Day 1: Detox Challenge!

Detoxes are all the rage these days.  It has become quite the buzz word.

We read about these “detoxes”, diets, challenges, etc…especially for losing weight.  But what about a detox that is about the mind body and soul?
What if a person focused more on how to change their thinking…their internal compass about their body during a cleanse, a challenge?
What if we picked a prayer or devotional to reflect upon while trying to make a physical change?
What if for 9 days you prayerd a specific novena?  
What if you chose a 21 day devotional to reflect on?
What if you did a 40 day bible based study to create change within your challenge?
What if you put some SOUL into the mind and body of your challenge?
What if you gave your flesh some substance…something sustainable that will forever transform your mind and soul?
When we focus too much on the asetecs we lose the heart of why we should make changes for our mind body and soul.  Changes should be about health.  Loss should be about fat loss not weight loss.  
Instead of focusing on losing….focus on what you can gain.
GAIN better health.
GAIN strength and muscle.
GAIN undetstanding of nutrition.
GAIN knowledge of how to nurish your mind, body, and soul.
Pick a number.  I like using biblical numbers:  3, 7, 9, 21, 40…..when I want to make and create changes in my life.  Whether it is a physical goal, a spiritual goal, a personal goal….no matter the area in my life  I want to create a change, I never forget to keep it whole….to remember  it must be a mind, body, soul connection.
Once you have set a number, pick what you’re going to reflect on for that set number of days.  Specific prayer?  Book? Devotional?  Bible verse?  
Now get a notebook, journal, something to write in each day.
On the first page you are going to make your commitment.  Example:  During these ?# days I will read from ____________ or I will pray _______________.   I will write down each day what I am feeling: mind, body, and soul.  I will write down my commitment of thse changes I am wanting to experience for each area of mind, body, and soul.

Mind – Learn Gods word about change.
Body- I want to make these changes not just to look better but to feel better.
Soul- through this I will learn to put in my heart God’s love for me.

Look at this Mind, Body, Soul experience, challenge, as a way to become better commited to your Faith, Fitness, and Food Goals….
Philippians 4:11-12
Learn to be content with the here and now…yet strive to improve and grow in your walk with the Lord: mind, body, and soul!

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