Faithful Fitness on Friday

The world is my gym!

On days that are cold I set up my mini trampoline in my kitchen/dining room.  I will add a stepper or weights, a mat and I bounce away.

I don’t want to have a gym membership.

There are many reasons:

1.  Been there done that.
2.  Latte Factor:  I don’t want to spend the money on it when I know everything I do can be done at home.
3.  The continual unspoken competition.  (Yes this can be healthy but often it is not, from what I see!)
4.  The observation of silently comparing.

A gym is not peaceful for me.  In order for me to stay connected to my faith through my fitness I must do it my way.
The way I know is most natural for me.
The way I will stick to it.
The way it will remain a constant in my life.
The way I connect to God and keep focused and keep my perspective about my physical fitness.

 My way is the way I keep my eye on the TRUE prize for any challenge or goal:  GOD!

This may not be the right way for some, or for many, but it is for me.



1.  My front drive and street.
2.  My kitchen/dining room area.
3.  My living room.
4.  My bedroom.
5.  The church hallways and gymnasium.
6.  The grocery store.
7.  Parks.


1.  ME….MY BODY!
2.  My broom, mop, duster.
3.  My mini trampoline/rebounder.
4.  Medicine Ball
5.  Small dumbbells
6.  Elastic bands.
7.  Large Heavy things in my driveway, backyard, anywhere.
8.  Pull-up bar in the doorway going from the kitchen to the laundry room.
9.  A yoga ball.

What do I do while I work out?

I pray my rosary….I listen to devotionals…I watch something inspirations…

How long do I work out?

I have learned a great deal about the science of how our bodies respond and function to stress (exercise is stress to the body)…..I have learned LESS TRULY IS MORE!

I limit myself to  20-30 minutes of hitting it really hard to obtain a great sweat 2-3 times a week.  These workouts are all about my strength.  Whether I am just rotating through different lifts and movements, or if I am doing interval kind of stuff….they are the ones that make me really huff and puff.  These workouts can sometimes be only 12 minutes!  Especially if I am doing sprints.

My longer days of 30-35 minutes are usually going for a walk and adding burpees every 2 blocks.  Or “walk/jogging” on the mini trampoline while I watch something.

Most days I average 23 minutes of a designated workout time.


I wake.  Roll out of bed onto my floor.  I do a nice back arching stretch.  Then, I reach out in front of me.  The whole time saying: GOOD MORNING LORD…THANK YOU FOR ANOTHER MORNING!

Then, I do about 30-40 push-ups as fast as possible and about 30 donkey kicks for each leg.  All the while saying:  LORD GIVE ME STRENGTH TODAY TO CONQUER ANYTHING THAT COMES MY WAY.  This helps remind me that my strength comes from HIM not me.

I proceed to the kitchen, start a kettle of water for my tea.  I drink down 2 glasses of water, stretch reaching high, feeling alive and looking upward to my wonderful Lord.


I assess if there are dishes to put away, laundry to fold, dusting to be done.  Therefore while I am praying my rosary I sweep/mop floors, prepare my hubby’s breakfast and lunch for the day, start a load of laundry, fold the load from the night before, put up any dishes, etc.   ALL of these chores allow me to receive great stretching.

Sweeping/mopping:  rotation stretching
Putting away dishes:  reaching up and down
Folding and starting laundry: bending, movement

My tea by now has been steeping.

I love doing my rosary prayers during these chores and stretching because it reminds me to thank Mary for the sacrifice she made to bring us our amazing Saviour.  It helps remind me to always find joy in my housework.  It gives me the opportunity to ask her to whisper in God’s ear for me about any concerns I may have.  Mother’s tend to have that special way of talking to fathers about their children’s wants, needs, desires.  Why shouldn’t this be any different!

After my rosary, I usually assess if I have time to hit my actual workout before my hubby wakes or if I wait until he heads out the door.

If I wait, I usually take that time to sit with my cup of tea and write, reflect, journal, work on schedules, bills, lesson planning, clear out emails….etc.

If not…then I hit it!

or reversed….I hit it once hubby has left for work!

I usually do something with my mini trampoline either in my kitchen, front yard, or back yard.

I love burpees.
I love step ups.
I love jumping jacks.
I love deep squats.
I love push ups.
I love sprints.

I am getting better at pull ups.
I am constantly learning and adapting different movements, stretches, strengths.

I love to work out either to my rosary, whether another one, or Joyce Meyer, a TED talk, a YOUTube video, a documentary or something that is going to help my mind and spirit learn and grow!

The rest of my day is about stretching through things.  Stopping to do a few jumps or push ups or stretches.

OR….even just shutting my eyes for about 10-15 minutes in a meditative and restful state!

At night before I enter into bed as I am reflecting in my mind about my day and blessings; doing my examination of conscience I stretch one last time.  Sometimes I throw in some push ups or planks, some arch stretches, and hip bridges.

I stand reach high….breath and slip into bed.  I write in my journal for a few minutes, thanking God for my day.  Writing down all I had evaluated in my thoughts then turn out the lights with reminding myself I must get rest to do what HE needs me to do.

Thus I strive for 7-8 hours of sleep.  I would prefer 8-9 but I am learning, baby steps!  I need to make sure I don’t stress even about not getting the extra hour of sleep I would like to have.  Therefore I make sure and tap into a nap from time to time….but that is for another day, another post!

Thus….there is my day!

This is how I keep my fitness focused on my faith….
On honoring God….
On health…
On true living…

And not on…
not on…
not on…

I hope this gives you all some ideas on how to make fitness fun and faithful!

Would love to hear any of your ideas and thoughts!

Blessings and hugs always,
~K 🙂


I have been wanting to have a day designated for some of the crazy things I come up with for food for quite sometime!

I have had some really great successes and some really great flops!  But I don’t give up because I love creating stuff everywhere.  Especially in the kitchen.

I see food as a great gateway to many things:

Great Health and Nutrition
Fellowship with Friends
Family Festivities
Faith Growth


What better way to start something new but at the beginning of a month!

Therefore, I am hoping that every Tuesday I will post a recipe I have created and/or adapted/modified from someone else.

I will share with you the inspiration behind the recipe as well as tons of links to some of the foods/ingredients about how that particular item has great benefits for your health and nutrition! (or the opposite why I substitute something because of what it can do to our health).

Which brings me to, I guess, I need to do that whole disclaimer thing that I see so many other bloggers have to post about……I AM NOT A MEDICAL PERSON, I AM NOT A NUTRITIONIST,  I HAVE NO CERTIFICATIONS…..PLEASE KNOW THAT THIS INFORMATION IS MY OPINION AND MY LIFE THAT I AM SHARING!!!  Soooooo, consult a profession for any health and medical advice…..blah blah blah…..   I find it sad that we even have to do this.  But I guess it is the world we live in today!

Sneak peak of the recipes I am going to share over the next couple of weeks:


I hope everyone enjoys some of my crazy concoctions as well as my short and sweet Tuesday postings.  ***I know some of you believe I can’t keep it short but I promise I am going to work really hard at keeping Tuesday’s short just for you :)!!!

Hugs and blessings always!
~K 🙂

"S" Sounds on Sunday!

Starchy veggies…

I know these all seem random and my thoughts as I proceed will all seem random as well.  Yet, I can’t help but see how it is all connected.  After all if I am living my life for Christ.  Thus, everything I do and experience will and should be touched or influenced by my walk with Christ.

I want to celebrate my faith saying thank you to my glorious Lord for everything He does for me!  I am beyond blessed to have a wonderful family.

I was thinking about shoes during mass the other day.  I know odd!  But as I become more and more of a minimalist with not only my life and stuff and attire, I have become more aware of how our shoes can impact our mobility.  Our shoes can nurture our alignment or hinder our health.  And if I want to be able to go, go, go for the Lord I MUST take care of my feet, thus my alignment.

I listened to a fabulous podcast last week as I enjoyed a fabulous long walk early in the morning.  The topic was about how even starchy veggies can still contribute to insulin surges…thus creating sugar cravings.  Thus needing to limit, or be cautious in how much we intake depending on our sensitivity with insulin as well as our nutritional, physical, and fitness goals!  Heck even our spiritual goals.  After all if I am “craving” anything but God I am putting too much focus on that craving that is not for God!

Cinnamon!  I love this amazing seasoning!  It is great in my tea in the morning.  A delightful sprinkle in warm coconut milk with cocoa powder and a touch of honey.   A fun twist with cayenne pepper on veggies or berries with coconut cream.  I sprinkle this amazing seasoning in and on just about everything: protein shakes, green shakes, salads, soups, drinks, cocoa/coconut oil bites, with almond butter and carrots!  It is warming, comforting, and helps control cravings….Ah I can envision God planting this beautiful spice in the garden of Eden just for me!

I have learned I must must must do something silly each day to make me smile! After all the more I laugh, smile, giggle through all of lifes trials the more I make God happy and the devil not so happy….not that makes me giddy with delight.

Socializing for me can be very exhausting sometimes but only because I am naturally in introvert.  But I know how important it is to socialize outside of my bubble because that is where I learn and experience some of the most amazing things and amazing people in my life.  It is how I am able to share what I learn with others.  It is how I am able to see God in action; through those around me.  Thus I’ve learned to make sure and respect the time that sandwiches around a larger gathering or event whether with friends or a function.  I try to take some down time before and after.

Seven days a week God gave to us to celebrate something new and different each day.  Therefore, I choose to reflect upon that seventh day of all the amazing experiences I had over the course of the last week and all I will encounter with great anticipation for the next.

What is your random seven words you want to think about, journal, reflect, and possibly share about today?! 🙂
Many blessings and prayers as always!
Live a gloriously silly day!
~K 🙂

Keeping it simple!

How absolutely perfect that I read this article from Whole9 and it has the same theme of keeping things simple!

If there is anything I love about living Paleo…it is it appears most Paleo’s strive to live an uncomplicated life.  There is an element of keeping things simple.

Remembering to keep food simple and clean.  Get plenty of rest.  Keep stress to a minimal.  Work with your body not against it.  Don’t become legalistic with life, food, exercise, etc.

I especially love it when I read about how the Paleo community really tries to help others who may be struggling with weight, or body image issues, or hormonal, or even our own mental hiccups….they all seem to really try to get others to understand and realize we need to work with our bodies not against it.  

The above article is really good.  I think many of you would enjoy it.  Also notice some of my favorite links I added to my blog.

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