle?
Do you want to win some free stuff!?

Check it out!  It’s worth even just hanging out and meeting some great people who have the same goals in mind:  TO BE THE BEST YOU GOD INTENDED YOU TO BE!!!!

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