This last week I found myself struggling….I was thinking I was suppose to control some stuff.  Then I found myself feeling fearful of if I made one decision I would disappoint….if I made another I would be “miserable”…..

I was not at peace!   WHY!?

Because I was not seeing the full picture.  I wasn’t “seeing” the evil that was trying to distract me with something good to prevent me from the BEST God had for me.

How did I find my PEACE?  I was sitting with Jesus in adoration….I went to my bag and applied PEACE essential oil.…and I PRAYED….  I asked begged God to open my eyes to what I was not seeing….

And that is when amazing PEACE overcame me….I KNEW WHAT I WAS TO DO!!!

We must be willing to abandon our self to the WILL of GOD!  That is where we find peace.  Sometimes we may wrestle with it…..but when we are honest with ourselves we will realize that there is so much more PEACE with living in HIS will then forcing our will.

So the question for you is: do you sometimes find yourself trying to CONTROL so many things, you become so attached to the situation, which it then creates fear?!

Sit with this…pray about it….write about it…..share with me below about it!

Many blessings and hugs my dear followers….friends….family…..

~Kelly 🙂

2016: Taming Technology

I have pondered on what I desire for this new year….

The things that swirl in my head:

Less or no social media.
No distractions from my daughters education.


I think about all the amazing people I have connected with through social media.
I think of all the amazing people I have been able to share information with because of connections through social media.
I think of all the great research I have been able to accomplish because of technology.


With all the good….there IS bad….

It can easily distract us from real, everyday encounters with people we meet each and every day on the street, in a store….

It can easily become an “addiction” when we allow it to not be balanced with one on one contact with others.

It can easily consume us rather than be a small part of our day!

I thought about totally unplugging for a year.  I have thoughts that swirl in my head about how there are soooo many other bloggers, facebookers, etc….who share all the same information I share…so really what does it matter if I unplug….my voice isn’t needed….it won’t be missed….

THEN…..I meet someone who may not know the info I have learned…..and I get to direct them to some of the great people I follow….or direct them to  some of the great resources I have found.

Thus…I realize that maybe I shouldn’t unplug so much as remembering I don’t have to follow any one particular formula or agenda or schedule other than where, how, and when GOD leads me with all of this!

Thus my goal for technology during 2016 is to not unplug…but to remember what is more important to me:
My Lord
My Family
My Daughters Education
My Service….using my gifts and talents….

So the question I have to ask myself each day is am I utilizing my social media time to grow in each of these areas?  To learn in each of these areas?  To develop in each of these areas?

Or am I allowing it to become a distraction? An obsession?  A vice?

Am I being responsible with my time?

I have realized I can’t totally unplug because I respect the fact that God has asked of me to share what I have learned, to share my life, to share thoughts…..

BUT…He has also asked me to be a wife, mother, teacher first and formost… that MUST take priority…..I MUST make sure I don’t neglect those responsibilities…..I MUST remember to not become “OBSESSIVE” about blogging, sharing info, etc….that it takes away from my vocation…my first calling….

How will I know I am doing His Will and not mine with this matter?

There will be PEACE!

When there is peace even in the struggle….peace even during a hectic day….peace when I am juggling things….that’s when I know I am doing HIS WILL and not forcing my will….not forcing my agenda and rationalizing that it is what GOD is asking of me!

2016ths taming technololgy challenge will be tested by peace!



Embracing the silence…
the stillness…

What is it about today’s time, generation, that feels we have to be going going going?

Few people seem to be willing to just sit still for even 5 or 10 minutes without having to be “entertained” or doing something.

How many of us feel we must have the next best thing to accomplish “xyz”?

And how many of us chase the next “best” product, supplement, diet, toy, vacation…to achieve our goals of “satisfaction”?

I challenge all of us to truly think…reflect…pray…during the month of September…on…WHAT DOES OUR MIND, BODY AND SOUL TRULY NEED!?!

How can an individual truly be content in the silence?
…to feel PEACE?
…to gather STRENGTH?

How can someone truly approach each day with simplicity?

A simplicity that still allows us to be responsible…
…yet shed away ALL unnecessary gunk, distractions, of over scheduling…
technology overload
therefore sitting down with family or friends for tea, coffee, a bite to eat, or even a nice glass of wine!

And how can we sustain new habits? Whether in our spiritual life…our physical life….healthy lifestyles and choices…our mental life….our ambitions…goals..purpose….?

I’ve been pursuing these traits…these goals of simplicity, stillness, sustainability, with great pursuit these last couple of years.  I have found it challenging at times, yet also very rewarding.

As I prepare to enter into September, I want to share some ways I have learned to simplify my life. 


blessings and hugs…
~K 🙂




Once upon a time a young lady lived in a land full of beautiful hills and amazing peace.  
She was in love; or so she believed.  She and this boy came from such different back grounds, different lifestyles, and different beliefs.  Yet, this did not stop her from loving him.  Wanting to please him, and be there for him.
She was heartbroken when he had to leave the peaceful land for a noisier place.  She vowed to visit him soon.  She kept to her promise.  She ventured to the noisy, darker land to see her love.  That is when things went very wrong.  Her love, during that visit, was abused.  Her trust was broken.  Her innocence was stolen.  She came home to the beauty of her land: confused, hurt, and deeply scarred.  Her land didn’t seem beautiful anymore.
She began to doubt simple truths in life.  She began to doubt even herself.  Her ability to understand dark from light, good from bad, right from wrong.  After all, she pondered, if she could allow such darkness to take over, surely she mustn’t be all that bright of a light.
You see, when darkness took place that fateful day, it wasn’t the obvious, insidious kind of evil we all know to stay away from.  IT was the kind that lures us.  The kind that slowly boils and you never realize it has taken hold of you until at the moment you see it and you are so confused.  
She knew and knows this young man was not evil; he did not intend evil, but he allowed his wants to overtake him and evil to influence his mind, to take what was not his.  To steal a gift that wasn’t his to take.  
Over the years the young woman has reflected and realized maybe, just maybe, (at least in her case, her situation) she wasn’t so clear.  Maybe just maybe her no wasn’t loud enough, wasn’t out loud, wasn’t strong, wasn’t there.  What if….
BUT…NONE OF THAT MATTERS….that is the true gift she has learned.  It truly doesn’t matter.  She may not be clear of the events of that day but it will not be her prison.  It will not be her darkness.  The past is the past and she will not let darkness cloud her love for life.  She knows in her heart, that boy, a man now, never intended to hurt her so deeply, to rip her spirit.  He was motivated by a selfish, fleshly want, and allowed himself to not be led by the Holy Spirit.  And she was motivated by pleasing and fear of rejection.
This young lady took years to unravel the web of darkness; to shed light on this darkness; to feel worthy of being loved.  In the midst of her unraveling and healing a rogue knight came into her life.  He was rough around the edges but she saw a glimmer of internal light he wasn’t even aware of.
He helped her melt away the confusion, the pain, the fear, the hurt, the darkness.  Yet, each year she still felt a cloud engulfing her during a particular time, a particular month, a particular day.
Then one year, on that dark memory of a day, she discovered an amethyst.  Some may find this an ordinary gem, but she knew this gem would shine brighter than any she had ever seen.  God presented this beautiful amazing gift to her to replace the dark cloud of those memories.  He wanted to erase that dark day, those feelings…with light, with a reminder that HE loves her!  That she is beautiful.  From evil and darkness, God CAN conquer!  Purity can arise, can outshine and replace the dark.
That is exactly what this beautiful amethyst did.  Each year that passed by, this precious gem grew, got brighter; the darkness became smaller and less important.
One Year, the amethyst turned colors to a glorious Ruby.  That Ruby lasted about 5 years. It was a deep, passionate reminder how Christ shed His blood for us because he LOVES US.  She IS worthy of love.  She IS amazing.
Then, one year that ruby turned into the most brilliant deep sapphire.  It radiated, glowed, sparkled and shone with such brilliance, there was no room for darkness to reside any more.
It created a space in the woman’s heart to realize she not only forgave that boy of past, but there was room for him in her heart to love him, to pray for him.  She prayed he was having as beautiful and blessed of a life as she was.  She truly loved him.  Loved him for, also, being a child of God.
That sapphire continues to shine even brighter each year.  That sapphire is a reminder of Mary’s purity, a reminder of Joseph’s silent strength, of Jesus’ pure sacrifice and undying love.  And a glorious reminder of God’s forever mercy and grace.
This story is truly a story of FAITH HOPE AND LOVE.
LOVE….I do love my life!!!
I adore my knight!  He surrounds me with security, trust, and peace!
My sapphire is the most amazing gem.  I can’t help but feel my breath get caught in my throat every time I look at her.
How and why God felt me worthy to be trusted with such a precious gift, I do not know, I do not question.  
I love, laugh, and live with abundance of joy and light!
I know that shame lives in darkness.  Satan wants us to live in shame, fear, regret, guilt.
We must choose to step away from the darkness into the light.  Because that light is so glorious, so warm, so inviting.  
THE LIGHT wants us to feel nothing but:


Fear Not: Beautiful Bodies in Season!

WE MUST RESPECT OURSELVES!  We must respect that our bodies go through seasons and cycles just like the weather!

Our ancestors understood this better than we do.  They respected it better!  Could it be they were more in-tune with this fact because they weren’t bombarded with so many distractions?  Distractions of gadgets.  Distractions of ads telling us we should look like this or that?  Distractions of flashing stuff?

What if we decided to relax and respect what our bodies need?  What if we quit comparing ourselves from one person to the next?  What if we quit comparing ourselves to where we were a year ago?

Here is an example of respecting our bodies:

Did you know that during winter our bodies want to hold on to a bit more weight.  It is our bodies way of protecting itself from a hard winter, famine, food store shortage.

Did you know that your body is going to crave more fruit during summer, late fall,  because that is when it is in season, so your body can prepare for the previous statement on winter.

Did you know spring time tends to be when most of us are at our leanest.

Did you know that if you respect the cycle of your body fluctuating a bit here and there during each season and not freak out you are going to maintain a healthier metabolism as well as a healthier state of mind?

I know I feel like a broken record…lol.  I’ve mentioned most of this individually on previous postings, on my facebook page, and to many many many friends and family.  Yet I still see it, still hear it, still read about how many people don’t love themselves, don’t nurture themselves, don’t strengthen themselves!

Did you know that when you stress about all that above (even letting it be a consuming thought, a nagging irritant, etc is stress)….when you stress about these things…..YOU ARE SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR FAILURE!  

Why is all this so darn important!?!?!

Because I want all people….especially women… love the amazing person they were meant to be….the person they are RIGHT NOW!!!

This is the only way we are going to change the culture of self-hate for our daughters….girls in our lives!

When they see us loving ourselves….not depriving ourselves….nurturing ourselves with great wholesome food…great movement….great laughing….great community involvement….

When they see this they then don’t focus on what they think is wrong with themselves….therefore decrease the likelihood of them looking for “Love in all the WRONG PLACES!”…..

When we practice love….show love…are love….
They become love….expect to be loved in an honorable, Godly way….they respect themselves….they change the culture around themselves by demanding dignity, integrity, respect of their true being….the being GOD created them to be!

Our bodies…our sexuality…is not to be feared but to be embraced the way God intended it to be in ALL SEASONS!

Blessings and prayers ALWAYS!
~K 🙂


I sit and ponder at how God works in us and through us.  I ponder how we are able to take a moment and  reflect upon it we can truly see His hand in the events of our life.  And how it can make sense.

I reflect on this because I found myself retreating when I had my beautiful angel 8 years ago.  I didn’t desire to be social.  Part of this lack of desiring social interaction was due to having a baby who was extremely colicky and having many sleep sensitivity issues that demanded a need for a  consistant schedule and early bedtimes. This became more important, not only for her health but for my sanity.

Thus, I believe God put into my heart a desire to actually stay home and be very content with isolating myself as well as not over-extending myself.  I really tapped into the introvert of my being.

Before my angel was born I was always very involved and active in so many things.  Even though I was always “social” and going, going, I did find myself being resistant to events and large groups.  I forced myself to do it because I knew it was for great reasons.  I believed I was a social person.  After all I was a cheerleader in HS.  Thus, aren’t cheerleaders very extrovert people?

During the first couple of years of my angels life I became so content and comfortable with retreating from social life that I convinced myself I must surely be a 100% introvert. I figured I must have “forced” myself to be an extrovert for many years.

The last couple of years I have found myself becoming more involved in social settings through church and friends.  And this very last year I have found myself really flexing my social muscles in ways I wouldn’t have thought I would be willing to flex even 2 or 3 years ago and most definitely wouldn’t have fathomed it 7 or 8 years ago!

What this flexing has taught me is that God gives us the opportunity to have true peace at the moment to handle what He and life are dealing us if we are willing to embrace that peace and situation.

I have learned that no matter what our nature is, introvert or extrovert, He has us retreat sometimes and then go out among the people at other times.

I believe the moments for retreat are to gather our strength.  If we truly tap into the moments of retreat it can give us the opportunity to strengthen our Armor for Him through knowledge gathering, studying, lots of reflective and contemplative prayer.  And for me and my sweet Angel the chance for me to really tap into understanding my faith on a level I never truly knew and therefore teach and pass it on to my beautiful daughter.

Then when He needs us to go out into the “market place” we are able to be strong, knowledgeable soldiers for Him.

I have also found that it is okay to be social with a desire to have quiet moments.

I have found that just because I am not able to do my rosary or my chaplet sitting still doesn’t mean I am praying any less or that my prayers aren’t just as heart felt or said.

I have found that He is asking me to GO OUT THERE AND BE IN THE MARKET PLACE…

AND I have embraced it with great joy and love because I know it is from Him.

I have found I am enjoying being social, not because I crave it, but because I know it is where He wants me now.

I know He gave me the chance to build a great, strong foundation not only for my daughter but for myself so that now as I go out to share the world with my daughter and share our faith with other that I am able to remember the balance of importance of God first, Family next, Church Family….and so forth!

I am so grateful for all the growth He keeps giving me.  And I am so grateful to all of you who read what I have to share.

Dry Spells

Do many of you wonder why there are moments in our life that we are just going through the motions?

Not that life isn’t good or peaceful but it may just feel blah or stale?
I have been having a sort of writers block. It’s not like words and thoughts aren’t swirling in my head but when I go to write them down…well nothing! Ugh…
Yet, I wonder if the point of a blah or stale moment is to remind us sometimes we need to stay still to reassess, refocus, reexamine where God is calling us to in our life. Yes, He wants us to be doers but He also wants us to stay still long enough to hear Him and be guided by Him.
So I am here Lord waiting and listening!

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