Cancer…Grilling…Summer…and more!!

It’s grilling season again!!!
BUT… it really safe?!  There are  many health concerns I have read about and learned about grilling for the last several years…..that I am sure this is going to be a tough one for my hubby to be willing to give up.  So I realized I needed to figure out some alternative ways to minimize the carcinogenic concerns.
Minimizing free radicals will also help….like essiac tea!  But this is a serious detoxing tea so it can make you feel nauseous if you detox too fast with it.
Another article I found gives the science and a balanced perspective on how to compare it to other things we cook and the science effect with that cooking.  Read about it here.
So this summer as we embark on all the things that we associate with the AMERICAN WAY: swimming, thus sunscreen, grilling, too much sweets (even with fruit), lots of cool refreshing alcoholic beverages…..think about how any and all of it may impact your body….and are there some other things you can do that are more mind, body, soul relaxing without it creating such an impact on your system that could compromise your health!
Many blessings and hugs sweet readers….friends….and family….
~Kelly 😉

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