What is a Life Coach!?

There are coaches for many things….


I have pondered about which type of certification I would want to pursue next.  I have been feeling itchy for some formal education….especially with all the nutrition and health stuff I have been researching and been involved with for many years now.  It seems it would be the right time for a person to pursue a nutritional type of certification or education right now with health truly getting a proper place and awareness with our culture.

I am passionate about sharing the health, wellness, nutritional information with others. 

In the past when I was passionate about something, I pursued an education of some sort, either a certification or formal college education.

When I became passionate about weightlifting, wanting to understand what we can accomplish physically with less time….knowing there was more to than just being a treadmill rat…..I didn’t just read every book and resource I could read…I pursued and completed a certification for personal training.

When I struggled with infertility I wanted to not only understand how to help my situation I wanted to know what my practitioner knew…..so…..I became a fertility practitioner through Creighton.  I took on clients to help them learn how beautifully designed our bodies are with the hormonal dance thus being able to actually watch the cycle of life take place on paper/a chart.

When I realized how much I loved writing I didn’t want to just write and write and write…..I took a writing course with actual published writers to learn the in’s and out’s of writing to become published.

Going back to the very beginning of my educational pursuits after high school…..I entered college obsessed with wanting to understand the law and to possibly enter law school.  I decided on  a degree in criminology.   But when I took my psychology and sociology classed I realized my passion wasn’t so much about being a lawyer and pursuing the law but about the research….the pursuit to find the evidence….the unweaving of the tangled web.   I realized I wanted to know all I could…read all I could in any area that was of interest to me….whether it was something I just wanted to know…..or something that someone else wanted to know.   I wanted to be (and would be if I could be) a forever student.

I wasn’t sure how or why but I knew that shifting my degree pursuits was important.  Therefore, I graduated with a bachelors degree in sociology with a strong concentration in psychology and criminology.

There can be some confusion in sociology and social work, but there is a difference…..even though sociology can lend itself to social work but my true passion with my degree major was RESEARCH!!!

I have always come back to research…gathering knowledge….and where to go from there, it’s purpose, use, etc….

I have held many different types of jobs over the years:  data analysis/processing….financial planner/administrator….at-risk supervisor…..newsletter writer/editor…..spiritual faith group leader….organization planner….and who knows what else…..

Back to present day…I’m feeling itchy….


I realized I don’t really want to be boxed in with a specific title.  I really don’t feel like pursuing a nutritional coaching certification is where God is leading me right now….maybe down the road….but not now.  What I do want to do with health and wellness for others is help them see what is in their frig or pantry and know how to make changes…..or I want to help someone see how removing clutter from closets can help make room for joy…..I want to provide thyroid health support groups…I desire to offer workshops for women and girls to love themselves…..I want to inspire others to learn about  Theology of the Body….

I realized I don’t want another certification or degree that boxes me in….or to have it just to say I have another piece of paper I am qualified for xyz.

Then I realized really my MIND BODY SOUL desire is to mentor…guide others in so many areas…and it actually already has a title….a title many recognize:  LIFE COACH.

When I looked up the definition of life coaching it has a broad range…with some specializing in some area or another….truly no different than many other types of certifications….educations.

Then I looked up what types of degrees lend to life coaching…guess what came up!?  SOCIOLOGY!

GOD IS AMAZING!!!  He planted a seed long ago for me to be at the place I am at right now.  To be at the cross roads of deciding exactly where and which direction do I want to take all of this for Him.

I realized what the perfect “title” would be for what I desire to pursue for others….how to help others….

A MIND BODY SOUL Guide~Mentor~Coach! I am here to help others pursue LIFE full of LAUGHTER AND LOVE!

I don’t have to start large….I don’t believe that is where HE is leading me.  HE is asking me to start small, grassroots, for HIM SO HIS BIGNESS SHINES.

He is saying:
Provide a workshop a couple times a year on a specific topic…..a support group once a month for an area of interest….a one on one guidance when I can schedule it in, between being Wife, Mommy, Teacher first…..TO PURSUE THIS WITH PASSION, PRUDENCE, AND PERSEVERANCE.

I WILL ALSO remember I AM TO CONTINUE TO LEARN WITH MY DAUGHTER as we pursue her education because that is actually my current formal education and that is my current RESPONSIBILITY…and really it is A LOT OF FUN….I LOVE LEARNING SIDE BY SIDE WITH MY DAUGHTER.

This summer has many amazing things in store for me….I FEEL IT!!

I can’t wait to really see all the pieces to this puzzle of being a MIND-BODY-SOUL CONSULTANT/GUIDE for others.  To help others find the answers they already know and have inside of them but just need someone to hear them as they line up all the pieces.  I look forward to seeing how it all falls into place.

I can’t wait to help others pursue their full potential of a MIND, BODY, SOUL LIFE FULL OF LAUGHTER AND LOVE!!

Here is to another fabulous week ahead of me!  I love May it has so much potential…..so much to reflect on as the season continues to shift and give us warmth (well not today here in Amarillo….lol) but a warmth within!

Have a glorious evening and week ahead of you all my dear readers….family….and friends….
~Kelly 🙂

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