Mind Body Soul of Fasting…

I had the privilege and experience a couple nights ago to share with a group of amazing individuals about fasting.  The history, types, gifts, and my personal journey relating to fasting.

It was exciting and invigorating…..AND therapeutic.  It allowed me the opportunity to reflect later in the quiet of my home over the next day and during my journal time how MUCH FASTING HAS IMPACTED MY LIFE.

I shared with this group how when we are fasting (whether an absolute, normal, partial….liquids only….Daniel….etc) there is ALWAYS going to be a mind, body, soul connection.  When we do things for our spiritual health….our physical and mental health will reap benefits…..and when we do things for physical or mental health…..it will impact our spiritual health….the question is will it be helpful to our spirit…to our mind….or will our physical pursuits create more havoc!?

Thus this pondering….this reflective post discussion….allowed me to see all the amazing moments of mind, body, soul connection with my fasting over the course of the last 6-7 years.  It has allowed me to realize how much fasting has helped me heal through sooooo many things….but especially my dysmorphia….how I TRULY LOVE MYSELF EXACTLY HOW I AM!

Here is how I see it….

My first fast was a Daniel fast for over 40 days.  I entered that fast with a very serious spiritual purpose.  In the course of that fast not only did God open and close doors for my husband and for me….but HE revealed some things about my health that were important.  I ended up losing over 30 pounds.  I maintained that weight for quite a bit of time….it was healthy.  So imagine me where I am at today carrying 30 more pounds….it wasn’t healthy for my frame.  But what I didn’t know at the time was I was probably already dealing with thyroid issues and didn’t know it. Because I had put on that 30 pounds over the course of a year and it wasn’t easily explained because I hadn’t done anything different in my eating, exercise, life routine.

Over the course of the next 2 years my fasting for others also helped me heal from a miscarriage and from having to choose to have a hysterectomy for serious health reasons….as well as losing my grandmother.   Fasting sustained my faith in some of the darkest days of my life.

After my hysterectomy my weight dropped even more….20 more pounds. Family and friends started to associate my weight loss with my fasting. God then asked me to actually fast from fasting.  Thus for 1 year I took a break from fasting.  It broke my heart that God asked me to stop.  But I knew He had purpose and I trusted Him. 

What it revealed during that year was that my weight stayed the same.  It wasn’t my fasting.  And it revealed other things about my health that weren’t explainable.  I kept trusting.  Then over a course of 2 months I put on over 10 unexplained pounds.  That’s when the health storm hit.  I started seeing my functional doc and discovered all I did and have about my thyroid. 

The amazing beautiful thing was during the first appointment he talked about the amazing health benefits to fasting and if I would be open to fasting.  I started to laugh because I knew it was God saying ok it’s time to fast again.  My husband was a witness and was able to truly understand the amazing mind body soul connection to fasting.

Hindsight that period of time when I had dropped down below 100 pounds was my thyroid going into overdrive (hyperthyroid)….it was not my fasting….and it was not something sustainable. 

It comes back to the beginning statement of how my fasting has truly healed me with my dysmorphia and sooo much more.

Since my body….my physical body…..has changed radically over the course of over 7 years…..I have been able to reflect, pray and fast on the importance of mind body soul health.  I have been able to strengthen my love of self.  I have been able to heal from past wounds and hurts that created the dysmorphic mind in me at a young age.  I have been able to heal and see GOD’S HAND in ALL walks of my life.

I am able to FINALLY see the beautiful body I have been trusted to care for is more than just a body……that I AM NOT DEFINED BY THIS BODY…my SOUL is extremely important….and my mind must continually remember that I CANNOT SEPARATE THE SOUL AND THE BODY……God created us BODY AND SOUL…..BUT the TWO MUST be at peace and harmony with each other….only then will we truly thrive in our TOTAL HEALTH….and only then are we TRULY in COMMUNION with GOD!!

Do you have a disconnect in your mind, body, soul health!?  What aspect do you need to really work on to make sure you are in communion with God!?  Take a moment today to reflect….pray….write about it!

Many blessings and hugs dear readers…..family….friends….
~Kelly 🙂

Wear Your Ashes with Love on Wednesday

Lent officially begins….40 days of stepping back, reflecting, praying, fasting, sacrificing, loving!

I find it interesting how we can get caught up on the sacrifice part, the fasting, the abstaining.  I find it a privilege, an honor to do something for God…..to grow closer to Him!

It’s funny because many will argue they can’t abstain because they just have to have their meat….but truly there are plenty of protein sources out there to sustain you for one day….one day!! We truly don’t need animal meat.  And our bodies can get what it needs from animal meat even just once a week. SOOO…..the argument is futile!

And fasting…..even an absolute…..well again bone broth, lemon water, and green tea all alone can sustain you for ONE DAY!  I have done exactly that for NINE days!  This is not to brag to boast….this is to help others understand IT IS POSSIBLE!!!

The tricky thing is when a person says well I have this condition or that condition that prevents me from fasting.  I am no doctor so I give no advice…I only share what I have learned and what I HAVE DONE…..and I say “consult your doctor for any medical advice” as my caveat to not get into trouble…lol…

So this is the interesting thing….lets take diabetics for instance….the argument, a great deal of times, is they need to keep their blood sugar levels stable…..yes I agree……BUT FASTING can actually do this!  The science is amazing now about this actually helps.  I am insulin resistant…..my 9 day absolute fasts have all been for medical reasons….and they have each time re-balanced my insulin levels!

I guess I have just never been willing to use the “loop holes” of getting out of fasting or abstaining.  BUT I have experienced and witnessed first hand how FASTING (whether an absolute, partial, or abstinence) CAN REAP SUCH MIRACLES!

A while back I pondered if I would ever stop taking communion in the form of bread and only take from the cup because of my gluten intolerance’s and all my health issues.  I knew for me I would not and could not stop receiving Jesus.  EVEN IF the simple wheat host will be the cause of me never fully healing physically.  BECAUSE THIS IS THE THING…..for me I KNOW I AM RECEIVING CHRIST…..HE IS PRESENT……I WILL NOT DENY MYSELF HIM..…I am aware that HE is still using bread.  And I understand that the molecular structure  is wheat BUT I look at (just like I heard and witnessed this weekend at the Divine Mercy Day of Reflection)…..there have been so many amazing miracles out there proving to the world that the HOST IS JESUS…..who am I to say that that is not exactly what is happening within me!!!

Doesn’t GOD ask us to trust in him?!  To go beyond our power, our will, and abandon it all to HIM!  Thus I give HIM my will…..my trust….my absolute everything!

I look forward to ALL this lent has in store for me.  Lent is never easy….for so many reasons….but it ALWAYS produces such amazing fruit.  I can’t help but be excited to fast….to sacrifice…to empty myself to and for HIM!!!

Lay ALL your burdens…your struggles on the alter for HIM this Lent to do miracles within you!  Sacrifice and fast not only as a petition, as a way to ask favor, but also as a form of PRAYER….a way to PRAISE HIM….TRUST HIM….LOVE HIM!!!

Have a a wonderful Ash Wednesday!

If you desire to share what you will do for lent to draw closer to HIM I would love to read about it below!  I would love to learn and grow with all of you!

hugs and blessings always,


BOOK:  We will continue today in the HORMONE RESET DIET….Dr. Sara Gottfried

MOVEMENT:  If you live close to your church walk to the church and reflect as you prepare to receive ashes….and if not…go for a walk somewhere anywhere….before or after mass.  Allow it to be the moment where you really reflect on how you can continue to care for your temple….and stay balanced with your hopes and dreams MIND BODY SOUL…..all to honor HIM!

UNDERSTANDING OUR HEALTH: In the Hormone Reset Diet….the first hormone she talks about resetting is ESTROGEN.  And the best way to do it is by eliminating meat and alcohol from your diet for a minimum of 3 days but really for atleast 21 days to ensusre all the other hormones have the opportunity to reset.  The science behind meatless is profound.  This article is a helpful overview. But the book really helps you see and understand in black and white! But this link also gives a great overview of Dr. Sara’s diagrams.

TASTY TIP: Your’e convinced you don’t like green tea.  It is bitter…etc.  The trick is to not let it steep for more than 2 minutes.  But even if you over-steep it you CAN FIX IT.  My 2 favorite ways:  1.  squeeze a full lemon in it, with a few drops of stevia.  2.  Lemon and stevia like #1 but add either mint (fresh or essential oil)  or add cinnamon (again fresh or essential oil). Drink warm or on ice…or even blend it up!

Fasting with Freedom

Thursday my fabulous functional doc asked me to do a 5 day fast again of bone broth, green tea, and lemon water.  You see my brain fog has come back pretty bad and my mind is just not able to focus on things.  It feels fractured, spastic, anxious, unsettled.

Six months ago when we did this it truly helped reset my insulin levels, my fatigue lifted, and my brain fog cleared up.

 It was beautiful….amazing….wonderful!

Thus the thought was to start over from scratch really chart and see what could be causing the root of the brain fog.  I totally agree…he is right….it is what I should do.  Heck I have always been game for a fast.  You all hear about my love for fasting all the time.  Yet I was feeling resistant.  I came home and I just couldn’t get myself excited about it.


And then realization came to me yesterday when visiting with a friend.  There was a 2 fold reason.  The first one was obedience.  The second was purpose, prayer, punishment.

The simple answer to obedience is I just didn’t want to.  My will didn’t want to.  Yet I trust and value my doc and he HAS NOT stirred me wrong.  SOOO what was the underlying reason to not want to be “obedient”?  Was it as simple as will?  Was it as simple as just not in the mood?

After further reflection and prayer and just listening to God….it hit me like a ton of bricks….it was about purpose not punishment anymore!!!  Which is really a good thing…something I should celebrate….something I should find great peace and joy in!  And I do!  Let me explain better.

You see my very first fast 6 or 7 years ago had purpose.  I made a contract with God for a certain duration of days….I wrote my hearts petition…..I wrote what I was going to abstain from for that duration….and then I did it.  Only one other person knew about my fast.  I proceeded with this fast and prayer with the purest of hearts.  It had a purpose with heart and soul.

As I have shared before that fast ended up not only fulfilling my petition to God….it’s purpose….but it over flowed.  It was the beginning of me learning about my health in a totally different way.  It was beautiful.  And that wasn’t even an absolute kind of fast….it was just an abstaining from certain things kind of fast.

Over the years I continued to pray and fast for others and situations….with petitions to God with purpose and purity.  But the problem is people started asking me so many things all the time about my health….about my weight loss….about my prayer life….etc.  And somewhere in the mix pride and vanity started to sizzle in.  They are sneaky and insidious that way.  None of us are exempt or  protected from vices…sin.

Therefore the last couple of years some of my fasts that I may have done with a purpose of prayer for someone (whether an absolute for a day or two, or a “Daniel” type of fast for a week or so) weren’t always pure with their purpose.  I don’t even think it was something I was aware of initially.  Yet there were times I would find myself thinking “hmm well I need to fast anyways to lose a bit of weight.”  Or I would think…..”I should fast for so and so but I will do it during this time frame so I can still have drinks during this time frame”……There became an underlying punishment or negotiation…..it wasn’t staying pure.  Therefore it was becoming a burden and not a joy to do my fast in silence between just me and God with a purpose of greatness and purity.

SOOO…..The joy I discovered yesterday is I had no PUNISHMENT OR IMPURE PURPOSE FOR THIS FAST!!!  I knew it truly was about my health.  It truly was about healing my body and not about getting a bit leaner….or punishing myself for something I ate or drank or did.  THERE WAS NO PRIDE OR VANITY INVOLVED.  There was no underlying mode or goal.


Therefore I take great joy in this fast.
I am enjoying the peace of this fast.
I feel amazing freedom with this fast!

Have a glorious day as you seek out your joy, peace, and freedom from something in your life that started out pure but somehow over the years or circumstances got mucked up. 

 Pray about it, reflect on it, take it to God and find your freedom to have purpose with purity in it again!

hugs and prayers always,

PS….This book picture is the 2nd book he wrote.  I read the first one 7 years ago before I embarked on my first spiritual fast.  Here is the link to my very first posting on it:

FrickWrites on Fasting

 And then picked up this one a few years ago to start helping me understand basically what I wrote above.  It has really helped me on my journey of getting to where I am today with what I wrote.  It has especially helped me to to understand I must continually be vigilant and prayerful with and for my armor so I don’t fall to the temptation of pride and vanity.  Love ya all!!!

Friday’s Freedom Fast!

4 Years ago I embarked on a spiritual journey that has forever changed my life.

My husband was debating over some career choices.  He was struggling with what he should or shouldn’t do.  I had at the same time just finished a book on the deep spiritual connection a person can experience through a fast.  but what I learned through this book was more than that.

I learned about the different types, levels, lengths, etc…of a spiritual fast.  I read about fasting in a way I had never heard of.  It changed my heart and mind forever about what fasting really was.  Thus, I decided this was what I wanted to do for my husband.  I wanted to do a fast and novena as a sacrifice for him to feel a spiritual guidance from God through the decisions he was trying to make.

As I had read in one of the books, I made a contract with God. I stated what I was going to abstain/fast from and for what length of time.

Little did I know that this was going to not only be for him but it would forever shift my life…

Spiritually:  It taught me to truly and fully lean on God through anything and everything.  When I am in a fast I must remember there will be temptations, so the question is what is more important to me, the fleshly desire for that one item, or is my desire for Christ going to be greater?

Mind:  I feel an amazing clarity in my mind when I fast.  No matter the type or duration.  Even though I have found for me a fast that is at least 9 days long are where I experience the greatest clarity.  But my one day absolutes can also be profound!

Body:  I had no idea that 4 years ago this simple decision would began my journey of truly embracing a whole foods living approach.  A journey of giving up all food that truly do not nourish my body properly.

I had no idea that the foods I was fasting from had a name: PALEO!

I find it fitting and beautiful that 4th of July is on a Friday this year because 4 years ago it was after a 4th of July celebration weekend with friends that I started the spiritual fast for my husband.

What did I fast from and how long, that forever changed my life?

I knew I wanted the fast to be at least 21 days.  But started it with a novena for my husband with a friend, which is 9 days long.

It was simple:  I would fast/abstain from all foods I really loved and desired.…and I wanted to keep it simple!

I gave up:
all sugars
snacking in between meals

My days were written out like this:
Breakfast: protein shake
Lunch: soup (no meat) with nuts
Dinner: big salad or grilled veggies with a good portion of meat.

It was that simple.  AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE!

At 21 days I noticed a shift in my body.  And for the first time in my life I didn’t have excruciating pain when my period came.  I had suffered with PCOS for 20 years.  It was entering into the fall season, thus seasonal allergies….yet I wasn’t watery eyed, sneezy, and miserable.  I realized there was something to this spiritual journey; it was changing my spirit, my soul, but it was also changing my mind, my mental health, and my body, my physical health!

I started to read and research about dairy, grains, sugars, and so much more.  How all these have effects on our body.  I started to feel even more alive.  And I am a pretty energetic happy person to begin with!


I have experienced so much in my last 4 years:  good, bad, sorrowful, challenging, etc. Yet, through it all I have felt so alive, so amazing.  I know with my entire being it is because of this spiritual journey God took me on 4 years ago.  It has deepen my faith, deepen my life, and opened up a doorway for my mind, body, and soul for and to HIM!

That can be described in only one way:  TRUE FREEDOM!

***Quick note:  That fast was exactly that a fast.  It had a beginning and an end.  But it did lead me to how I eat today.  Which is whole real food.  No grains, no legumes, minimal grass fed dairy from time to time, NO SUGAR…..

But lots and lots of:


I eat and try more types of veggies than I ever did before.  I try even the main stays in ways I never would have fathomed!  I enjoy some fruits, mostly berries, but because they truly are just too sweet for me any more!

Thus on this glorious 4th of July….I celebrate not only our country’s INDEPENDENCE…..but my INDEPENDENCE as well!

INDEPENDENCE from the bondage of bad food choices!
INDEPENDENCE to eat amazing full flavored REAL food!
INDEPENDENCE to live a full life:  MIND, BODY, AND SOUL!

Happy Independence day to you all!
My love and prayers always,
~K 🙂

***Don’t forget to check out the links I have highlighted above!  Would love to hear any feedback, comments, input!

Daniel Fast: Day 3


Today we offer up this fast for…

…for those who have lost a loved one and the Christmas season is a struggle for them as they have memories that create emotions of sadness, pain, sorrow, anger, hurt….

We Pray:

1 Lords Prayer
1 Hail Mary
1 Glory Be

Silently add any other intentions!

Spend about 5-10 minutes with the Lord!

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