Raggedy Ann and Andy!

Today I am not going to think about disappointments of shows….or anything negative for that matter….instead I am going to pursue life as I always do with great joy and adventure….thus let me share with you something really fun and quirky….

My darling hubby is in charge of making our bed in the mornings because he is usually the last one out of bed.   He inherited these dolls from his aunt several years ago when she was getting rid of things.   They became our darling daughters for quite sometime but this winter when I had her minimize her bedroom of stuff these dolls ended up on the chopping block.  Now I have bee learning the beautiful art of not only minimizing but also not being attached to things.

 It’s not that I’m not sentimental or that I don’t care I just understand that our true memories are in our hearts and no one can take that.  Now my dear hubby….for how tough he is and very alpha…his soft spot is he is sentimental about things passed on from family.  Thus these dolls are not even an option to get rid of.  Well as I was assessing where I was going to put them, when my daughter cleaned out her room, I laid them down on my bed and I kind of liked the look it created by the pillows.  Fast forward to present day.  Since hubby is in charge of making the bed he has decided to be creative with the dolls and their poses each morning.

 It has become a fun delight to come to the bedroom each morning to find out what pose they are in.  Here they are kneeling in prayer.   Some mornings I find them doing cartwheels and other mornings they are climbing the pillows.  I love the creative ways my hubby makes our bed but what I love the most is his subtle way he is able to express his creative fun side.  He needs an outlet of creative fun and I am grateful that he has been able to find and embrace some softness…lol.

What ways can you create some random fun in your life or around your house to create a unique conversation for you and your spouse!?

Many blessings and hugs my dear readers…friends…family…
~Kelly 🙂

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