What is your Why on Wednesday


Yesterday I said I would go more into this today….so here I am…lol….

It’s all the rage these days to do a detox….or to plan on fasting during lent from sugar…..or to do a first of the year cleanse…..

I have been asked many times what my thoughts are on any of those…..and my response is “it depends.”

There is value behind any and all of those above…..BUT what is the PURPOSE.…what is the end goal?

A detox or cleanse can be very good and beneficial if you have been creating too much stress in your life and your noticing your body is getting sluggish.  Or you realize you REALLY want to make some life changes and it is a good jump start to a healthier life style.  And even those of us who eat really clean already but might inadvertently had a cross contamination while traveling or need to figure out some stuff about your health…..these can be beneficial.   A fast, especially a spiritual fast, can be amazing, eye opening, profoundly humbling…..when done for the right reasons!

This is my hesitation….my “it depends”…..

SOOOOOO many people (especially women) use those terms above as a way to self-punish.  When a person is thinking negative thoughts about themselves, not loving who they are, and say “I need to detox from all this junk!”…..or “I need to go on a diet because I am too fat.”  or “I’m going to fast during lent from (fill in the blank) and maybe I’ll lose a little bit of weight too…”   Those are all negative….non-loving statements.

Instead…..if I person says….”Ya know I’ve been feeling sluggish.  I realize I haven’t been taking care of myself as best as I can.  I think I am going to do a detox or cleanse to kick start my getting back on track to taking care and nurturing myself.”   or…..”I don’t want to diet…..I know I have not made some great food choices over the years so I am going to slowly implement some lifestyle changes and see how I feel from that.”  and…..”Lent is coming up…..maybe I will fast from TV and go for a walk in the evening instead to get some fresh air and take care of this amazing temple God has gifted me with.”

The difference is LOVE!

When a person chooses to do one of those above out of punishment….it is because they are not LOVING themselves.  They are not feeling worthy of themselves…..they are feeling many emotions but the one they are not feeling is love.

BUT…..when you can honestly look in the mirror and say...

...then there will be fruit from any of the above.

I want to share with all of you an amazing friend who started her own blog…..and she is doing exactly this!  She is asking herself her WHY? She is choosing to make better choices for herself because SHE KNOWS SHE IS AN AMAZING WARRIOR WOMAN for Christ and she desires to be even better!

Check out her blog:  LETTERS FULL OF LOVE…..you won’t be disappointed….you will be inspired….and you might just realize about your WHY?!

Have an amazing Wednesday…..

I hope to hear WHAT IS YOUR WHY? Please leave comments and questions below.  I love hearing from you all!

Hugs and prayers always,

BOOK/LISTEN OF THE DAY:  Today it is not a book but a podcast :)…..I realized most of the time I will feature a book but there are times that I really have a podcast I want to feature or shout out about….so today I want to share, once again about LOVE YOUR BODCAST.  Podcast #42 and 43 address this topic especially.  See if it resonate within you.  I love love love this podcast….I especially love looking through the list of choices and seeing which one that day really speaks to me.  Which one has a message that I need be reminded about what an amazing Warrior Woman I am!!!

Yesterday afternoon once hubby got home we went for a fabulous walk before dinner.
This morning my usual push-ups, kickbacks, stretches to get my day going.
I forgot to mention on Monday….once my rosary is completed I then start a podcast of Joyce Meyer and then Parenting on Purpose.  They are great fuels for me to move/workout to.  But find what sparks joy for you to move!
Thus once I was on the mini trampoline I realized I wanted to just alternate walk/jog.  I held 2# weights and would “walk” for a few minutes, then tighten up, pump arms really good and increase speed almost like a sprint for about a minute….then walk/jog again to gain breath.  20 minutes….done!  Stretched…..rolled up mat and ready for my tea! 🙂

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