Knowledge & Transition: Rosemary

I’ve been reflecting a great deal this last month about WHY I am having flare ups, symptoms related to having Hashimoto’s/hypothyroidism

  • Brain Fog
  • Hair Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Breathlessness when I try to even go for a walk!

Once upon a time I use to try to figure out what, nutritionally, am I doing wrong.  See that sentence and how backwards it is?  Instead I should have been thinking what can I do to nurture myself.  What am I doing RIGHT and what can I do to ADD for myself: nutritionally, mentally, physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually that my being is yearning for!  What can I ADD instead of subtract!

Now sometimes subtracting can be a good thing.  Saying NO to staying up late so my body can say YES to get up in the morning.  Saying no to trigger foods so my body and mind can say YES to clear thinking and no aches and pains!

And now being older (and hopefully wiser!) I am able to recognize my symptoms are related to something deeper….something that still needs unearthing on this healing and hope journey of health!


It’s super funny for me because I had ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL on my list to purchase and restock up on.  And in my email yesterday I delightfully ready that ROSEMARY was our free oil of the month! Yay FOR ME….and really for all ….

I have been able to recognize my body and spirits need for ROSEMARY’S SUPPORT even more so right now.  And here is why:

Rosemary helps us with a true sense of self of seeking out knowledge….to not stay in the dark of anything….especially when we are transitioning through life challenges of change.  Change of job, school, home, state…..change from victim to victorious!  Change from surviving to thriving!

Rosemary teaches us to be open to new experiences even the experience of reopening wounds of past hurts, traumas, pains….to have the close and heal properly!

It teaches me to have clarity of mind, because it is important to push through the difficulties….and that I don’t want to walk in ignorance…especially with my faith and healing!

And finally it reminds me that confusion is truly from the enemy!  He doesn’t want us to clearly and confidently walk into transitions and change with clear and concise knowledge because if we do then he doesn’t have control over our thoughts…he can’t continue to deceive us, lie to us, cheat us out of an amazing life, or even “kill” us of our joy of the amazing truth of God’s amazing love and mercy.

Today reflect on:

  • What do you need clarity of?
  • What challenges have you had with learning?
  • Are you open to new experiences of whole healing?

Sit…write…pray…tap….and oil up!

Beyond blessings, hugs, and prayers always for each of you…


Your Hope, Healing, & Oils Coach 


***I’ll have another chapter of the book out later this week….hopefully…lol!

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When I decided to see a friend as my nutrition coach well over a year ago, I had no idea I had so much more to learn about nutrition.

I had the “being perfect” part down about macro/micro nutrients…or so I thought…..but I had forgotten that we are not just a body….we are mind and soul as well.  My thyroid didn’t fall apart because of my nutrition but because of my mind… well as my spirit.   I needed to heal…to truly love myself and love my food…not create rules…restrictions…punishment.

As a matter of fact as we were uncovering what was going on with my physical health….my nutrition coach actually recommended for me to not eat based on nutrition needs but to eat what felt good.  She explained that most clients she doesn’t recommend this but she knew it was something my mind and spirit needed.   How I needed to break free from food bondage…to remember why I love healthy eating….and how wonderful I feel when I eat healthy.  She helped me remember that to be truly in-tuned with my body and its needs is that I must stay connected to my mind and spirit.

Now I feel so free from food…from restrictions…from journaling…from disease.

Let me explain…

Do I still food journal?  From time to time yes, it can be necessary with my health journey but I don’t feel enslaved to it.

Do I still need to be conscientious of my food choices because of the Hashimoto’s?  YES…..but I feel free now because my heart doesn’t view it as a restriction but more as a freedom from pain…freedom from imbalances.  I also don’t freak out if I some how get a cross contamination or eat something that is just not helpful for my thyroid…..because in my mind, my heart, there is no “bad” foods.  There are foods that are helpful…..and not so helpful.  Yet the not so helpful foods still provide a purpose…..a purpose to learn from….to even celebrate.   I don’t badger myself for making “bad” choices…..because that is the key word: CHOICE.  I know some of my choices aren’t always helpful…..or sometimes my choices are not within my control so I must do the best I can with the choices I do have in front of me.

Do I still have HASHIMOTO’S?  Yes, but it’s not my focus.  I’m not obsessed with perfecting my “thriving” state because when I pursue perfection I’m not thriving….I’m not keeping my whole health connected: MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!

Do you need to find true food freedom!?  Sit with that thought….pray about it…..reflect….journal!

And have a FABULOUS FOOD FREEDOM sort of day!

Many hugs and blessings always my dear readers…family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

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