Marriage Love on Monday

I have known my husband for 23 years….married 21.  I met him while we were in the military.  I remember distinctly my evening prayers after I met him.  “Lord….take him back….I’m not ready to meet him yet.”  I knew at 18 that he was meant for me.  And I was not thrilled with God….lol.  Mostly because I had my plans….and meeting my future spouse at 18 instead of 30 was NOT part of MY PLAN.  But we all know that wonderful saying of making plans and see God laugh.

Fast forward…..

What I have learned from this man in my life is profound.  Many of us enter into marriage not prepared.  Maybe not even discussing some of the important topics.  We enter in blindly, and sometimes even selfishly.  Yet marriage grants us the opportunity to learn what true AGAPE LOVE is, if we allow it to grow and teach us!

My hubby and I have been through more ups and down than I can count….we have been through more times apart due to work than I would have ever desired….yet through it all we continue to learn from each other, put aside our selfish desires, and remember the person across from us looking into our eyes is LOVE.

Today as I go about my day and if I even feel the inkling of wanting to be frustrated about something he may or may not have done…I will instead think of all the wonderful things he does RIGHT!  All the little ways and little things he does that I probably overlook!

I know I am a better person….a better wife….a better mother…..a better teacher….a better Catholic…BECAUSE OF HIM!!!  Because of even the disagreements….challenges….the nuances……they all help me be a better me.

Marriage is truly about dying to yourself….and putting the other persons needs first.  What a wonderful way for GOD to create practice…..consistent….everyday……hard work practice of walking in HIS will…..HIS  love…HIS mercy……than through the sacrament of marriage!

How do you nurture your marriage?  Do you see GOD in your spouse?  Have you gotten kind of well…lax with your relationship?  Have you forgotten the deeper purpose of marriage?!

Hugs and prayers always,


BOOK:  Two more days……THE HORMONE RESET :)…….
MOVEMENT: Walk to the end of your block jog back to your house……do 10 push ups and 50 jumping jacks… this 3 or 5 times…..that will wake you up!!!!!

NUTRITIONAL/HEALTH NUGGETS:  Dairy!  I love love love cheese…..diary….BUT I know it is not good for me.  7 years ago when I gave up dairy it was not easy…..and re-reading the dairy section in THE HORMONE RESET book it has reminded me why dairy is so addicting as well as why it is truly not healthy for us. It effects our GROWTH HORMONE.  Some things to consider is: do you get congested? Do you have skin rashes, eczema, etc? Do you feel puffy?  Gut bloat?  These all can and probably are reactions to your dairy consumption.  I have noticed even when I partake in one meal that has some dairy it creates great havoc on my system.  For me it’s truly not worth it anymore ESPECIALLY with my thyroid condition….and for brain health!  Check out the pictures I have today that give you just some data and helpful tips on why to go dairy free.  And to understand more check out Dr. Axe, Dr. Datis, Dr. Sarah Gottfrieds websites.

TASTY TIP: What do I do instead of milk?  Well lets say if I want to have “cheesy” broccoli….I use nutritional yeast flakes.   If I want cream in my tea or my shake I use coconut milk from the can.  My daughters favorite ice cream recipe I have made is 3 ingredients: blend 2 cans of coconut milk, 1 tbsp of vanilla, 1/2 cup of maple syrup and if you need it sweeter about 5-10 drops of stevia.  I blend it all together then stick it into my ice cream maker and let it churn for 2-3 hours!  Bam instant wonderfulness…..dairy free…..allergen free…..and low in sugar!!!!

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