Love Forgiveness on Friday

Yesterday was a full day for me, yet beautiful.  I met a wonderful woman who is just an amazing ripple for God. 

But… day wasn’t done.  There was a package waiting for me at my door step. A package from a department store that I knew I had not ordered from.  My gut said this can not be good.  I went on line to verify my intuition.   Sure enough this delivery had been charge on this particular account.   I didn’t make this purchase!  Therefore I had to spend the next 3 plus hours working with this stores identity fraud department and with my own bank.  Coming to the conclusion that hopefully, more than likely it was only that account, but the possibility my computer has also been hacked.  Therefore today’s posting is brought to you via my phone!  
So this may be short…lol….cause typing this way is entertaining!  And I have no idea how long and when I’m going to know if my computer is safe to use.  
What are the thoughts that kept running through my mind…besides I don’t have time for this and I’m too tired for this….is FORGIVE!
I forgive whoever did this.  I forgive whoever sought out to  my get my information for whatever intention.  
It had me further reflecting on how often does God possibly feel the same with us?  How often do we steal from Him?
Everytime we don’t give freely, openly, mercifully with our time, talent, and treasure aren’t we stealing from God?
When we hold back giving our full tithe in the basket aren’t we stealing from God?
When we hurry past a homeless person or a struggling mom, aren’t we stealing our time from God?
When we choose a higher paying job or career over a job or situation that highlights our talents, aren’t we stealing from God? And those around us who don’t have the opportunity to experience that gift?!
Every time we are faced with a decision to choose a selfish desire or pursuit rather than Gods path aren’t we stealing?
Forgive us Lord from stealing from you.  Forgive us for continually trying to force our will onto life rather than flourishing in your will.  You know so much better than us.  Teach us to be better at not stealing from others but especially to not steal from you!
Do you have someone you need to forgive today?  What about your own self?  Take a moment to reflect and ponder how you too can stop stealing from your own life!  
Hugs and blessings in this beautiful day!
BOOK:   Still in The Hormone Reset!!
MOVEMENT: yoga!  I know I need it to relax, revitalize and breath through all of this!!! Lol.  
NUTRITION:  Leptin hormone.  When this hormone is not running right we don’t receive the signal we are full.  It also plays a huge role in inflammation!  Check out all the quick picks from the book I have included with today’s post. 
TASTY TIP: I made this fabulous salad the other week.  It was popping with flavor and amazing!  
1/2 head of cabbage
2 cups of cooled cooked green beans 
1 bunch of cilantro
2 cut up grapefruit
1/4 cup Apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup olive oil

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