Generations of….

Lack of morals….

We can create labels for generations of past and present…..but is it fair!?

At a gathering this week it came up in conversation different things about the current generation not doing or being xyz…..and I realized I was probably one of the ones guilty of making a general statement about this generation.   I DON’T THINK this generation is all bad….or bad period.

I realized that my statement was probably interpreted wrong and/or I didn’t think my wording out very well.  I am usually very mindful when I speak and make a statement but I fear my words were taken wrong.  (Remember my love language is words… I spin conversations over and over in my head too much sometimes!)

BUT….it did give me a moment to pause and realize…..regardless if my words were interpreted wrong or if I am just over analyzing the conversations (which is highly possible!)…..WE (MY GENERATION)… well as all generations need to take responsibility in how our actions impact the generations before and after us. 

We EACH need to take responsibility to create change in whatever it is we want to see better!

So if we don’t want to see our youth consumed by technology then we need to be an example of not being consumed by technology.

If we want to see faith practices in our youth then we must be willing to learn them and understand them ourselves to again be that example.

We all know our actions speak louder than words!

Thus instead of saying “ugh this generation is xyz”….we need to say, “our human race is xyz” and then be that change!!!  

Don’t complain about it… it…be it….model it….learn from it….grow from it….share it…..AND acknowledge any responsibility we may have in our judgment thoughts, statements…..FINALLY….ask for forgiveness from self and others if necessary for not being as compassionate and merciful toward a specific generation!

Have you intentionally or unintentionally made a judgement statement toward a generation!?  If so what can you do to correct it….learn from it….grow from it!?  Pray about it….write in your journal….then take action!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers….family….friends,

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