Dear Pastors…

 Yesterday I shared about a letter I helped put together for a group of amazing people who want to help see change in our health…mind, body, soul.

Below is the letter I talked about.  Again I say… over the letter…..see what about it you can apply to your own letter to share with your own church….your own pastor….your own organization…business…life…..lets all work together in making our HEALTH A PRIORITY…..our WHOLE HEALTH: mind body soul!!!!
Dear Pastors,
Have you ever contemplated what your role is in leading your congregation with their health journey?  You might wonder what business is it of yours to get involved in your parishioners physical life, where it involves how they eat or exercise, but let me share some thoughts on why it is your business.
You guide them each week, each day with spiritual matters.  With how to develop a great relationship with Christ.  You guide them with the mind and soul aspects of their health, how to study God’s word so they can disciple to others, to evangelize.  You have probably guided them on financial matters, how to be stewards with their money.  You advise them on marital matters.   Why then wouldn’t and shouldn’t you help them understand the importance to care for their physical body in order for them to do all the above.  After all if we aren’t taking care of our physical health how can we possibly do and be all Christ has called us to be.
The healthier each of your parishioners are the more they can do for your parish and beyond!
The healthier they are for you the less you will have to worry about visiting them in the hospital or have other parishioners tend to their physical health needs, thus leaving more room for you to tend to even greater needs of their souls and other life matters.
You might be wondering how you can do this and what it may look like!?  Or you may even think “I don’t know enough about nutrition to guide my congregation in this matter!”  That is where the work is already done for you. 
There is a fabulous program on DVD with workbooks called THE DANIEL PLAN.  It was started by a well-known pastor I am sure you are familiar with: Rick Warren.  He put together this plan with some amazing functional doctors, nutritionists, and exercise experts, all with the dedicated purpose to get his congregation into shape: mind, body, and soul!  He realized the importance of taking care of his temple as well as leading his congregation into better health.
Now, I am sure your congregation has at least 1 if not more holistic health professionals who are current on the most pressing issues of health and nutrition.  Some may be nutrition coaches, wellness advocates, functional doctors, or just dedicated nutritional enthusiasts.  
What if you enlisted their assistance to facilitate this amazing 6 week study!?   This program is already put together and amazing.  All it needs is someone to facilitate/lead it for you!  Or what if you asked them to share information or put together their own sessions?!
These individuals are dedicated to help you to bring your congregation, all people, to a healthier way of living and eating.  They desire for others to understand and respect the abundance of plants and animals that God has provided for us in a healthy whole food way of eating and living.
Whether you use the DVD plan or one of these individuals’ plans I strongly encourage you to contact one of these professionals or enlist dedicated volunteers to help your congregation to truly understand how we can make a difference by making small changes, one at a time.  Changes that will hopefully one day replace the donut fellowship time with fruits, veggies, nuts and yogurt.
These individuals can help you understand that it doesn’t have to impact the budget but more important can help you lead your congregation to an abundant life: mind, body, and soul.  All for the GLORY OF GOD!  Life giving health gives us all the opportunity to be better Disciples of Christ, to evangelize more fully to the world!
By now you might be wondering who is this woman and what does she get out of this?  I am no one to the world but everything to my Lord! I gain nothing monetarily, yet I gain knowing I did what God asked me to do which is to help lead others to WHOLE HEALTH.  He has purposed me to be passionate about how we can ALL live the fullest, healthiest lives possible to do HIS WORK!  I am passionate to help connect individuals to others….to experience WHOLE HEALTH, the way GOD DESIGNED US!  
I leave you with this thought: the greatest commandment teaches us to love our GOD above all else.  We are a reflection of God.  Thus, if we are not loving ourselves enough to care for ourselves physically are we truly honoring the greatest commandment?
Thank you for your time.  I pray you are always blessed in your vocation of ministering to others. 
You have my greatest respect and continual prayers because I know your task of leading others to Christ is no easy feat.
I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!  YOU CAN LEAD YOUR CONGREGATION INTO A LIFE FULL OF GREAT HEALTH!  But if you want to just get some direction or thoughts please feel free to contact me.  Or contact any of the names I have included that are just as committed if not more so.  I know they, just like I, are ready to help you bring your congregation to the next level of health: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!
Many blessings and prayers always,
~Kelly Frick

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