Does your choice provide life or nurture death?

Thus I ponder on how this is relevant in ALL things in life…even food…nutrition….exercise!

Let’s take food and drink as an example.

What is your treat: chocolate, pie, wine, bread?

Why do you partake in any of those items?

Do you partake to celebrate something (thus nurture life)?

Or do you partake because you are angry, hurt, not loving yourself (thus nurturing death!)?

We all have that one or two things that we may “crave”….so it comes to choices….to balance!

Balance needs to be obtained in so many ways!

How did St. Teresa create balance in all she was called to do?  How did she ensure her choices were life giving and not life taking? 
I imagine she turned to God during her times of craving….really, always!
Take these thoughts and questions for your week and reflect on them.  Journal about them.  Strive to crave God more than any physical or optional wants.  
Have a blessed week!
Hugs and prayers!
K 🙂

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