The Gift of the Assumption

She said yes!

She said she was enough!

She lived a life that the was the best version of herself!

She was MARY! The amazing mother of Christ!

Today as Catholics we celebrate the feast of her Assumption into heaven.

Years ago it was also the day we selected to baptize our beautiful baby girl to dedicate her and wrap her into Mary’s mantle. Ironically it was also my husbands birth moms birthday.

My prayer is as life in the Catholic Church is in an upheaval of pain once again, that we turn to Mary for healing and hope.

A mother wraps her arms around us and holds us when we are sad, when we are angry, when we want to give up.

A mommy says, “It will be okay…..we will get through this…”

And a mommy even gets angry and weeps with us but reminds us of the compassion and mercy and forgiveness that needs to be given to all!

I head out the door to celebrate mass with my beautiful daughter knowing God has it! Our prayers are the most important. And our not giving up when evil tries so desperately to overcome this world.

May you each find the joy of the Assumption today instead of the pain of the fall….

May you each find the oil and tapping that will support your prayer and pain….

And may we all be united in hope and healing!

My hugs and prayers always!



How often do you say yes to you?!

How often do you say you are enough?!

How often do you truly live your authentic life?!

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I couldn’t wait til Wednesday to share my most recent chapter…..mostly because I know I didn’t “show up” last week :)….It feels like I have been doing a lot of that recently.  Trying to find balance in life isn’t always easy…lol.  I found myself wanting to do everything else other than sit and write.

It’s a new season of life: summer.  Which means it’s shifting into summer activities with my daughter’s education and goals.  One would think it would be easier, lighter, therefore more time for me to write.  But instead I find myself wanting to hang out and do things with her.  Help her ponder life decisions.  She amazes me with her profound insight of life.  And when I look at her I pray with an intensity that I think all parents can relate to:  Lord please help her to stay on the narrower path better than I ever did.  Help her to stay strong and hear only YOUR voice and not the chatter of the world.

Thus my only true excuse for some of the things I just didn’t get done last week that I had desired to accomplish was I chose to connect with my daughter instead of connecting with everyone else…lol.

This brings us to my next chapter….a chapter that unfolds my beginning of missing the mark as Christoper West explains so beautifully with his ministry and teachings on Theology of the Body!

May it bring peace and healing to any and all who need to forgive and love themselves for missing the mark in life choices!

My prayers and blessings always for each and all of you!

Kelly 🙂

chapter 6


One Too Many

 My first boyfriend led to too many boys.

I fought my parents when I was 15 to date.  I was “in love”.  I had grown up with this boy.  We knew each other from church and he gave me special attention.  I felt so grown up around him.  I was in junior high and he was in high school.  We were in choir together and got paired up to harmonize together quite often.  I loved being around him.  He made me feel special.

My parents finally acquiesced.  I am honestly not even sure why.  Our relationship was simple, sweet, and “just” a little kissing here and there.  But then we started to cross boundaries.  I remember him telling me that his older siblings had suggested that we weren’t normal, we were too prude, because we weren’t at least touching each other.  After all it was rationalized we were still “virgins” if we didn’t “do it”.

This was an aha moment for me as a developing woman.  What started to become distorted even more so in my mind was:  I am a sexual being and in order to get what I want in life I must use my body to get it.  I started to push the boundaries of what to wear and how to wear it.  Which further created another layer of shame and lack of self-love.

Well this experience led me start dating too many boys.  I spiraled down a road of willingness to put myself into situations and dates that were potentially dangerous and risky.  Since my shame was so thick and I felt so unlovable and not free I felt I couldn’t say no to the boys who wanted to touch me in lust.  After all I didn’t say no before so how could I say no now.  And I wasn’t having sex so what harm was it really.

Cumin/Peppermint/Patchouli essential oils will create a blend to unlock the pain of past choices, to have peace with your body.

CUMIN:  When we find ourselves confused with choices and decisions we can start to doubt ourselves.  We need to clear our head to realize we can make good decisions.

PEPPERMINT: This oil will help a person find the strength to heal from those choices we aren’t always proud of.  Sometimes we need to feel renewed, discover joy and strip away the disheartened feelings that can way us down from our choices.

PATCHOULI:  As we strengthen ourselves to face our emotions of our choices we are able to release the emotional judgment we may be put upon our body.  We are able to find peace and appreciate our body once again.

Diffuse these three oils together or create a roller bottle so you can place them on pulse points.  These are especially powerful oils to tap with.  They will encourage amazing emotional release through your prayer and tapping.


Lord I will remember your promise in Ephesians 4:24… put on the new self, created after the likeness of God in true righteousness and holiness. Oh Lord, I will reflect on these words this day and remember that you don’t hold on to the things of past, so I should not as well.  I will remember your promise in Isaiah…Behold, I am doing a new thing; Lord I know that I have strength to not look behind me because you want us to only look forward….with your love I will judge myself no more…..I will discover the joy of all the amazing decisions I have to look forward to in my present and future. Decisions that aim for you, aim for being the best version of myself. Thank you for your love, thank you for your grace, your mercy, your everything.  Amen

Bossy Boys

It’s been soo weird going back through all of this junk to write this book!  Because this is the thing….I don’t hate nor dislike ANY of my abusers.  And actually I have them ALL on my prayer list.  I truly lift them all up in prayer and with love.  True love.

I’ll admit part of me has wanted to retreat in fear that I am going to make someone angry, be accused of hurtful things, etc…..but that is exactly what the enemy wants.  I have not ever included anyone’s names purposely.  Because this isn’t about them.  This is about my healing, my journey, and me helping YOU.

And really these men, boys, in my life were just as much a victim, a pawn.  They had their own wounds to heal from.  And we all have choices on how we heal or hide from our wounds, our sins, our hurts.

So I hold nothing but love in my heart for these boys.  I didn’t just arrive to this love….it took time…but I am so grateful for how free I feel today in knowing that my 20 years of all forms of sexual abuse DO NOT DEFINE ME and that I am able to truly see HOW BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFULLY MADE I AM!!

I pray this chapter (below) will create healing in your health journey, especially if there is any aspect of it that speaks to your heart!

Many blessings and prayers always,

Kelly 🙂

chapter 5



When I was 12 I had the opportunity to start earning a little bit of money busing tables.  It was a small town.  My mom was friends with the owner of the restaurant.  Add to it, it was the early 80’s who knows what the child labor laws were.  I grew up going to this restaurant all the time.  So it wasn’t a huge stretch me working there eventually.  My brother did odd jobs off and on for my parents in their business but I didn’t want to work for my parents.  I loved the hustle and bustle of the restaurant.  It again was a great place to observe people and listen to conversations.  I really admired the head waitress and wanted to work with her.  Now the owner had two boys who were friends with my brother.

These boys were truly wild.  They were mean and sweet all in the same breath.  I had fun hanging out with my brother and his friends most of the time.  I soon discovered that like my brother’s other friend, they too were exposed to porn.  But the porn they had access to was not only everywhere, their house, at the restaurant, in their dad’s truck, but it was pretty hard core stuff for in the 80’s.

Like I mentioned, these boys were intense.  When they could be really sweet but when they fought it was like nothing I had ever witnessed before.  I truly would get scared sometimes being around them.  Not wanting to ever be on their bad side.

Now I loved working there at the restaurant but it was also a home away from home for me.  I would hang out in the back room even when I didn’t have a shift.  There was always great snacks there and a tv room and privacy.  My parents printing business was sometimes too loud for me and this back room was a nice place to study, write, think and take naps.

The problem was sometimes when I took naps there I would be woken by someone touching me.  I would lay there frozen praying they would just stop and go away.  I knew it was one or both of the boys.  And having seen them fight before I would find myself wondering if I would be the target of them “beating” on me if I resisted.  But there was also another thing that held me back.  A sensation that confused me.  I didn’t understand it.  In hindsight I am able to understand we were made for desire and it is a natural physical response to want touch. The problem was their touches were not from God they were from their own abuse of being exposed to porn.  This went on for a while before I realized they weren’t going to stop, so I no longer had a safe escape in the back room.  This also created another layer of shame and ugliness I felt about myself.

I stayed working at that restaurant from the ages of 13-18.  I just never allowed myself to be in the back room ever again with the boys.  But my year’s waitressing just further exposed me to pats, grabs, lingering hands and innuendos while I poured refills of coffee to the “grumpy old men” club during the mid-morning or mid-afternoon.  They would do these things in the middle of me pouring when I was at my most vulnerable because I never wanted to spill, make a mess, or burn any of them.  This reinforced my unworthiness and shame.

Console, Marjoram, and Clove together will provide the comfort to unburden our pain so we can truly stand up for ourselves to trust ourselves to connect with others.

Console:  Sometimes we can feel anxious that an abuse will reoccur.  We aren’t able to find comfort. We need to grieve the loss of our innocence.  Console helps us unburden these pains.  To see our WHOLENESS through God’s eyes.

Cloves: This oil of Boundaries encourages us to let go of a victim mentality.  To stand up for ourselves.  To have the courage to say no.  It is especially helpful for breaking patterns of abuse.

Marjoram:  We were created for connection, community.  Trust is important to feel connected, to participate in life.  But when we have experienced an abuse, a trauma, that has shifted our heart and mind toward others, it is hard to truly feel connected.  Marjoram will open our hearts and soul to make the connection to trust, to heal.

Diffuse these three oils together or create a roller bottle so you can place them on pulse points.  These are especially powerful oils to tap with.  They will encourage amazing emotional release through your prayer and tapping.


Heavenly Father, I TRUST IN YOU! I don’t need to hold on to this pain, the anxious feelings that I will continue to be hurt.  I can be open to receive others love and still maintain healthy boundaries.  Boundaries doesn’t mean I am closed off from connecting to others as you designed us to.  Instead my boundaries are to ensure I am loved and treated as you desire us to be loved and treated.  I am beautifully and wonderfully made.  And I WILL NOT LET ANYONE TELL ME OTHERWISE, NOT EVEN MYSELF.  In your most holy name I break free from the burden of pain.  I am not a victim.  I do TRUST IN YOU.  Thank you….I love you….amen!

“My God, My God…”

I had an “aha” moment as I was sitting down to write some more on my book!

Which by the way….I am sooo sorry I didn’t get a posting out last week!  Lots of amazing life taking place but unfortunately couldn’t sit still enough to share about it! But I will soon….I promise!

March 28 2018

So back to the book….

I was reflecting on my desires to share my story with each chapter.  Within each chapter I will share a wound of my sexual history: an abuse and/or a choice.  The chapter will then also have a bible scripture or saint quote to help anyone with that type of healing as well as an oils blend to support that area in your life….and heck mine!

Which as any writer knows….trying to figure out any order, flow, rhythm with writing….fluidity….well can be a challenge sometimes.  At least for me…..because I have to sometimes see the connections the strands of ideas in my head before I write them down.  There are many times I have written and rewritten things in my head before I even get them down on paper to start the process of 2-10 more edits!

Then it hit me…..that’s what I said this blogging this year was going to be for!  Right!?  I was going to just start spending my mornings writing my book and sharing the parts as they come here on this blog.  And it will all work itself out!

So why oh why have I still hesitated to get it out…..I’ve shared with you parts….pieces… all know my heart if you have read any of my blog posts.  So why!?

I think it being holy week is a perfect answer to my why.  Particularly Sunday’s Psalm….  “My God, My God why have you forsaken me!

Now let’s be clear…..I do not feel that way…..anymore!   I never actually felt that way through any of my sexual abuses, I actually felt it was me……my fault… flaw that attracted such use and abuse.  For others to see me as an object to be “toyed” with.

BUT…..there have been times as an adult as I have been going through this healing journey that I have had to get real and truly get angry.  Angry for the little girl in me who had her innocence robbed.  Anger and hurt that God didn’t just jump in….after all couldn’t he have?!

By me getting REAL with my emotions….my anger… fear….I was FINALLY having a TRUE relationship WITH MY MOST AMAZING GOD!  A God who HAS NOT ABANDONED ME.  A GOD who was right there beside me, holding me, weeping for me, knowing that each of these men were HIS creation just as I was.  They too were made in the image and likeness of Him…..yet they were NOT honoring the temple within them.  They were giving into sin.  They were listening to the whispers of the enemy.  Thus missing the mark of holiness.

Yet….all they need to do is repent and they too can be set free.  Which means I pray they have or do repent.  Because each of them deserve, just as much as I do, to see God in all His amazing glory and beauty up in heaven one day.  To be able to partake in the Feast of the Lamb!

But this is the kicker:  I do not rely on my peace and my healing and my hope to be in their repentance.  I released ALL of them years ago!  I pray for them regularly and have found amazing love in my heart for them.

So this holy week as we enter tomorrow into the Last Supper, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, then Resurrection Sunday (Easter)……

I ask you: What is your cry to the Lord!? 

Have you gotten REAL with Him, just as Jesus did on the cross!?

When you do….then you will TRULY have a relationship….communion….a connection that is profound!

Essential Drops of love, hugs, and prayers always,

Kelly 🙂

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Terrific {Triggers}

I was reading an email the other week from Dr. Isabelle Wentz.  She was sharing about her healing journey.  It use to be difficult for her to look at pictures of herself being too thin while she was getting to the root cause of her Hoshimoto’s.


It was interesting for me because for the longest time the opposite was true for me.  My thyroid storm didn’t just trigger my genes for the Hashimoto’s it became a trigger for my dysmorphia.  Something I had worked really hard to put into its own “remission”.   It was brought back into full force.

It had taken me years to finally not believe the lies the enemy was whispering in my ear about me not being beautiful and worthy, of not being skinny enough, not strong enough, not muscular enough.  He played on my wounds and shame from being sexually victimized a large part of my childhood into my early adult years.

I thought I had broken free from the lies but then when my thyroid storm took place and my body dropped down to 97 pounds I couldn’t be happier,or so I thought.  I had to get really honest with myself when I was first on my true healing journey.  I was able to remember when I was 97 pounds thinking “ooo maybe I can get to 95….maybe 90.”  What the heck?!

So when I went to my friend, a nutrition coach to help me figure out why I couldn’t sleep, why I was so tired, why some days I was sleeping 12-14 hours, why I was putting on weight, and why I felt crazy.  I knew I wasn’t really wanting to solve the problem of all the symptoms.  I just wanted to be 97 pounds again.

I remember early in my healing from Hashimoto’s journey, I would get so frustrated and think, “Well hell if I  am going to have symptoms I would would rather feel like crap at 97 pounds versus feeling like crap at 117 or 125 pounds.”

I actually don’t know what my weight is today and that is a story I will save for next week :)….

I have clarity now when I see my healthy vibrant body.  I see what it has gone through.  And how much it has healed: mind, body, soul, spirit.  My body deserves my love and respect.

I have been reading an amazing book: “You’re Not Crazy And You’re Not Alone: Losing the Victim, Finding Your Sense of Humor, and Learning to Love Yourself Through Hashimoto’s”, by Stacey Robbins.  A quote that really resonates with me today is:  “I care more about my adrenals now than the size of my thighs!”

That is so true.

Do I still get triggers!?  Absolutely.  The enemy doesn’t rest.  He desires for me to turn away from God and how better to try to do that than to take my past traumas, twist it into a mental disconnect, twist it with a thyroid condition, and try to convince me that I am not beautiful just as I am.

But now when I have a trigger I stop, renounce the lie and fill myself with the Holy Spirits strength.  I find the Essential Oil that relates to the emotions I am feeling and I then practice EFT, tapping.  I tap it away!

I give thanks to God for all these amazing gifts He has provide for me, for all of us, to help us learn how to continually battle the enemy.

Now, when I see a woman with legs that I may find myself coveting (whether super thin or beautifully thick and chiseled) I stop and bless her.  Then renounce, oil up, and tap.

On Saturday I’ll share a self care routine of oils and tapping.  How to help support yourself through triggers.  Until then reflect on what are your triggers?

How can you support yourself to not give into the lies?  Sit with it….pray about it….journal about it…..share with me about it!

Many blessings and hugs always dear beloved ones!

Kelly 🙂

PS…..Are you open to learning more about healing and support through dysmorphia and or Hashimoto’s or just learning how to love yourself better!?  I would absolutely love to hear from you!

Message me through Facebook or email me at

My Story Begins….

Last week I promised you I would share what I had prepared for the interview that took place.  So below is what I put down on paper.  It was just notes I made to myself to organize myself….the interview did not in anyway shape or form go according to how I wrote it out…..but it is still a great starting place to start filling in all the gaps to write and share with others who have been hurting to find amazing joy in the life they are living NO MATTER WHAT!!!

My notes:


Disordered eating


Self love







Growing up….

I was the kid with the homemade sandwiches with sourdough bread, sprouts, homemade mayo, chicken (that we butchered and grilled up)…

Sugar was not allowed in the house.

My story began when I was probably about 8, if not even earlier (if you believe in generational hurts)….but about 8 was the earliest I remember.

But I will start with the current part of my story….

I met laura Ricci about 5 or so years ago.  I actually knew of her from church and there was just something amazing about her spirit.  I wanted to get to know her.  As I was going through my own spiritual journey and learning things about my health and life that had me making changes to eating clean….and realizing that food is meant to be one ingredient…..I was hearing about Laura’s story and I had to know more about this amazing woman.  So I invited her over for tea about 3 years ago.  We visited.  I think she had just started her nutritional coaching certification.  And I was wanting to hear all about it because I really wanted to do that but I knew I wasn’t at a place in life to pursue something like that.  We shared about nutrition…she even asked me some questions and I was given the gift of having a seed planted within my soul…a ripple with this amazing woman who I only hoped would grow from there.

Fast forward…..about 2 years ago my health started to take a nose dive….all the conventional docs I was going to were not giving me answers…my labs were “normal”….I was told I was just too stressed….too little sleep….blah blah….

I was use to bio-hacking my life and health…..but I was tired of not having answers…..

I hit my wall….when there was a week where I was sleeping 12 hours at night and still naps in the day…..I knew something had to give…..

I remembered Laura had just finished her certification….so I contacted her…..I told her I wanted to see her as a nutritional coach.  I wanted to employ her services.

She helped me unfold my root causes…..she led me to Dr. Vennell who helped me figure out my thyroid/adrenal issue…and eventually uncovering that Hoshimoto’s was at the root of all this……

My system was shutting down….not because of my nutrition but because of the stress in my life…..

You see I had experienced three great losses (stresses on the mind body and especially soul) in a very short period of time about within 16-18 months I had lost a baby at 12 weeks,(after having struggled with infertility once again),  lost the grandmother I was very close to, and had needed a hysterectomy for serious medical reasons.

I had preached self-care to everyone but wasn’t practicing it.

But really my thyroid storm of the 3 events wasn’t the only thing that caused it… had been brewing for years….I just didn’t realize it….or better really…..I wasn’t listening to what my body was telling me…

What I have always known but was getting a very up close and personal reality check about health was that our physical body IS connected to our mind and spirit….and eventually our bodies have a breaking point.  Our physical body will say hey you need to nurture the soul….the mind….

A part of me knew all this because shortly after my miscarriage I started blogging.  It was very therapeutic for me.  Plus for several years before that God was having me share parts of my story, my past, more and more with others….to create hope….to see amazing healing and love through even some not so great stuff….

I had in the middle of this a breakthrough; I was following several podcasts and had heard the phrase body dysmorphic and disordered eating…..

Which brings us back to my true beginning story….

When I was between 8 and 10 that was my first experience of being objectified by a boy/man….it was at that age I was inappropriately touched by a friend’s older brother while “helping” me tie my bathing suit.  That was just the beginning of such abuses…..and further moments of being objectified by boyfriends, co-workers, men in many situations and walks of life… put me in a situation of not always trusting my instinct….as well as not always making the greatest of choices because after all I was basically being told I am only valued by my body.

Add to that I had a mother who didn’t speak lovingly about herself.  She was critical about her physical body.

Dysmorphia is where a person doesn’t see correctly what the mirror is showing them…..there is truly a chemical imbalance in the brain.  It takes place at an early age…..usually brought on by a role model who doesn’t practice good body image love…..a trauma (usually of sexual nature) at an early age…..and or a chemical imbalance usually low levels of serotonin and other stuff.  There are several other signs but these are the key three….I have all three which set me up at an early age for it.

But God helped me….he purposed in my heart to never believe the lie of the “carnival” mirror.

Fast forward about 5 years into my marriage we discovered I had serious infertility issues.  I learned NFP to better understand my body…..and that began the next level of self-care…..self awareness of our mind body soul connection and taking charge of my health….my whole health.

It took us 5 long hard years to become pregnant.  We learned my difficulties were because of PCOS and a severe bicornate uterus….and so much more….let me interject here…..I also had eczema which PCOS and eczema are both autoimmune conditions…..autoimmunity likes company… I truly was a breeding ground for the Hoshimotos….

Once I was pregnant I purposed myself….my heart….with God’s help to not pass on to my unborn child dysmorphia or disordered eating…..(at that time I didn’t even really realize I had a disordered eating issue…’s not like I ever didn’t eat or that I punished myself with food but I didn’t have a healthy relationship with food because of what I saw in my parents…..they used/use food to self-sooth, boredom, and for emotions….)

But the big thing for me during my pregnancy was to think only loving self-care thoughts.  I promised to never speak negatively about my body in front of her, around her, to her, or ever to anyone even if she wasn’t around…..I would break that cycle.

I am proud to say I have been able to keep that promise.

Now the dysmorphia did try to rear its ugly head after my miscarriage…..but I was able to work through it and do some amazing healing from it.

How I discovered the disordered eating was really an issue or the potential of an issue is as I have had to do different elimination diets to get to the root cause of my inflammation to help heal from the Hoshimoto’s…..I would find myself feeling guilty eating something that is healthy but maybe not so great for my body…..or I would find myself wanting to sooth as I saw my parents……and that is when I truly realized the power of nurture versus nature.  And heck I studied that in school specifically being a sociology/psychology major.

Because of it all, I have been able to come out stronger…..I have been able to realize when I was having to not only eat super clean but do periodic elimination diets to figure out my inflammation….I have been able to create a better relationship with food and even better with body.

I have to add that another huge key during this last year has been learning about the amazing gift of SPLANKNA… dear friend Jennifer Glenn introduced it to me…..and it is an amazing experience to help a person uncover healing that they may not even realize needed healing…..if I could, I would do a Splankna session every week!

I have put so many things into practice this last two years besides the clean eating journey I started in 2010…..that most would say I am beyond hippy dippy….lol…..but that’s okay…..I love waking and doing my prayers and meditation then yoga with my daughter…..later a workout based on the true inner feeling of a HIIT workout or a walk….

I feel even more  passionate about teaching young girls and women to LOVE the body they are in… love self….to know and see the beauty they ARE…..that they are enough right now.

I have taught my daughter from little on about the beauty of her human sexuality  How she is more than her physical body….that we must care for our body’s….respect it…nurture….and nourish it properly but we must care for the whole body: mind body soul.   And our soul is the first.  WE must be in harmony with the three to thrive.

Just recently I realized I wanted to do more to help others, especially girls and women to truly love themselves no matter where they are at in this journey of love. I am involved with a fabulous group through church to help share and learn about the beauty of our human sexuality…..and how God designed us for amazing beauty.

But I also realized it needed to be understood at the core of self….it needs to be reached to all the woman and girls who need to just understand and know and believe they are enough….they are beautiful.

I realized that through all I’ve been learning with meditation, nutrition, essential oils and so much more I was ready to utilize not only my formal education/degree but my non-traditional training.

I realized I want to provide one on one and or small group self-care life coaching. 

My dream is to have learning lunches where I can have group sessions/gatherings and share the different ways individuals can care for their whole body: spiritually, emotionally, physically….

Teaching many different ways to achieve the whole body health approach.  And to connect individuals with the professionals and practitioners to meet their specific needs.   By understanding a person’s temperament, where they are at in their self-care journey, and even what their love language is… I can better help them find who they can benefit from as well as what I may have in my tool box of knowledge to empower them to learn to love the life they are living!

We all need help to stop the hurt to move to healing to thriving!

***That was the end of my notes for the interview :)…..

What hurts do you need to heal from!?  Can you find the joy in the middle of your jolt!?  Take a moment today to sit, reflect, pray, write, meditate….and then decide to THRIVE!

Many hugs and blessings always,

~Kelly 🙂


My 4 days in COLORADO had me ponder sooo many things….the stuff I have been sharing about technology….my daughters education… time spend on probably too many projects again… health….importance of family….fresh air and spending time in nature…..taking care of my needs…..and healing…..

Age brings wisdom….brings reflection….which brings healing…..

I wrote many amazing eye opening revelations in my journal while I was in the fresh beautiful mountains…..looking out at GARDEN OF THE GODS…..

For the next few days I plan on sharing some of those amazing revelations so stay tuned….hold on to your seats….lol…..because it is pretty awesome….well to me anyways!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers….family….friends…..
~Kelly 🙂

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