Swirling Sleep

My brain was swirling with ideas last night!  Oh my goodness!  I did get to sleep pretty good, but I did do lots of dreaming of an idea I have had for quite a while for women.  But this idea has been refining and getting clearer.

I love love love my daughter….and I love love love taking care of ourselves…..and I love love love sharing with others what I learn about health, nutrition, faith, etc…..

But what I love most of all… that has been a fire within my soul since I knew I was pregnant with my daughter… was empowering and training my daughter as she grew up to LOVE LOVE LOVE herself.  I remember all the questions she has ever asked…and still ask about her body, about herself, about God, about everything.

I have ALWAYS wanted her to feel so comfortable in her skin that she knows GODS love is SO much more important than anyone’s (especially societies) view on our looks!

I have ALWAYS wanted her to take care of her body nutritionally and physically so she can do the works GOD asks of her now and in the future.

I have ALWAYS wanted her to understand how we as women are uniquely and divinely made.  How our femininity is not a tool or a weapon to be objectified but an amazing power to be respected and protected.

I think I have been doing a pretty good job at teaching her all these things.  BUT I know I still have lots of work…..because I still have so much work on myself!   And that is good!

I have always believed mothers and daughters are connected on a level most people cannot possibly understand.  But with that, us mothers have a huge responsibility to not pass down baggage to our daughters.  I purposefully positioned my heart and soul on that mission the moment I had her.

So what I have realized I really really feel driven to do in any spare moment I have (lol!!!)….is to have gatherings with other women, moms……sharing the ways we can raise our daughters to be warrior women in the topics of: self love, health, nutrition, self care, modesty, changing hormones, our femininity, our sexuality, the tough stuff like eating disorders, depression, and soo much more!

I want to gather with other moms and women to share how some of these areas may need to be something we work on ourselves as well in order to model it well for our daughters.

I want to gather with other warrior women with the format idea of presenting a topic, sharing my favorite resources, how I have maneuvered things thus far and my plans/thoughts in the later years,  how life/society can influence our thoughts and choices, share my own life experiences with each of the topics, and then discuss, share, and learn from each other.

I started out last week with some very specific thoughts and dates with it….just as I have with many brain inspirations I have had in the past…..but I am learning to be still with God and listen…..but also to not procrastinate and use “listening” or “waiting for the right time” to be an excuse for fear….fear of failure….fear of the unknown….fear of…….who know!!?!?

Thus I will let this resonate within me a few more and then take action because I KNOW action is what GOD is asking of me right now….NOT sitting and waiting!!  ugh…lol…..

Have a glorious day…..and if there are any wonderful warrior women out there that this resonates within you please share!  I would love to know if you would be interested in having tea with me :)…either virtually or face to face!

Blessings always,
~Kelly 😉

PS….if you haven’t checked out or heard of the podcast I have a screen shot of….you really should she is amazing!!!

Dynamic Daughters: Breakfast Pizza!

GENESIS 1:27,31…

“A healthy self-image is seeing yourself as God sees you – no more and no less.”
 – Josh McDowell

I have a very picky eater!  But as I have posted before, I refuse to create food as a battlefield!  Thus, I choose to find ways to nurture our relationship, nurture our health, and respect each other!

My amazing warrior girl LOVES pizza and muffins!

I have been on a quest for the last year to create whole, real food, nutritious baked goods and pizza that she really enjoys and doesn’t ask for the bakery or takeout!

Today I share with you a yummy Breakfast Pizza that became a huge hit for her.  It was a wonderful Friday dinner for us since we have committed as a family to abstain from meat on Friday’s as our way of reflecting and remembering the amazing sacrifice Christ made for us.


I used a small cast iron skillet for this one. 
 I think it was the little 5 inch one!? 
 I whisked up 3 eggs
 with about 1/4 cup of bone broth,
 1/4 cup of coconut milk, 
1 tsp of garlic powder.  
I put a heaping tablespoon of coconut oil in the pan on medium heat. 
 Pour the eggs into the pan. 
Once I saw it getting firmer around the edges and the bottom…
I then transferred the whole pan into the oven at 350 degrees…
 for about 5-10 minutes.  
Basically until I saw it getting firmer. 
Before it browned I pulled it out.  
That is when I put the organic pizza sauce, or one I have made from tomato paste and seasonings, 
sprinkled with cheese, 
put back into the oven until the cheese has melted to satisfaction.

And there you go…add whatever toppings you want!  
For me I put olives, mushrooms, spinach, peppers….lots of yummy-ness!

How does this nurture my daughters soul?  
She sees me wanting to  create things  she enjoys eating and is still nutritious for her.  Because I know the more balanced I can help her keep her hormones, the easier this roller coaster of pre-teen and womanhood will be!  (Check out Dr. Sara Gottfried’s HORMONE RESET DIET, to learn more about how we as women can understand our hormones better, thus being able to help our daughters understand the hormones in their bodies!)

Thus, this meal will give her great protein to satisfy and keep her insulin balanced.  All the different healthy fats in it will create a satiety to help think clearer.  And the whole experience is enjoyable!

Blessings, prayers, and hugs always,
~Kelly 🙂

New Beginnings…A Journey for the Mind Body and Soul of Daughters!

Easter Season is full of beautiful new beginnings…our amazing Lord has risen!

I hope you enjoy this journey on Raising Dynamic Daughters into Wonderful Warrior Women.

We are going to create a new ripple of resurrecting what our true femininity is all about for our daughters.  We are going to resurrect the beauty and design God had/has in store for us as women and for our daughters!!!

I am no expert…I am just a mom of a daughter…desiring to make a change for her, for you, for all women and girls. Everything I will be sharing for the next 50 days is stuff I have learned…read…felt inspired by to raise a daughter with love and confidence!

What you will have to look forward to:

1. A scripture to feed our spirit, our soul, to nurture our faith hope and love of raising daughters….to empower ourselves as women. 

2.  I will share with you something I have read, watched, or listened to that has helped me with this journey…sometimes with a personal reflection entwined.

3.  How we can nurture our daughters through: healthy choices about food, exercise, world influences…anything that can be related to our physical body.

Each day will have at least one of the above. With the design and intent to nurture:

Scripture for our soul.
Learning for our mind.
Practices/recipes for our body.

I know the saying is: MIND, BODY, SOUL….but my thoughts are when we focus 1st on the soul through God’s word it creates a desire to obtain the knowledge to feed the mind, which then instills the discipline to care for my body, to do God’s work which all brings us back to our soul…making us stronger to be the warrior woman for our amazing God.  That gives me FAITH, HOPE AND LOVE.

Many blessings, hugs, and prayers…
~Kelly 🙂

PS….I hope to post something inspiriting, informative, and/or helpful each day…but keep in mind….just as I need to remind myself as well….my first and foremost responsibility is to God..then hubby…then child…then education…then blog :)…..AND LIFE HAPPENS SOMETIMES :)….

PPS….any recipes I post between now and Pentecost will be creations that my Dynamic Daughter really likes….so there won’t be a great deal of my salad creations (yet) but some really fun ways of “sneaking” some powerful foods into your daughters diet to help her keep ‘balanced’ with her developing body and mind!

Day 15: Keep it Simple on Sunday!

I am going to keep it short and sweet for today because it is SUNDAY!!!

I want you to reflect and think about how has your MIND BODY SOUL challenge been going?

Have you had the chance to really reflect and pray about how you feel about yourself when you eat, exercise, are busy, through work, motherhood, wife….even when you are at church?!

How do all of these aspects of your life impact how you care for yourself…love yourself…all of you!?

I mentioned a few days ago about 40 being a game changer….but it is really more than that.  It is about me also being at a great place in my life.

I will one of these days actually write which books
I take pictures of….
Then I can share it with all of you…
And give credit to the wonderful authors who inspired me!





Now it is your turn…write ALL the wonderful things about yourself without buts….without anything but LOVE for self!!!

Day 10: Pedestal of Pressure!

I feel for the individuals who are in the profession…business…careers of health and wellness; whether it is as a doctor, a personal trainer, a nutritionists, those selling products/services in a store or an at-home business.

The pressure each of these must feel to have that “perfect” look according to the worlds visual standards; it must be overwhelming for some.   After all we are bombarded each day with billboards, ads, movies, and stores to name just a few, of what we “should” look like.  Therefore putting the pressure on these individuals to “look” the part because after all if you look thin then you must be healthy.  After all if you have amazing muscles you must have a great gut.

And what about the pressure those must feel when they don’t “look” the part?  Is that doctor taken serious?  Do we not take into account that the personal trainer is wanting to just relax for awhile and not look competition ready?  What if the nutritionist is dealing with hormonal issues?

There is more important things to think about with our health than just “looking” healthy!  Our health is deeper!!!

There are many women I follow about fitness, nutrition, health….they all advocate how having a healthy attitude…healthy gut…healthy mind…healthy strength….healthy movement….healthy love of self is so much more important than the ascetics.

I am sure they feel like a broken record….I know I do sometimes…..but I am passionate and committed to convince all individuals….especially women and young maturing girls to be HEALTHY in their MIND, BODY AND SOUL!  To not focus on: pride, vanity, and ascetics…..and that should include all those who are in these professions.  After all if they are walking the walk of true health then their presence alone will attract others to them to have a true, real, whole life, wellness attitude and approach to living a full and rewarding life!

And we as patients, consumers, clients, followers…need to not have the bar set so high or expect so much from these individuals that we put them on a pedestal of pressure!

What can you do today to take the pressure off of them…off of yourself to be “perfect”?

What scripture can you lean on that will redirect that focus?

Here are my top 10 women/sites I go to for motivation:

Joyce Meyer
Girls Gone Strong
Real Life At Home
Diane Sanfilippo
Sarah Fragosa
Dr. Sara Gottfried
Liz Wolf
JJ Virgin
Katie – Wellness Mama
Mind Body Green

***I purposely didn’t add their links so you have to do a little bit of leg work yourself to find what fits you best for motivation.  Plus some of the list names have several avenues of following them, therefore rather than limiting you to my pick…you pick!

What’s weighing you down?!

Quick snack idea that is tasty and satisfying before we get on to weightier topics :)….

Wrap bacon around cauliflower…season with favorite seasoning….put into oven on broil at 400/425….I check about every 5 minutes til one side is brown then flip!  Yummy, fun, and sooo satisfying!

Okay onto numbers :)….

I’m not a scale kind of gal.  I know the scale doesn’t tell me what I want to know about my health, especially not for my mind, body, and soul!

Too many people get caught up on the scale, especially women.  The scale becomes a tool of reward or punishment.  A woman steps on it and hears, “ugh you’re not sub-zero yet?”, or “Oh, your creeping back up in numbers” Forget the fact that you may be having of inflammation going on from PMS or weightlifting.   Further, the scale encourages irrationality.

This year I have only stepped on the scale a handful of times mostly to have a loose idea of some of my strength goals and how it may relate to the scale.

Thus, here are some fascinating facts for everyone to put the scale into perspective…..and hopefully  convince all women to throw the darn thing away!

Two years ago because of over training, work, etc, I weighed ten pounds less.  During the first year I worked on rebuilding my bone density, and muscle tone.  Then this last year I took the challenge of putting on muscle without bulk and without changing my pants size.  The result….I gained ten pounds of amazing muscle.  I still fit into my same cloths, maybe a bit curvier and fuller but definitely stronger, firmer and more WOMAN!!!  And the best thing of it is that my body fat percentage is actually less.

Here is another tidbit…..twelve years ago before I was pregnant with my daughter I was right about this same weight on the scale BUT two to three sizes larger.

Both situations show the difference of really dialing in a person’s nutrition and doing focused strength training to accomplish a specific goal.

Do my genetics play a factor into weightlifting and building muscle?  Probably.  I don’t think I put on muscle exceptionally easy but I think I have it easier than some.

What the last two years has taught me is to love every challenge we give ourselves: mentally, physically, and spiritually.  A person must understand every challenge requires work and effort.  Once a person has obtained their goal doesn’t mean we can’t reflect and decide if we want to continue on this path, choose a different route/goal, or even go back to the place you started.  That is the beauty of growth through challenges.

Life is a beautiful journey that we MUST keep challenging ourselves: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!

As we proceed through this journey we have to figure out what works best for each of us, individually…
…what is sustainable physically…
…what is healthy mentally…
…and what is most peaceful spiritually…

What challenge are you going to give yourself for 2015?  Share with me your biggest challenges, goals, desires for mind…body….soul for 2015!!!

Blessings always,
~Kelly 🙂

PS….next posting you can read about the ups and downs I have experienced with putting on 10 pounds, even with it being muscle.

Food, Fitness, and Faith on Friday

Really what I should say is:  FAITH…then food…then fitness…:)

I recently was listening and reading about how our food, our nutrition, is 80% of what we see in the mirror and our fitness is only 20%.  What does that mean?  It means  we truly are what we eat!  If a person has aesthetic goals than spinning their wheels on the treadmill for hours and hours at a time each day is not going to accomplish the physical look and goal they are trying to obtain.  A person MUST evaluate how they eat, why they eat, and what they eat.

The 20% of fitness truly can be just 3-4 hours a week or even less when a person focuses on strength as their primary goal rather than aesthetics.  Then, the looks just fall into place if that is a person’s goal.  A routine as simple as walking for 20-30 minutes each day, lifting weights 2-3 times a week for 20-30 minutes, and one sprint or metcon kind of workout a week is truly all that is needed.  This is basically what I do.  My walking may be outside or on my mini trampoline but it is nothing that makes me huff and puff to get my cortisol dumping bad hormones into my body and creating havoc on my insulin and thus adrenals….etc.

BUT I challenge us to look at our food and fitness outside of the box.

What if we put FAITH FIRST. Revolve our every day, our every thought, every action, and our every craving on our FAITH?

What if we gave our FAITH 100%?

Wouldn’t the food of 80% and fitness of 20% become easier?  Less of a chore? More balanced? A better perspective?

I remember once hearing how a marriage isn’t a 50/50 relationship.  That each spouse MUST give 100%  in order to truly experience the beauty and blessings of a marriage.

Thus, I challenge that our relationship with our FAITH, FOOD, AND FITNESS is the the same, in that we must give GOD 100% in order for us to understand and balance the 80% Food and 20% Fitness!

This doesn’t mean we don’t work on what needs to be done to be healthy.  Instead it gives us a better focus on why to be healthy.

A focus on living a longer and healthier life to go out and do amazing works for HIM!!!

Now that is better than any visual in the mirror in my book!

***But….you also won’t be disappointed with what you see in the mirror when GOD/FAITH is the first 100%…..TRUST ME ON THIS!!! 🙂

Blessings and hugs,
~K 🙂


I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts during the holidays….months and months ago…

 I absolutely loved what Jason said about challenges….whether it is a paleo challenge or any other type of challenge.

The question we should all ask ourselves is why are we doing a challenge?  Is it to get healthy?  Is it to lose some weight?  Is it to lose body fat?  Is it just to see if we can do it?

Having been on this lifestyle journey of living real, eating real, being real started about 4-5 years ago.  I never thought it would truly change my life but it has.   What is great is I have learned something new each week, each month, each year, and each day!

So for me what may have started as a spiritual journey of a Daniel Fast and pray…..brought me to where I am today with my mind, body, soul, well being of living Paleo.

Thus what really spoke to me about the 69th podcast of theirs, that took place on Christmas Eve, is that I too see friends and family who have a scale goal….or say they are going do something with their eating/diet/exercise for a specific designated time frame.  But then what?  Do they go back to sloppy eating and then get frustrated because they put back on all that weight and then some?

What breaks my heart is how they have now broken their metabolism.  They have to work even harder the next time.  They have broken their spirit; now they are disappointed or frustrated with themselves.

I’ve been there in the past.  Living Paleo has changed that so much for me.  Have I hit some rough spots during this journey?  Of course.  Just because we learn a healthier way of living doesn’t mean that life just becomes easy.  It doesn’t mean temptations aren’t there.  It doesn’t mean I don’t have a meal, or a day, or even a week where I make choices that I may not be so happy about the outcome the next day or next week.


So whether I choose to have a piece of cake at a wedding to celebrate that couples union, or I have too many drinks over the holidays…..I knowingly make a choice that I may not feel so great in my mind and gut the next day…..thus I have to decide if I am willing to wait out it clearing through my system to get my hormones, my mind, my body back into balance.

There is not stop and start…on and off…..challenge or no challenge for me…..it is Paleo Power all the way for me!

Now for me a challenge is more of a: do I want to try to train to be stronger for a couple of months, or do I want to increase my speed on a run.   Heck I have been even pulling more away from running so much and really adapting what is talked about on Marks Daily Apple.

I know it is not easy for any of us who have struggled with weight due to genetics, poor eating habits, or hormones…..but it is possible to abandon the “sad” (standard american diet) way of living….and truly live 100% authentic!

Thus my CHALLENGE to every friend, family member, EVERYONE….is to quit yo-yo-ing…..and start eating, exercising, praying for life….forever!

Father’s Day on Friday!

Father’s Day is Sunday!!!

I wanted to share how much I have grown to appreciate the role…. husbands, fathers, men….have in our lives.

Whether they realize it or not they are a huge factor in how we as women view ourselves.  How we even treat ourselves.  They can factor into our motivation of wanting to do something or not do something.

Daddies definitely have a HUGE factor in molding how our daughters will view men in their dating future.  How the men in our lives treat our daughters will create a standard for our daughters….for young women.

When a Daddy continually stops to listen to the chatter of their 10 year old daughter instead of fiddling with his phone…it says to her, she is more important than that silly email that just binged!

When a Daddy opens doors, holds her in his lap, and gives her a reassuring hug….it says to her, she is important and deserves to be treated with love and respect.

When a Daddy helps her get back up on the bike, or pushes her to do just one more flip….it says to her to not give up trying even when things are hard.

When a MAN remembers his role in a WOMANS life then it makes it lovely for a WOMAN to remember how beautifully made she is and her role and just how very important that role is!

This Father’s day I am going to give the amazing man in my life a gift that doesn’t just last for a day.  It is not something he can hold.

I want to give him a novena and fast.

I was thinking about this the other day when I came across a Father’s Day Novena.   I thought wow how perfect.  I will start it the day after Father’s Day for 9 days!

For me I love adding a type of fast (even if it is abstaining from one or two things) to my prayer life.  For me it takes my prayer life to the next level.  It gives it direction, purpose.  But again that is for me.

I was even having fun with some ideas of how, what to suggest to give up for 9 days to see how it can be intertwined with the prayer.

 For example:

1.  Giving up nuts, almonds, to pray for a father’s heart to continue to be strong and endure all the trials of this life.
2.  Giving up alcohol or desserts or treats to remind oneself that the true celebration is knowing we have a special man in our life.
3.  Giving up or limiting tv, computer, electronic time to remember to connect more fully and deeper with that man.
4.  Giving up that one thing that reminds you of a deceased father, grandfather, important male figure in your life!

Take a moment today, this weekend, next week….to reflect and pray for the men in your life!  And if you feel they are not living up to what God has called them to be or do….then pray for them to have the courage to be the men they are designed, created to be!  Pray they continue or start having a strong armor for Christ!
NONE of us can do this alone.

WE ALL can use prayer!

Have a Fantastic Father’s Day full of….
and our Heavenly Father!!!

Love, blessings, and prayers always,
~K 🙂

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