As I reflect upon my last 40 days of lent I unplugged from facebook, pintrest, limited my email time so much that toward the end  of these 40 days I have just deleted many folders knowing that if I  needed the info it will be out there.

I started out my journey with the desire to strip away from distractions.  Distractions from being the best student of my Heavenly Father…distractions from being an attentive wife…distractions from being a present mom…distractions from being a well prepared teacher to my daughter and to others around me.

I let many on facebook know I would come back with my blog and facebook with 50 days of recipes entwining our mind, body, soul connection.  What I hadn’t accounted for was the impact being unplugged would make on my life.

I have been reading and learning things in a such a way that the realization came to me about how my truest passion is not just about our nutritional needs: how they effect our mind, body and soul…but if I were to dedicate only 2 hours a week to my blog after I have taken care of all my other responsibilities of woman for God, wife, mother, teacher….

What would I truly want to share on my blog…what is near and dear to my heart right now?!


I want every daughter to feel dynamic!
I want every woman to know she is wonderful and she IS a warrior!
I want girls to not feel ashamed of their bodies.
I desire for women to truly love themselves.
I want girls to not compare themselves.
I desire for women to understand their hormones are effected by what they eat, but also by what they think.

I hope to empower moms to be excellent examples for their daughters to break the cycle of:

self hate
lack of compassion to self and others

…to be aware of all the crud their daughters are up against:

media obsession with thigh gap
eating disorders
mental disorders

…and to empower yourself as a mom so you can make a difference in your daughters life and choices with her:


Thus, my journey from Easter to Mothers day to Pentecost to…. has turned now a different path…not just Kelly’s desires and wants but truly God’s will and His path by using me to share all I have learned, experienced (good and bad) over my precious amazing life of 41 years.

Journey with me for 50 days as we dare to raise our daughters to understand their faith…
their hopes…
their love…

and how their, our experiences are connected to our…
into their…our journey of womanhood.

***Tomorrow I will have a summary…the outline of  what I hope to share with you over the next couple monts of Raising Dynamic Daughters into Wonderful Warrior Women!  View it as a spring cleaning of sorts…a preparation and celebration of Motherhood for Mother’s day….and the patience and perseverance of Mary and the Apostles as they waited for Pentecost…the Holy Spirit to come down upon us to guide us…direct us…lead us here on earth!

Blessings, hugs…and so many prayers to all…
~Kelly 🙂

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