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I’m back!!!

And Oh my goodness gracious God has given me some focus and vision with this blog that I am super excited to share with you all… forgive me if this one ends up being a bit longer than usual…lol…

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It’s so interesting to me all the different ways this simple blog has changed, grown, developed and rippled.  How the theme, the direction, and content has changed over the years.  But one thing remains: It is a personal account of my life journey.  God definitely purposed me so many years ago to start this blog to create hope, to spread good ripples.

Whether it was sharing about my losses, my challenges, my health, my joys, simple topics, or complex topics….it has always been what is currently going on in my life, how it is effecting me and my family and how I can maybe help someone who is wrestling with similar experiences.

With all that being said…..I have always shared with you all what I am thinking…even when it comes to changes with this blog….and why.  It’s funny because I know some bloggers are about content and information; they don’t share the process of their changes, their format, etc….they just do it!  But since I am here about my journey and building relationship with you well I’m going to share what’s going on in my thoughts even about this blog…lol.

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I am feeling very called to have several sections so to speak… to bridge and connect what’s going on in my life…to scripture, essential oils, etc.  I am wanting to be an intentional disciple for and with you on this amazing life journey.

Because this is the thing…for every personal account I share…

There IS a scripture I find that draws me closer to God.  There IS an essential oil or two or three or more…..that support me and my family.  And for every situation I see more and more more how our physical and emotional and spiritual health are connected.

I am hoping that by my continual sharing of my personal life here with you and connecting it to God’s word and God’s gift of essential oils (as well as other sources and modalities) that you too will desire to be an intentional disciple in your faith walk, your WHOLE life, YOUR WHOLE HEALTH: mind, body, soul, spirit!

Finally, hold on for a ride because the things I have been journaling about, healing about, and life experiences of recent has me really going deep.  Which means I am going to be taking you all on an amazing journey if you’ll join me for 2018!

Let’s just say….TOB (Theology of the Body), our beautiful sexuality, sexual healing, what’s been going on in the media and many tough topics are going to be addressed here.  I am super excited to share!

So hold on tight cause the conversation I just recently had with my darling daughter was deep, sad, and truly amazing.

Today reflect on what do you need healing from?  What are you wanting to really dig deep into for 2018?

Sit…pray….journal….tap….and oil up!

Essential drops of love and prayers always,

~Kelly 🙂

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Intentional Disciple {Leader for Christ}

I have had the honor and privilege to lead a group of 10th graders this school year in a religious ed class on Sundays at our church.

It has an amazing year.  I have enjoyed learning so much about them, learning with them, and learning from them.

The other teacher/leader and I had a desire to share with them about how the Holy Spirit works in our life.  And how to become an intentional disciple.

Next Sunday is our last Sunday together.  My heart is heavy because I have grown quite fond of these amazing young individuals who I won’t see next year because I will not be here.

But… heart was bursting on Sunday when I shared with them how leaders are readers…..and being an intentional disciple is being a leader.  I had brought in 2 large bags full of many different types of spiritual growth books.  I had them spend 15 minutes of picking out the ones that resonated with them to take their faith growth to the next level.  To pick out books that would connect them to the journey they are in right now with their faith so they could become even more intentional about their discipleship for Christ.

I loved seeing the motivation and determination they had as they sifted through the books and sat with the ones they had picked and really dug into them!

What does leading mean to you? Are you motivated to be an intentional disciple!?

Sit with this…..pray about it…..write about it…..share below about it!  Let’s connect :)…..

Many hugs and blessings always dear followers….family….friends….

~Kelly 🙂

Fishing for Faith…

I was thinking about how yesterday I shared with you all one of the Facebook groups I write, share, and learn from…..and I realized I wanted to feature each group.  One a day….for the next….ah who knows how many groups….lol…..   No but seriously.  I want to share with you other places I write and why. 

When I created the Facebook group Fishing for Faith, it was actually by a different name and it was a group specific to the college students I was working with at the time.  Then as I left campus ministry and started doing even more writing and pursuing networking of people and faith… became a place for sharing ways to create ripples in our faith….to cast our nets…..and to evangelize!

Thus FISHING FOR FAITH….is all about how can we live out what Christ asked of Peter….to be FISHERS OF MEN!

Take a moment today to pray….reflect….write about how you are living out your faith!?  How are you being a fisher of men!?  How are you evangelizing and being an intentional disciple for Christ!?

Many hugs and blessings dear readers…family….friends…
~Kelly 🙂

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