The Opposite of Love…


…is NOT HATE as so many of us would like to believe it is….

It is FEAR!

Trust me I have LOTS of experience in this area…lol….or not so funny really!!!

I had NOOO idea the journey I was going to take and learn about fear last year….after all I ALWAYS thought of myself as FEARLESS!!!  But some amazing things I have learned are mind blowing and SOOO relevant to this mind, body, soul, spirit connection and journey.

First, did you know that our brain (our mind) cannot hold love and fear in it at the same time (Dr. Caroline Leaf talks a lot about this in many of her books!)!?  So if we are fearing in our mind….how is this NOT going to effect our body….our soul….our spirit!?

Fear = irrationality =immobilizing us.

Why do you think Christ said soooo much: DO NOT BE AFRAID!  He KNEW how powerful fear can be and when we are living in fear we are not living in love!  But HE PROMISED us: I WILL BE WITH YOU!  He gave us this reassurance.

Fear says: flea, deny, hide, freeze, you are a failure, don’t commit, you are rejected……and so many more lies… can have a powerful hold on us because of the unknown!   It can cause us to build walls around us….to “protect” ourselves from all those lies!

But that’s what it is: a lie!  One great big huge horrible no good LIE!!!

We are all called to greatness!  When we push aside fear just as the disciples did, we are able to break free of the fear and fulfill our mission…our calling….our purpose!

What if the disciples had remained in fear?  Instead they felt the Holy Spirit breathe truth into them and remove the fear!

Instead we can cast out that fear, conquer that fear with: LOVE!!!

Love is the presence of God….love is GOD!  It is full of strength and courage!

Fear only takes….love only gives!

When we fear we forget: who made us, who loves us, what HIS PLANS ARE FOR US!  We become our own stumbling block.

What if today we truly embraced: mind, body, soul, spirit…..THE DIRECTIVE CHRIST GAVE US: DO NOT BE AFRAID!?!

Sit…pray…write….oil up….tap it away…

Many hugs and blessings dear beloved ones…

~Kelly 🙂

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Dynamic Daughters: "Soul Surfer"


Check out this link in ALL scriptures relating in not fearing!

My favorite one I lean on a regular basis is:

Psalm 56:3

In the movie “Soul Surfer”…I remember the conversation the parents had in the car after they got home form the hospital…

The dad ponders…what now?  The mom reminds him, just like when they brought home their first baby, they knew nothing, so they took it one day at a time, and they learned together.

I think the largest challenge with raising a daughter, a child, is to not give into fear.  Don’t fear the unknown.  Instead embrace it.  Feed your mind with as much great material but when your daughter throws you a curve ball don’t run from it.  Face it had on…even ponder if it’s something that needs work on within your own self; and be honest with her always!  Don’t’ avoid the tough questions.  If you show her you’re human and vulnerable, she will come to you even more.


Hugs, prayers, blessings…
~Kelly 🙂

Fear Not: Beautiful Bodies in Season!

WE MUST RESPECT OURSELVES!  We must respect that our bodies go through seasons and cycles just like the weather!

Our ancestors understood this better than we do.  They respected it better!  Could it be they were more in-tune with this fact because they weren’t bombarded with so many distractions?  Distractions of gadgets.  Distractions of ads telling us we should look like this or that?  Distractions of flashing stuff?

What if we decided to relax and respect what our bodies need?  What if we quit comparing ourselves from one person to the next?  What if we quit comparing ourselves to where we were a year ago?

Here is an example of respecting our bodies:

Did you know that during winter our bodies want to hold on to a bit more weight.  It is our bodies way of protecting itself from a hard winter, famine, food store shortage.

Did you know that your body is going to crave more fruit during summer, late fall,  because that is when it is in season, so your body can prepare for the previous statement on winter.

Did you know spring time tends to be when most of us are at our leanest.

Did you know that if you respect the cycle of your body fluctuating a bit here and there during each season and not freak out you are going to maintain a healthier metabolism as well as a healthier state of mind?

I know I feel like a broken record…lol.  I’ve mentioned most of this individually on previous postings, on my facebook page, and to many many many friends and family.  Yet I still see it, still hear it, still read about how many people don’t love themselves, don’t nurture themselves, don’t strengthen themselves!

Did you know that when you stress about all that above (even letting it be a consuming thought, a nagging irritant, etc is stress)….when you stress about these things…..YOU ARE SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR FAILURE!  

Why is all this so darn important!?!?!

Because I want all people….especially women… love the amazing person they were meant to be….the person they are RIGHT NOW!!!

This is the only way we are going to change the culture of self-hate for our daughters….girls in our lives!

When they see us loving ourselves….not depriving ourselves….nurturing ourselves with great wholesome food…great movement….great laughing….great community involvement….

When they see this they then don’t focus on what they think is wrong with themselves….therefore decrease the likelihood of them looking for “Love in all the WRONG PLACES!”…..

When we practice love….show love…are love….
They become love….expect to be loved in an honorable, Godly way….they respect themselves….they change the culture around themselves by demanding dignity, integrity, respect of their true being….the being GOD created them to be!

Our bodies…our sexuality…is not to be feared but to be embraced the way God intended it to be in ALL SEASONS!

Blessings and prayers ALWAYS!
~K 🙂

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