Okay I couldn’t have asked for a better word to describe what I just saw on the news…..nor could I have planned out a ‘w’ to go with my Wednesday any better than what I just heard.

As I am embarking…constantly peeling away layers of my life to really and truly tap into simplicity, I see and hear just now a Hollywood director who did exactly what I aspire to do!

No I don’t have a mansion or loads of money but we all have levels of “stuff” that weigh us down.  We all accumulate and hold on to material items that we think will bring us joy and happiness.  Instead these things can be a ball and chain if we are not careful.

I have no idea what this mans philosophies are on faith, life, etc….but there has to be some sort of core to him that taps into the integrity of who we are as people and what we need to try to strive for.

I look forward to checking out this book, Life’s Operating Manual.   I think it is perfectly placed into my view and thoughts as I am about to embark on my fun September adventure/challenge.  

Now that is God.

Others may deny God’s hand in simple little things like this but I can’t help but be awed in how else or why else would I just happen to watch the news at the right time to hear about this book just as I am about to do this challenge of simplifying my life even more so than what I have been doing over the last 3 years!

And that is why I say WOW….to this Wednesday morning :)….

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