September Challenge Update!

4 pm on Friday…

It is nice to sit here, feel accomplished, and not feel FRAZZLED with tons of places to go and be and shop…etc.

We have groceries we do need to get, but assessing what is in the frig and freezer, it was agreed we want to wait until the morning when it is cooler to do our shopping.

Sweet daughter is watching one of her favorite shows, MY LITTLE PONY, and decided what I wanted to do for my relaxing time, before I start dinner, is write!

Write and share!!!

This week has been interesting.  I knew we were really good on groceries, that wasn’t the problem.  The snafu was when it was Wednesday, we still needed to walk to JoAnn’s to finish getting a few things for our sewing project we were doing with some friends on the next day!

I had to make a choice:

1.  Do we still walk…thus burning up the promised play time to my daughter.  She had been very responsible with everything that day….actually all week thus far.  And she had been enthusiastic with ALL her lessons.


2.  Do I keep my promise to her by saving us time by driving to the store, getting the few things we needed, and getting back?

Two to three hours versus less than an hour.

The whole point I had for this challenge was:
1st:  create an awareness to the “weight” of what we buy
2nd:  manage time and days better.  Thinking and planning things out better.
3rd:  (the most important) to slow down and put family first and increase family time rather than getting lost in the “to do’s”, agenda’s, etc…

The 3rd to me is the most important….it is the theme behind all the rest of it….it is my foundation of why I wanted to do this.

You guessed it…I opted to drive.  I kept my promise and had a wonderful evening of crafting, painting, hanging out with the most deserving little girl.

What did I learn:
1.  I really need to manage my time a bit better and think things out a bit more/
2.  Maybe I do expect myself to do too much in one day.
3.  It made me more aware of anticipating and planning out the rest of the month on what do I need to shop for and make sure I don’t cut myself short on time.

1.  Walking places yes makes us slow down and smell the “roses” but it can also take away from other valuable time.
2.  It creates conversation time, but so can the car you just have to be willing to “unplug” from all the noise and distractions.

The month has barely begun and here I am already having to break my abstaining from driving to shop.  Yet I look at every challenge as just that….a challenge!  It wouldn’t be a challenge if it didn’t have bumps and growth.

Besides you can read just about anywhere how it takes 30 days to truly take in something new, to make a change.   Whether your dealing with bad habits, new routines, even food and fitness….it all takes time…discipline…self-control….trial and error!

Thus over all I think this week has been a pretty successful week!  Guess we will see what next week has in store for us!

Hugs, prayers, and blessings to all!
~K ::)

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