Wellness on Wednesday

Yesterday’s smoothie was fabulous!  The problem for me:  it was too much “sugar” first thing in the morning.  In my enthusiasm to try the mixed berries and the recipe I had posted for you all, I failed to remember insulin is more sensitive in the morning and especially for me.

I have learned if I eat fruit, even berries, it needs to be in the afternoon and/or evening so not to create a spike.  Needless to say it created a nauseousness and slight edgy feeling most of the day, but that’s okay.  Why?  Because life is about continual learning. Experimenting. Exploring. Challenging. Hacking. And waiting!

So what did I learn?  I still am sensitive to insulin spikes in the morning.  I must stick to what I knew before.  And to not beat myself up over it.

It is interesting because I know most or many people have a sweet tooth.  No wonder sugar is such a hard habit to break.  But me I am a creamy and savory kind of gal.  I can eat a jar of pickles if given the choice.  And I love ice cream not because of the sweetness to it, but because of the creamy…..thus cheese was and is still the hardest food item for me to avoid.  But I just remind myself all the health benefits I reap when I do avoid dairy and I know I can’t argue with it.

There are many times I will make a sweet treat, or shake, or something all for the benefit of others, especially my sweet young daughter.  She has a sweet tooth about the size of this world.  Part of it I wonder if it is to just drive me crazy…lol.

Something I really learned from this experience is I really appreciate and enjoy my soups or green shakes in the morning.  I love that salty warm comfort of the soup.  Or the refreshing tang of the veggies as I sip a smoothie.  Just because most everyone else loves that sweet tooth, I don’t have to if it’s not in my DNA to love it.  I can appreciate it, respect it, and even enjoy it from time to time in the evening if I really want to but if I don’t then that’s ok….bring me my jar of sauerkraut instead!!!

Which brings me to…..I am beyond excited.   I am finally going to try to make my own fermented sauerkraut.  Our local grocery store has cabbage on sale for .37 cents a pound.   I knew I was going to get some for slaw, stir fry, and wraps for this week.  Then I realized….this is the perfect time for me to finally try it!

I will finally have those jars of cabbage sitting on my counter creating all those amazing probiotic bugs to help continue to do great things for my gut.  

Who knows maybe I will actually venture and make my own kombucha with these berries and then I won’t have the insulin spikes….and enjoy all the tang!

Now this adventure will take a bit longer to report about since it will take many days for it to do it’s job.  But I look forward to sharing about it!

Well that’s about it for today.  Nothing heavy….light and easy….lol….

Off to conquer the world with lessons with great discussions, groceries with lots of saving money, house work with lots of dancing,  and wellness in my mind, body and soul!!!

Hugs and prayers always,

PS….today’s book is about the science of how sugar grabs hold of you and how addicting it is.  JJ Virgin also does an excellent job in explaining the fallacy about how some veggies have been dubbed as too high in carbs/sugar……this is a fabulous book to really understand the carb war and what we really need to understand about sugar.

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