What is true freedom?

I feel we take this simple word for granted in the U.S.

Today I am going to deviate, in a way, from what I have been sharing with anyone who wants to hear/read about my journey with our femininity, our sexuality.  Instead, I want to extend to all of you to reach out in prayer for a dear friend of mine.

I’ve shared in previous posts about the child slave trade in other countries.  My friend is embarking on a trip today for 10 days to spread light, hope, and love to those who don’t see or experience these amazing gifts.

It breaks my heart so much to know how much we take for granted.

After all, what are my biggest worries, concerns, or thoughts during a normal day for me?

I have the luxury to think about things like receiving and providing nutritious meals for my family.  I have the opportunity to contemplate what physical challenge I want to embark on each month.  I am able to tweak and experiment with my own personal journey on topics like food, fitness, faith, finances, etc and then share it with all of you.

I have the freedom and the joy to think about how I can grow closer to Christ and not get caught up in this world.

I DON’T have to worry about being used as an object for someone elses morbid, evil intended pleasure.

I DON’T have to worry about my life being threatened each day.

I DON’T have to worry about my sexuality being stripped away in such a way that I don’t even know what is healthy behavior toward my sexuality and my personal/physical body.

I DON’T have to worry about my moral compass being shattered because of the dark veil that shrouds my every day.

These children DO have these worries.

My heart breaks for these precious children.  The mommy in me wants to wrap my arms around them, love them, tell them it will all be okay.  But I can’t and we all know that unfortunately really ugly, bad things DO take place in this very broken world.

BUT there is something we ALL CAN DO TOGETHER!  We can join in prayer!  The most powerful weapon we have against evil.

As a Catholic, we dedicate the month of May to Mary.  But it doesn’t matter if a person is Catholic or not, Mary is mother to ALL OF US!  I think we can all respect and understand the the terrible pain and agony she must have experienced as she watched her precious son endure all HE did because of the evil in this world.

For the next 10 days WE CAN join together in prayer for these precious children in other countries.  WE CAN pray together that one day these children are freed from this evil….that these children experience a mothers love and warm embrace, and that even though humanity seems to have abandoned them, they are able to one day realize God has not….Christ will carry them…the Holy Spirit is loving them….and Mary will be their perfect mother!

Lets pray they are able to one day KNOW and FEEL the love of our Lord.
The love and embrace of their perfect heavenly mother.

There are many ways we can pray for these children during these 10 days….and beyond.

One way is through a Novena.

Another is learning as much as you can about these crimes and reflect on it, asking God to speak to your heart; to direct you in what action we can or should take.

We can turn to Mary, through the rosary, a scriptural prayer of the life and death of Jesus.

What ever form you choose to pray….please DO pray with me to STOP…TO END THE EVIL OF CHILD SEX TRADE….

Today I stop at this moment to pray for freedom for these precious children:
I believe in God the Father….(the apostles creed)
Our Father, who art in Heaven…(the Lords prayer)
Hail Mary full of grace…
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit…
O my Jesus forgive us our sins….

My prayers and blessings…

Take 2 on Tuesday!

Two minutes is literally all I have…lol.   I am about to run out the door to take my wonderful warrior to gymnastics.  But I had two minutes that I wanted to ponder and ask all of you out there your thoughts!

As I have felt myself being called more and more to share my life, my journey through all my wonderful “F” words:


You name it :)…..and shame on you if you thought I would cuss!

Okay back on track cause I am down to one minute!

As I have felt drawn more and more to share, thus help with the whole new evangelizing movement I have pondered if I should keep limping along with!

I don’t like the ads that surround my articles.  But I know it is another way for me to share the beautiful message of CHRIST.  Of living my faith!!!  Of all of us living our faith for Christ, with the Holy Spirits help, to honor GOD!!!


Should I keep up with Examiner?  Should I put my efforts elsewhere, or just with this blog?!

I am not suppose to really have an individual or personal voice with examiner but that is okay.  I can share my deep dark secrets here…!

BUT….again my big thing is:  should I put effort into something that is surrounded by poo-ey material?!

SPEAK UP!!!  Give me your voice!

Have a glorious Tuesday and week :).

Hugs and blessings always!
~K 🙂

PS…the picture above is from the Joyce Meyer book, Confident Moms…great read!!!!

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